Taking a Cautious Approach with Luvanto Lifespan

If you have invested in luxury vinyl flooring for your home, then you know that you have already saved money in your home budget and how great it looks.

You may have been drawn to it because of its long lifespan as well as its great look, but how do you keep it clean without damaging its warranty?

Supporting Your Choice

Make no mistake about it, you made a great choice in products like Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring, and the hardest decision was probably in the area of the range you chose.

You would have been sold on the fact that this product can last upwards of thirty years if cared for properly, and that is true. Whilst many people have accidents that can result in requiring small sections to be replaced, it is done without disrupting the entire floor and quite cheaply by just replacing the individual piece. Certainly, much easier than other floorings out there such as real hardwood or stone. Your vinyl floor is built to last, so don’t feel the need to replace and waste a great floor at the first sign of stain.

Cautionary Steps

In some respects, it’s a self-care product – but there are still elements of care that need to be taken to keep it looking how it should.

To preserve the look and feel of your Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring, semi-regular maintenance is required, more centred around the amount of traffic it will endure – as well as the colour and type you have gone with. By simply sweeping the floor with a soft, non-brittle brush or dust mop, you can clean to avoid dirt being walked through to other parts of the house. A non-abrasive floor cleaner diluted with water and a soft mop will bring the floor back to its fresh, out of the box look even after the worst weather has had a go at it.

Remember to not leave any water spots or puddles on the surface. Even Luvanto’s water resistance can be tested by leaving it too long.


Common sense when caring for your luxury vinyl flooring backs up most of the guidelines you will receive from your provider. There are factors to take seriously to ensure your floor stays the way it should for its full expected lifespan.

Refrain from the use of aerosol sprays or products that are silicone-based being applied to your vinyl, as these will overcoat the anti-slip design the planks and tiles have and make the top layer at risk of slip. Use matting at any entrances to reduce any water, dirt or debris reaching your floor, and be sure that this matting is not using rubber underneath.

Rubber tends to mark vinyl flooring so it should be avoided. This includes rubber points on the ends of furniture to reduce the possibility of scratching. In these instances, choose felt pads on your furniture instead.

Whilst a cheap alternative to the real thing, Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring still requires care and attention to keep it worth the investment, no matter which ranges you choose.



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