The Benefits Of Moving Your Parents Into Your Home For Modern Mums

If the Coronavirus pandemic has taught us anything, it’s the importance of having the family we love near to us.

During the global crisis, many people faced being unable to meet with elderly relatives, including their parents.

Now the worst of the outbreak has been contained, and many of us are getting our lives back on track, many families face major decisions about where to live and who to live with.

A record number of young adults now live with their parents to cut down on costs and ensure that they’re able to see their relatives as and when they want.

As a mum, having one or both of your parents move in with you might seem extreme and possibly like a reversion to childhood.

However, it actually has many great benefits. Families around the world live together, with multiple generations under the same roof, and it can be great for everyone involved.

While it’s not always possible, for one reason or another, many mums could consider moving one or both of their parents into their home.

If you’re on the fence about asking your parents to move into your home, then here’s a list of some of the main benefits.

Your Parents Can Share Their Wisdom

Being a mum can be overwhelming at times, particularly if you’re a first-time parent. Having your mum and dad around to support you can make raising a family less daunting and scary. After all, they’ve got experience managing their own household and dealing with all of the challenges that entails. Your parents will also be able to help with basic household tasks such as taking care of the kids or gardening, to give you a break and make lighter work of the chores.

You Get To Spend More Time With Your Parents

When children get older and start their own families, they often stop spending as much time with their parents as they used to. This is often a source of regret later in life, particularly if the parents in question don’t live as long as they were expected to. A great way to avoid these regrets is to move your parents into your family home. You’ll get to spend plenty of time with them during their best years, and you’ll never feel lonely. Together, your old family and your new one can make memories together that will last a lifetime.

You Can Support Them Through Any Health Issues

Having your parents living in your home can help you to bring your family together and mean that you can monitor their health and wellbeing. If you find that one or both of your parents are struggling with serious health issues or age-related conditions, then you can get them the help they need. If the issue becomes serious, or they need more help than you can provide, then you could look into home care services. Providers such as Abney & Baker can help you to give your mum or dad the support they need in your home, causing less stress to all of you and allowing them to stay with you.

You Can Combine Household Expenses

Running a home is expensive, and as a mother, you probably won’t have a lot of spare money to spend on yourself. Raising kids is an expensive business, but there are many ways to reduce the cost, including inviting your parents to live with you. That’s because while the bills will rise slightly, they can contribute to the cost and help you to reduce the portion you pay. This approach will also save them money, as they won’t be paying their own mortgage or rent, and you’ll only have one council tax bill between you.

You Can Still Have Your Own Space

When you lived with your parents, you probably found it hard to have your own space that was just yours, so it’s understandable that you might be cautious about moving your parents into your home. Instead of moving them into your property, you could consider extending your home to give them their own space, which is also connected to your house. As a result, you’ll get the combined benefit of privacy and the ability to communicate with your parents whenever you want. Annexes can also add value to your home, meaning that they’re an ideal long-term investment for homeowners.

Your Parents Can Make Your House Feel Like A Home

Making your house feel like a home isn’t easy, especially when you have children of your own and you have to babyproof surfaces and fill the house with their toys. Having your parents around can make your property feel more like a family home. Your mum and dad will probably have many pieces of furniture and decorative items that will remind you of your childhood home and make you feel more settled. They’ll also have layout and interior design knowledge, based on their long-held experience, that you might not have picked up yet. The result will be a cosy family home that feels welcoming and comfortable for you, your partner, your children, and, of course, your parents.

Your Kids Will Benefit Too

The benefits of having your parents move into the family home affect not only you but also your children. There are scientific benefits to raising children near their grandparents, and your kids will get to see their emotional wisdom and improve their social skills. Also, your kids will have more people to play with, which is always a bonus! Children that live in large homes filled with family members may feel more supported and grow up to feel more able to speak about their feelings than those who only lived with a limited number of people.

Bringing your parents to live with you can offer plenty of benefits, particularly if you’re trying to raise a family yourself. This list is just a small selection of the reasons why inviting your parents to live with you could be one of the best decisions you ever make.


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