5 Ways You Could Use The Services Of A Family Solicitor

Family solicitors can serve a number of purposes for you and your family. In most cases, this will refer to navigating legal separations or arranging assets to be distributed in the correct way. This guide will go over five ways you could use a solicitor.

Divorce Or Separation

You cannot talk about family solicitors without mentioning their role in getting a married couple an amicable divorce. This helps two individuals sort out the legal work involved in them getting divorced, as it can be a complicated issue to tackle alone.

There will be some paperwork and information that you need to have in order to file a successful divorce, which a family solicitor can arrange. In some cases, you may require separate solicitors to fight for your rights, or you both file with the same one if it’s a clean separation.

Child Arrangement Orders

When it comes to employing the services of a family solicitor, there could be several reasons you need to. A child arrangement order could be issued by the court that will help decide where exactly a child will live once the parents are living apart. The most ideal outcome that you should try and achieve is to find an agreement before going to the solicitors and courts, as that can be messy.

Of course, you don’t want to put your children through anything that could either cause trauma or just upset them in general. If you cannot reach an agreement, you should take to the courts in a dignified manner and try not to get your children too involved. It will benefit you to speak to them about what they would want, as long as you can get it across in the right way.

If you need to go to court, consider hiring the services of an expert family solicitor. This will help you to navigate the law and ensure that you don’t make any mistakes. If you file the paperwork wrong, it could completely invalidate your case and put you right back to the beginning. That’s why you should hire experts such as the National Legal Service who can assist you in and of your child arrangement orders that you need to get sorted. They are experts with years of experience dealing with issues like this.

It’s worth bearing in mind that every situation will be different, so you need to be as honest as possible. If you hide anything from your solicitor, they won’t have the right information to help you with your problem. Of course, this is a very serious issue that should be taken seriously, so try to be as amicable with your ex-partner as you can, so that you can both reach an agreement and avoid the courts.

Protection Orders

You may need to speak to a family solicitor if you have concern for the welfare or your child or children. This could be with their safety whilst staying with your ex-partner or another family member in general. Ensure you focus on the importance of their safety and call the police or welfare officials. You would need to seek the courts and a solicitor once your child has been removed from immediate danger.

This could lead to you issuing an emergency protection order. This order helps keep your child safe in the short term whilst they are found more suitable conditions to stay. More importantly, it helps keep away any bad people from being near your child.

Financial Agreements

Another common reason that people look to enlist the services of a solicitor is that they have concerns regarding prior financial agreements. It may be that you were due to a portion of money from childcare from a former partner. If payments are slowed down or stopped without good reason or warning, you will need to try and receive this money another way.

The amount someone needs to pay in child maintenance may vary depending on your income. This should again be something that you try and sort out of court, but as the finances relate to the support of your child, it’s important to seek a solicitor as soon as any issues arise.


You’d be forgiven for assuming that prenups were something that happen in tv shows to cause drama. Indeed, this is not only an American legal practice, but something that can be employed here in the UK. A prenup refers to when you and your partner sign a legal agreement prior to getting married. This allows both parties to set out how assets that they own would be divided if they ever got divorced.

Whilst it’s not nice to think about, it should be something that is never thought of in the future unless you divorce. It is important for couples who own homes and businesses together and share money in general.



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