How to Host an Amazing Fireworks Display

If you don’t fancy going to a public fireworks event or don’t want to wait until Bonfire Night to see some amazing fireworks, then you may be wondering how you can host your own fireworks display for your friends and family from your garden. To remind yourself of the main safety advice and also some general hosting tips, read on to discover how to host your own brilliant fireworks display.

Photo by Jingda Chen on Unsplash

Acquire supplies

To host the best fireworks display, you’ll need plenty of high-quality fireworks to dazzle your guests. You can easily buy fireworks online from reputable retailers by visiting websites such as, so make sure to buy these well in advance so you’re ready for your party. Of course, an event isn’t complete without some food, drinks and snacks, so you should also stock up on these items before hosting your fireworks display.

Plan the event and warn neighbours

It’s no secret that fireworks can be dangerous if not used correctly and sensibly, so you should read some safety tips and plan your event precisely before the big date. It’s important that you have enough open space in your garden that’s preferably on a flat surface like stone so that you’re not in danger of hitting anything or setting things on fire.

You should also mark out an area for guests to stand in that’s far away from where you will light the fireworks. Finally, it’s a good idea to warn your neighbours that you will be setting off fireworks so they can ensure that their pets are safe and comfortable. Remember to not set off any fireworks past 11 pm as this is against the law and inconsiderate to your neighbours.

Be sensible on the night

On the date of the fireworks display, it’s important that you remain sober while you handle the fireworks. Light one firework at a time so that you have time to retreat to a safe distance and angle the fireworks slightly away from your guests when pointing them at the sky. By following these basic rules and not trying any dangerous tricks, you can have a fun night with your friends and family without any issues.

Get some sparklers

In addition to the main fireworks display, you may want to provide your guests with some sparklers. These can be a lot of fun for adults and older children, but make sure to always supervise children when they’re holding sparklers and tell them to hold them at arm’s length. You should provide a bucket of cold water for people to put their sparklers in after they stop burning.

Provide food and drinks

As with any party, you should make sure that your guests have plenty of food and drinks for the evening. If you don’t want to do lots of cooking, you could just provide some snack food. Getting some decorations for the occasion might also be a good idea.

You don’t have to go to a public display to enjoy some fireworks. By planning ahead, following safety guidelines and providing food and drinks, you could host an amazing fireworks display for your family and friends in your own garden.


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