Switch From Paint to Wallpapers For Home Decor: 5 Reasons Why

When considering decor ideas for a workspace or room, the wall decor holds substantial importance. 

It is one of the primary things that defines a room decor and that people notice at first glance. Wallpaper designs have replaced paints long back. 

Wallpapers are the best options as you can choose various designs – from floral to murals and even Victorian-era wallpapers. Today, you get wallpapers for every design and mood, and it is extremely easy to set up.

In this post, I’ll break down why you should consider switching to wallpapers to decorate your living space. 

Take a look. 

It Portrays Your Lifestyle Taste

A wallpaper is full of ‘expression’ and expresses your style and mood without words. Moreover, wallpapers reflect your uniqueness and superior choices, which a solid wall color cannot. 

One of the main reasons to choose wallpapers is to portray your sophisticated decor choices. And because there is a wide range of options to choose from, you will never have to settle for something you are not 100% satisfied with. 

This is often seen when you cannot find that perfect wall paint shade you want. You can also get your customized wallpaper. So, there are high chances that you will find something that you love. 

Customizable Murals

One of the best reasons to choose wallpaper is getting a custom mural made to order. This means you can have a wallpaper image designed specifically for your room, in any size you need. Whether you want a completely new image or to get an existing one in a custom size, custom murals add a “wow” factor to any space. Consider Ever Wallpaper for high-quality Mural wallpapers. They have a great collection. 

They Are Peel-able

Earlier, wallpapers weren’t a popular choice because once applied; they were permanent. It required substantial effort and money to peel them off. This is one of the biggest reasons people still avoid incorporating wallpapers in their designs. But the design industry has evolved holistically. 

Today’s wallpaper materials eliminate this issue. They are easy to apply, remove, and preserve a good quality simultaneously. You get an entire adhesive that sticks the wallpaper and can be pulled off easily without any leftovers. 

Further, you can often change the entire outlook of the space by changing one simple decor – the wallpaper. 

Wallpapers Serve as an Artistic Decor Element

Wallpaper designs have evolved drastically. The change is huge from the traditional designs to present-day minimalist wallpapers. 

You get prints that portray all sorts of mood – summer, floral, sea – you name it. You even get designer wallpapers today that are a statement piece in itself. So, revealing your artistic side and love for abstract paintings is no longer a hassle. 

You can use wallpapers on a single wall and make it stand out as a statement piece, just like an artwork showcased in an exhibition. 

They Fit Well in Any Budget

Beneficial for all, whether you are a homeowner or a business owner renovating your space. One minimalist wallpaper on the walls can stand out while eliminating heavy investment into more decor items. It makes a bold statement and portrays your high class. 

Wall paints often require maintenance to keep the shine intact. The charges are almost close to repainting. This is where wallpaper can be helpful. 

Wallpapers are even more beneficial for small spaces like home-office cubicles. A tiny, odd space in your house or office can be transformed by a nominal investment in a statement wallpaper. You may even swap the wallpapers on two walls to quickly redesign the space with zero investment. 

Final Word

If you are thinking of designing a new space or renovating your old home, consider switching to wallpaper design. 

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