Dealing with Diabetes While Travelling: What You Need to Know

Travelling with a medical condition such as diabetes is easier to manage than you might think. With the right planning and preparation, you should be able to travel around the world and even head to far-flung places. Here are some of the things that you need to know about travelling with diabetes, and how to deal with it effectively!

Get Insured

No matter what, you need to make sure that you are adequately insured for your travel. Should you have a medical emergency, whether it is caused by your diabetes or not, insurance can be key in ensuring that you are not left with a massive insurance bill that you could struggle to pay. There are many types of travel insurance policies, so make sure that you get one with enough coverage.

One you need to search for is travel insurance that covers medical conditions. Not all policies will offer the level of coverage you might need, or the premiums might shoot up in cost as soon as you add your pre-existing conditions. On top of this, you might need to pay extra charges if you are going on a cruise or are taking on winter or water sports – this is standard in the industry and can’t be avoided often, unfortunately. Find a policy that gives you the coverage you need at a cost that works for your budget.

Know Your Medication

Make sure you speak to your doctor before you leave for your travels. Even if you do not need to get an inoculation for your holiday, you should still visit them to discuss your options in terms of medication. You need to understand the types of medication that you take to manage your diabetes and what they do.

Depending on how long you are away for, you might not have enough medication to carry you through your entire trip. Trying to pick up more in a foreign pharmacy might not be the easiest task, so speak to your GP about the likelihood of you being able to pick your prescription in advance. You will then be able to head off on your holiday safe in the knowledge that you have enough medication to carry you through.

Learn Key Phrases

Are you heading somewhere where the lingua franca is not English, and you don’t speak the local dialect? You can’t expect to run into someone who speaks English, but equally, you need to be able to get help if you do have a medical emergency.

Learn what the local language is and then make sure to memorise some key phrases before you go. Phrases like “I need a doctor,” or “I have diabetes,” will be crucial if you do run into issues. On top of this, picking up basics like “please,” and “thank you,” will never go amiss. You don’t have to invest in a language course or commit to picking up a new language when you travel, but you do need to make sure that you have enough of an understanding to get yourself help should you need it.

Travelling the world is something that many of us dream of doing. However, when you have a pre-existing condition like diabetes, you do need to make sure that you handle it correctly. From the right insurance to knowing how to communicate with a Good Samaritan should you run into trouble, you need to make sure that you are a responsible traveller. Thinking about getting away on a trip soon? Take the time to organise the above points before you leave. You can never be too prepared when travelling!


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