6 Ways To Honor A Loved One Through Memorial Headstone And Accessories 

Honoring a loved one even long after they passed is one way to relive your memories with them. It’s an act of love that transcends time. Making an effort for their memorial shows how much they take up a part of your heart.  

Taking the time and effort to embellish your beloved one’s headstone by adding accessories is one way to show how much you honor them. Aside from keeping their gravestone well-maintained, there are other sweeter ways to cherish their memory.  

Here are six ways to honor a loved one through memorial headstones and accessories.  

Place A New Memorial Plaque 

Due to weather conditions and time, the plaque on your loved one’s gravestone may start degrading after some years. Replacing it with a new one is a great way to show how much you value them.  

Natural stones like marble are porous and can deteriorate after a few years due to moisture and exposure to harsh weather conditions. You may replace it with a granite plaque as a more long-lasting alternative.  

In customizing a new memorial plaque replacement, you may remake the old one or redesign it. You may put your loved one’s favorite quote or a favorite lyric from a song when doing so. It’s one great way to keep remembering them.  

If you’re looking for memorial plaque customizing services, you may look around for trusted monumental stonework services in your area or visit this page.  

Add A Granite Book 

Granite books are elegant grave markers that can last for hundreds of years. It’s a beautiful way to keep your loved one’s memories alive for generations to come.  

Granite is more durable than marble and can withstand weathering for a long time with proper maintenance. It’s also stain-resistant, which helps granite books retain their color and shine.  

Aside from your loved one’s name, you may add all types of wordings and designs that best show your respect and love. Depending on you and your loved one’s beliefs and preferences, you may have a cross, dove, flowers, and verses from a holy book engraved on the granite book.  

Set Up Flower Vases 

Bringing flowers is a tradition almost everyone follows when visiting a loved one’s grave. While you can place these beautiful flowers on the gravestone, it’s more thoughtful to place dedicated flower vases on your next visit.  

Granite and marble are the best materials for flower vases. They’re classy and easy to attach beside the headstone to remain standing despite strong winds.  

When setting up flower vases, you should consider both the design and sizes. If you’re planning to place two vases on both sides of the headstone, it’s best to choose smaller ones. On the other hand, you may place one large vase on either side if you want to put only one vase.  

Add A Ceramic Portrait 

Attaching a ceramic portrait is one of the ways to immortalize your loved one’s memory. It can be attached to the headstone, plaque, or even a granite book.  

Ceramic portraits are specially made to last. An old photograph can be digitized and printed on a ceramic tile that you can attach to a granite headstone. If the photo is too old and blurry, you may have it enhanced by a professional before lining it up for printing.  

Attaching a vibrant photo of your loved one on their headstone is one way to keep their memory alive. It’s a beautiful way to commemorate their smile and laughter when they are still by your side.  

Place Some Candle Holders 

The wax can be hard to remove when candles melt, especially from a marble surface, and if not scraped off carefully, it can leave a stain or a scratch. It’s why candle holders are a classic and practical gravestone accessory.  

There are various design options for candle holders. The classic ones are made with granite and often have a glass cover. These can be placed permanently on granite grave markers and beside the headstone. You may also find ones that look like lanterns that you can easily move.  

Lighting candles for your loved ones who passed away symbolizes the light they’ve left in your life. It’s to keep their light shining and let their memory live with you. 

Set Some Solar-Powered Lights 

Solar lights are one of the modern accessories you can place around your loved one’s headstone. It’s an environmentally friendly option to keep the place lit at night.  

Solar lights are quick to install. You may search for solar lights that can be fixed to the ground. These lights have their mini solar panels and turn off automatically during daytime or when it runs out of energy.  

Solar lights can be a safe alternative to candle lights. Like candles, it gives warmth to your loved one’s resting place, which signifies your lasting love and longing.  


Adding these simple ornaments to a loved one’s memorial headstone is a means of honoring them. Their memory will live on in the people’s hearts who make an effort to remember and cherish them forever.


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