Creating an Autumn Journal and Planner Routine

Every time the season changes, it is a good time to reflect on your current routine, and see how you can do it better.

As the season goes from summer to fall, it provides the perfect opportunity for switching up your routine with using your journal and daily planner.

Autumn truly is the season of comfort and change. The weather gets cooler, and you want to get warmer and cozier in your daily life. The kids are back in school, you focus on 4th quarter projects at school, and consider ways to work on your end-of-year goals.

This is also the time of year when people like to meet up with family and friends, read and write more, practice gratitude, and spend more time relaxing.

Take advantage of this feeling of change and consider some of these changes to your fall journal and planner routine.

Why Should You Change Your Routine for Fall?

While adjusting your journal and planner routine for different seasons is optional, there are quite a few reasons to do it at least when the fall season arrives. Think about how different your life is as each season changes. In the fall, the temperature changes, your schedule is different, kids are back in school, and many other things might be going on.

Here are some reasons to consider changing the routine for autumn:

You Have a New Schedule

It is very common to have a new schedule between summer and fall. Maybe the kids are back in school, so you’re waking up a little earlier, or you just got back from your summer holidays.

If your schedule is different than it was over the summer, then now is a good time to rethink your routine. You might want to use your planner early in the morning to prepare for your new work schedule, or use your journal in the evening after your family has gone to sleep.

Your Goals are Different

Another reason to change your routine for the fall is when your goals are different. Oftentimes, your goals earlier in the year have to do with family vacations and projects to get done around the house, while in the fall and winter, they are more about party planning and end-of-year goals.

You May Need to Add More to the Routine

Do you have something else going on in the fall? Has the weather affected when you can use your journal or planner? These changes should also be considered. Maybe the temperatures are too cold to run outside, so you want to add some indoor exercise or yoga to your morning routine, which might also include writing in your journal.

There may be other additions, like using a planner for meal planning if you really want to stick to your health goals before the end of the year.

It is a Good Time for Using a Daily Planner

Even if you have not used a daily planner before, now is a great time to start. So much happens in the fall that requires using a daily planner, like new activities and sports games for the kids, adjusting your wake and sleep schedule due to the weather and climate changes, planning for holiday parties, and many other personal goals that have changed.

Keeping track of your schedule is an important part of your daily routine.

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Choosing Your End-of-Year Priorities

Another part of having a new planner and journaling routine for the fall season is due to your new, end-of-year priorities.

Life always seems to be a bit different when the 4th quarter begins. This includes in both your personal and professional life. Here is more information about setting your priorities, and utilizing your journal and planner during this time of year.

Finishing Your Annual Goals

You most likely made your fair share of goals throughout the year, whether you made them all on January 1st, or adjusted them each time something changed during the year.

Fall is typically the start of the end of the year, as it starts the final 4 months of the year. Before you set up your journal or planner routine, think about your goals for the year, what has been accomplished, and what you would still like to finish.

Remember that you can leave some for next year, and instead choose your biggest priorities for this time of the year.

This is something you can find out both by using a daily planner and in your journal.

Did you notice that you talked a lot about your creative goals in your journal, but rarely ever talked about a financial one? If so, you know where your priorities are right now – go ahead and embrace that for the new fall routine.

Focusing on 4th Quarter Business Growth

This is also a good thing to do with your business. As you enter the final quarter of the year, it is a good time to think about your business goals and aspirations.

Maybe you own a retail store, and you want to use your planner to have a look at your business growth so far this year. Or you might be a freelancer using your journal as a way to explore new ideas.

You should also embrace these, but make a list of priorities for the end of the year. These will eb added to your journal and planner routine for the rest of the year.

Setting Up Your Holiday Plans

Another reason having a daily routine for using your journal and planner in the fall is for holidays. Many holidays take place in the fall (and winter), so you want to plan and prepare for them. Both your planner and journal work great for this.

Here are some things you can plan with the new routine:

Menu options for Thanksgiving and other holiday plans
Halloween party plans or costumes
Activities to do with your kids during the fall
Writing out your fall bucket lists
Deciding on activities during Thanksgiving break

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How to Customize Your Fall Routine

Now that you know why you should have a daily routine, and specifically why you should switch up your journaling and planner routine, let’s go over ways to customize it for the season.

Keep in mind this is for both a journal and planner, but you don’t necessarily have to use both. There are definitely benefits of each option.

Journal – With a journal, you are able to write more at one time, whether you are discussing something that happened to you during the day, starting with a journaling prompt, or venting your thoughts and feelings. Journaling is great for relieving stress and anxiety, getting more clarity, and having a place to preserve all of your memories.

Journaling can also be used if you want to express your creativity, as there is enough room for sketches and drawings whenever you feel inclined to use them.

Planner – With a daily planner, you are using it more for your to-do lists, tasks, and schedules. If you want to make plans for a holiday party over the fall season, the planner is a great way to do that. They typically include different calendar pages, including monthly, weekly, and often even daily layouts. These let you get detailed with your schedule and to-do lists, so that you never miss anything.

How to Customize Your Fall Routine

If you want to adjust your daily routine with using your journal and planner, or one or the other, here are a few tips to get started.

Consider Your Schedule – It is really important to first think about your schedule realistically. It can seem like a great idea to use your daily planner each day before the rest of your family wakes up, but if this creates stress for you, it might not be the best option.

Do you find that you prefer doing creative writing in your journal in the evening or during your lunch break? Don’t hesitate to switch up the time you have your daily routine, or even breaking it up a little.

Figure Out What Isn’t Working Now – Why do you want to customize your fall routine? Is there something not currently working? You might have decided to journal in the morning during the summer, because you tended to have a little extra time. But with school back in, you might find that you no longer have a few minutes free in the morning. These are the things to think about, so that you can customize your new routine in a way that works better for you.

Decide on Your Priorities – We previously discussed about how your priorities and goals might change when the seasons change. In the fall, you might find that some goals are put aside, while others become your priority. Make a note of these when deciding on your routine. You may discover either a journal or planner isn’t going to be used in your new routine, or that you are simply adding new elements to it.

Journaling in the Fall

If you are new to journaling, you might not be aware of how beneficial this simple practice can be. Or maybe you are just not sure what types of things to journal. You’re in luck because we’re here with some great ideas!

Use Fall Journaling Prompts – Not sure what to journal about? Use prompts! You can use regular journaling prompts, or find some fall-inspired ones.

Write What You are Thankful for – You can also journal about what you are thankful for each day during the fall season, which is wonderful for creating a positive mindset.

Talk About Your Year so Far – A simple thing you can do is to talk about what you have accomplished so far this year, and what the plans are for the rest of the year.

Using a Daily Planner in the Fall

For your daily planner in the fall, it will be similar to using your journal. You will use the planner every day during your new daily routine, and switch up some of the information for this time of year.

End-of-Year Goals – Start it simple by adding in some end-of-year goals, then a schedule of when you would like to achieve these goals. Make a list of tasks to be completed, being as specific as you can so you stay on track.

Any Special Events? – It is also a good time to start planning for special events, parties, and holiday dinners. You can plan it outright in your daily planner and never fall behind.

Write a Fall Bucket List – Lastly, try making a simple fall bucket list of what you want to do this fall season, then schedule in some of these activities into your planner.


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