Why Should You Get Your Boiler Serviced?

As a parent, there are a number of responsibilities and tasks that you may need to think about each and every day. From making sure the kids get to school on time, to ensuring that the fridge is filled up with healthy food, it seems like a Mum’s work is never done. However, not all of your tasks need to be undertaken on a daily basis. One important aspect of keeping your home safe and liveable can take place a single time each year. Of course, we mean getting your boiler serviced.

Home Safety

While this may seem tedious, especially if you have never had a problem with your boiler before, it is entirely possible that foregoing this service could very well be putting your family’s lives at serious risk. When you live in Glasgow and need your boiler servicing, you may want to think about some of the consequences that might occur if there is a problem, particularly a gas leak, that you ignore. Minor gas exposure could lead to headaches and dizziness. High levels of gas exposure can cause you to lose consciousness and, potentially, even loss of life. Having your boiler serviced can help to keep it in good repair, meaning that any worn or damaged parts can be replaced before they cause any significant issue.

Hot Water

The boiler is also used to ensure you have a hot water supply. This works by recycling heat from your central heating, and then is used to create hot water, which is either created on demand, or relocated to a storage tank where it can be taken as and when needed. During your boiler servicing, the engineer may check the water supplies. They might also look into how long it takes for your water to heat up out of the tap, which could indicate an issue with the boiler.


If you do not use electrical heaters within your home, then the water that moves through them can also be heated via the boiler. This water may differ from that which comes directly out of the tap, keeping it clean. Central heating can allow you to heat all areas of your home. You may be able to adjust the level of heat both on the thermostat itself, as well as with any dials on each radiator. Some problems with the radiators may be easily fixed without the need to call out an engineer, such as bleeding a radiator to remove air pockets. Others, such as a radiator remaining cold even when the heating should be on, might signify a larger problem. An annual service on the boiler can help it to keep running smoothly. In the colder periods, this can be vital to the comfort of your home.

Having a boiler serviced yearly is a requirement for UK landlords, but also a good practice for those who own their own home. Without heating and hot water, you may find it difficult to conduct your usual activities.



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