A Horse Tack and Equipment List

Riding is one of the most rewarding sports out there, building up an unbeatable connection with your horse while enjoying the fresh air. Whether you are a first-time horse owner or are looking to freshen up your dated equipment with high-quality tack, we’re here to help you get your hands on all of the essentials so you are ready to take off the horse stable rugs and head outdoors for a productive training session!

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Essential riding tack and equipment list


One of the most important pieces of equipment, the saddle is designed for the comfort of both the horse and the rider. Spend time taking the appropriate measurements as picking out the right size will mean you can enjoy riding without causing discomfort.

Saddle pad

Sitting beneath the saddle, the saddle pad will create a layer of padding between the horse and the saddle to prevent rubbing and keep them comfortable. They also absorb any perspiration to prevent your horse from overheating during intense exercise or hot weather.


A girth is needed to hold the saddle in place as you ride to maintain safety measures. The band will attach to the saddle and reach beneath the horse’s belly.

Bridle and bit

As you ride, the bridle allows you to communicate with your horse at all times. Coming with different parts which sit around the face, establish the type of bridle depending on your riding style.


Providing you with a place to comfortably position your feet during riding, the stirrups will attach to the underside of the saddle and provide you with the support you need. Stirrups also help you mount the horse and safely descend.

Horse rugs

With a range of sizes and designs available to suit the needs of your horse, ensure they are warm and comfortable all year round. From turnout rugs to offer a layer of protection from unpredictable weather to cosy stable rugs to keep them warm when stationary, help them maintain a consistent body temperature.

For instance LeMieux horse rugs come in captivating seasonal shades, providing exceptional everyday value. A practical addition to any collection of horse rugs, it is simple to clean and presents a striking appearance, particularly when paired with complementary accessories.

Grooming equipment

Staying on top of horse care will ensure they maintain a healthy and glowing coat as well as giving you the opportunity to check over their body for any health concerns. A body brush, mane comb and shampoo are good places to start.

A fly mask

When the warmer months come round, flies and other biting insects are a nuisance for horses and their owners alike. A fly mask will not only keep annoying insects away but will prevent the risk of diseases being transmitted.

Leg support

Although not always needed, leg wraps or horse boots can be beneficial for those who need support. Being suitable for transportation, post exercise or even when standing in their stable, the additional support can help massively.

Riding clothing

As well as ensuring your horse is kitted out, ensure you are safe to ride by having the necessary equipment. A helmet and safety vest are essentials for your safety and riding pants, breathable clothing, riding boots and half chaps will ensure you can ride comfortably.


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