The Essentials of Cold Weather Street Style

Street style is a fashion niche involving embracing fashionable, casual clothes that have become a personality statement to many. The trend developed in the last decade, leading to the introduction of luxury fashion brands by many designers seeking to satisfy this market niche. The users are typically a much younger generation, mostly below 25, seeking personalized styles.

The style has a distinct look involving incorporating specific clothing items and accessories. Some of these apparel and accessory staples  include:

Sneakers and Ankle Boots

Sneakers originally meant to be sportswear or running shoes have fast evolved into a fashion statement. Several designers now make the footwear to depict particular fashion statements for men and women. Luxury sneakers brands became a must-have for trendy people seeking to enrich their wardrobes.

The shoes can provide an elegant casual look or find their place in official casual wear. The footwear is no longer exclusive to athletes but is fast becoming a must-have for trend-setting individuals. What sets various brands apart is the detail in the designs and aesthetic appeal to the wearer.

Ankle boots are also fashion statements for women in diverse shapes and designs. The cold season need not be one of drab wear as the boots provide warmth and fashion. Depending on the creation, the boots give instant glamor and style to the wearer fitting different looks. The shoes can be worn with mini/midi skirts, dresses, frocks, trousers, etc., and bring out regality in a casual way.

Dark or Neutral Colors

Dark and neutral colors were formerly associated with dreariness and forlorn. However, the image of the colors transformed into a fashion statement associated with street style. Neutrals are now an essential part of the wardrobe for every fashion-seeking individual.

The ability of dark and neutral colors to blend in with other adorned clothing and accessories made it common in the fashion world. Dark/neutral colors are sometimes subjective in designer contexts but usually refer to black, white, and beige. Different hues of the same color family create a unique casual look with a touch of elegance.

High-End Accessories

High-end accessories like bags or glasses are considered part of street style because of the effortless way they add glamor to a bland look. Trendy people like to keep up with particular releases of such accessories from their favorite designer labels to add a touch of class to their image.

Bags come in various shapes and designs. For a street style label, the bags should typically fit onto the body, freeing you from the cumbersomeness of the flinging-bag type. The bag is a cross-body type and smaller than the usual handbag, easily accommodating the storage of your daily essentials. The look is popular because of its ability to blend in with various lifestyles of leisure and work.

Glasses are now a staple in many fashion trends. The accessory is a fashion statement with designer touch to boot. Several attractive designs give you a modern look in addition to correcting your vision problem.

Men’s rimless glasses are one of the trends gaining traction because of their attractiveness while offering comfortable and light eyewear. You can opt for tinted glasses to add that touch of elegance as you strut the streets adorning a casual look.


Leather clothing items like leather jeans or jackets are part of street style because of their originality and adaptability to current fashion trends. The leather clothing item has been worn for centuries and remains relevant to designers and stylists.

There are various ways of incorporating leather jacket styles into your daily wear and look chic. Several variations like a biker jacket, racer jacket, bomber jacket, flight jacket, etc., give you a fashion statement to adore. Besides the trendiness, the clothing keeps you warm on those cold weather days and you can avoid the dreary hooded jackets.

The leather jeans and jackets complement most clothing items, giving you an easy time when selecting your outfit for the day. You can match them with denim, cotton and have them in neutral colors for a blended look.

Keep Warm and Be Trendy

Dressing in the cold weather has never been more exciting. You need not withstand the drab-looking heavy clothing during the cold seasons because fashionable alternatives are available. You can pick the hip ankle boots and match them up with a leather jacket to keep yourself trendy and warm.



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