How to Make Moving Out Easier for Your Family

Moving out is a part of life. You may need to move closer to your job or to school, or you may have found a living space that is much more suitable for your family than the one you currently live in. For any reason, moving out is a completely normal experience for most of us.

However, your kids may not feel the same way. Your children may be too young to understand why you’re moving out – you’re taking them away from the home they’ve known for years, after all! During these times, it is normal for kids to disagree with the move, or miss the friends and family they’ve come to be comfortable with growing up.

Make moving out easier for you and your family, especially if you have kids with you. Even if they have experienced moving out before, anyone would have conflicting feelings about moving out of the home they’ve known and loved. Here are some ways you can make the transition easier for you and your family.

1.   Get Cleaning Services

If you’re renting your current home, chances are you have to abide by the rules of tenancy that you discussed with your landlord before you initially moved in. These rules often include some end of tenancy regulations that you must follow in order to get your deposit back. End of tenancy cleaning services in Richmond often advise thorough cleaning of every nook and cranny, as landlords might employ various tactics to deduct money from your deposit.

One of these requirements is the end of tenancy cleaning. End of tenancy cleaning essentially means to leave the space as clean or cleaner than when you moved in. You will need to get rid of any stains, damages, or chipped paint that happened during your tenancy. If you have a little Picasso in the house, you will need to scrub their wall drawings away as well.

2.   Color Code Your Belongings

Color code your items while packing, so you’ll know which box goes into which room. This will make it easier to move into your new living space once you get there. By color coding your boxes, you can immediately place them in their corresponding rooms, and streamline unpacking your things. Do the same for your kids’ belongings as well.

Alternatively, you may opt to use colored boxes to identify where your packed things should be placed. Separate your items from your kids’ belongings so you can immediately find that toy set or stuffed animal that would help them feel at home in your new space.

3.   Bring a “First Day Kit”

Moving is stressful. The first day is possibly the hardest part of moving, as you will begin to unload all your packed things while you’re still tired from the long drive. However, you can’t go about not cleaning, cooking, or taking care of your personal hygiene!

The First Day Kit is a box with all your essentials in it so you have utensils, toiletries, and bedding for your first day. Moving out is tiring, and unpacking your things just to grab your toothbrush and toothpaste at the end of the day will just drain you more. Make the move easier with a First Day Kit!

4.   Let Kids Take Their Toys

The entire moving process can take a toll on your little ones. They may feel scared of their new environment and miss the comforts of the home they grew up in. They may feel like they’ve lost a sense of themselves and would strive to gain their sense of comfort and belonging back.

One way you can help them get through this time is by allowing them to take some beloved plush toys or trinkets with them as you make the move. Let them hold and cuddle the toy they love so much as it brings them a sense of familiarity in an otherwise completely new location. These toys may not have sentimental values to us, but they can mean the world in a child’s perspective.

5.   Take Trips to Your New Neighborhood

Before that big moving day, it is a good idea to visit the new neighborhood you’re moving into as much as possible. You may have already gone there yourself lately to check on the space, and talk to relevant parties to get your new living space ready for occupancy. Take your kids with you when you do!

By doing so, you won’t shock your kids as they make sense of the new place. Expose them to your new home little by little, and take them to kid-friendly neighborhood spots where they can enjoy and feel positive about moving in the area. They might even make friends with the neighborhood kids, or find a new hobby in the area!


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