Is It Time For A Change To Your Beauty Routine?

When did you last look at your beauty routine? You might still be using the same products and colours as you did 20 years ago! Changing your beauty routine as you age is a good way to flatter your features and keep you looking young and glowing.

With so many incredible beauty innovations today, there’s a lot to explore to help you become your most radiant self. Take a look at some of the following ideas to change up your beauty routine.

Give yourself a makeover

If you’re feeling a bit bored with what you see in the mirror, it could be time for a change. A new hairstyle can work wonders to change up your appearance, and could even make your hair a little less work to style. 

You could also look at transforming your smile too – it’s something that can help take years off! Dental treatments are much better than they used to be, and invisible braces can help straighten your teeth in no time. A whitening treatment will also make a big difference to your appearance, so it’s worth exploring which treatments are out there to help you makeover your teeth. 

Focus on your skincare

Improving your skin will make the biggest difference to your appearance. With ‘less is more’ proving to be a lasting beauty trend, focusing on creating glowing skin is the easy way to help you feel beautiful and radiant. Building a skincare routine that focuses on clarity and hydration will leave you feeling decades younger, reducing the need for much makeup during the day.

Try different formulas and colours

If you’ve worn the same makeup for years and years, it’s time for an overhaul. Choosing new formulas and colours will help enhance who you are now, not who you were in your 20s. Sheer, buildable formulas work well with any skin type, especially blush and eye products. You should also explore different formulas of foundation – a hydrating formula will make your skin look illuminated, while a matte formula can look heavy and harsh. 

If you’re unsure of what works for you, pay a visit to a beauty counter or try a beauty box to help you learn what’s new in beauty.

Focus on one feature 

Focusing on one feature is a great way to enhance your natural beauty without going overboard. Defining your brows will change your face shape, and applying some contour and highlighter can help you enhance your natural angles.

If you’re going to play up your eyes or lips, choose one instead of both to keep your look young and chic.

Some simple changes to your beauty routine can make a big difference, taking back the years while also helping you feel more confident in yourself. It’s time to ditch the old routine and try something different, so take steps to overhaul your beauty routine ready to say hello to a brand new you. 


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