How Can I Change the Look of My Face?

It can be very disheartening to look in the mirror and realise that you don’t like the way that your face looks. When your face holds so much of your identity, as well as your expressions, this can cause you to struggle with confidence and self-esteem. By finding ways to change the appearance of your face, you may be able to love yourself a little bit more and present a stronger self to the world. Some changes can be permanent, so may require more thought, while others can allow you to experiment with changeable looks.


A number of people dislike their face simply because of the size or shape of their nose. Liaising with a UK rhinoplasty clinic will allow you to discuss your concerns with a qualified surgeon, as well as to find out what options might be available to you. While you might simply want to have your nose made smaller, you may also want to consider the way that the bridge and tip looks. This might be a fairly long process, both to figure out what you want, as well as to factor in any costs associated with the procedure.

Weight Changes

Gaining or losing weight can have quite a large effect on the face. You might find that your face also looks bloated, depending on your hormones as well as any food you have consumed. In addition to that, excess pockets of fat, and folds can create what is known as a double chin. By monitoring your weight, changing your diet to healthier foods, and increasing your level of exercise, this could help you to cut down on some of the fat found on the face. In doing so, this may make some aspects, such as your cheekbones, look more prominent. Likewise, if you feel your face is too thin, gaining a little bit of weight may help to round it out a bit. Healthier eating may also benefit you by improving the condition of your face, reducing lines, and making you look more alert.

Temporary Solutions

Weight changes and surgery can take time, and also be permanent if done correctly. You could instead opt for a solution that will change the look of your face but, after a few months, return back to how you currently look. Using temporary fillers, it is possible to remove wrinkles and other lines on the face, as well as to give a bit more volume. Lip fillers in particular have become quite popular due to how they can make the lips look that much more voluminous. Outside of injections, makeup changes and even lash extensions can also help you to adapt your appearance.

Learning to love the face you have can be difficult. If you really want to make some changes, it can be a good idea to spend a decent length of time thinking through what you would alter, as well as your reasoning behind it. This way, if you put a plan into action, you may be able to reduce the likelihood of later regret.


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