How To Celebrate An Original Children’s Birthday

Children’s birthdays are not what they used to be. If in the past a small snack at home was enough, the economic possibilities of today’s families and the desire to give the little ones of the house an unforgettable day have changed this picture radically.

Today, people are looking for emotions, unforgettable memories and, above all, experiences to share with friends that won’t leave their minds for weeks: horseback riding, go-karting experiences or other similar excursions are part of the birthday plans.

And, above all these ideas, there is one that is undoubtedly the absolute queen of plans for children: a visit to an amusement park. There, everything is combined: the classic snack, the fun attractions, the option of seeing a show, etc.

This is exactly what makes more and more birthdays in, for example, an amusement park in Denmark such as Bonboland, where children spend a hectic day and enjoy their special day of the year to the full.

How to prepare a birthday party at an amusement park and what should be taken into account? There are a few tips to include to make the party ideal.

Visiting the right amusement park

Obviously, the main thing is to choose an amusement park that is suitable for the age of the children. Although all of them usually have a children’s area, it is also true that there are some that are more designed for children and others whose attractions are dedicated almost exclusively to adults.

This is why you should always think about what kind of children go there, what their preferences are when it comes to riding the different attractions, and whether the park chosen meets all their needs.

It is not advisable to force children who have a hard time on the rides to ride the stronger ones. It is therefore a good idea to prepare a plan that includes rides for all tastes, so that none of the guests will miss out on the fun on the ride.

Prepare the invitations

The party should be special from the very beginning. That’s why the invitations themselves should be a fairground attraction: you can buy them with park-related motifs or even print them out.

Another interesting idea is for the invitation to be a riddle, a game or, for the more imaginative parents, a treasure hunt map that will be, no more and no less, the itinerary that will be followed during the first hours at the amusement park. They will have a great time!

Booking meals and ticket types

The parks usually have different restaurants where you can eat: it is interesting to choose in advance which is going to be the right place to have your meal, as well as to book, if possible, for large groups.

The same goes for tickets: most amusement parks have family or group packages that offer an excellent discount for families who choose to celebrate their children’s birthday at an amusement park in Denmark, for example.


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