The Best Way To Keep Your House And Patio Floors Clean

The base of your house’s development is the interior and exterior floor. If your floors are not strong internally as well as externally, how can you expect your house to be the best? While the sidelined patio, base way, garden walks, or any exterior floor becomes dull or shifting to the internal hall or room’s sophisticated floors with concrete bases, you need to learn certain ways to keep these floors up-to-date and healthy.

To prevent your floors from getting damaged or remaining unclean for days and days, try to put extra effort to make them look finished. In order to give them the best service, you need to know the specific type, for instance, you must know how to clean a patio, how to wipe off the dirt from polished or stained floors, or how to clean concrete floors. Here are some of the specifications that you can follow to bring out the best in your floors.

1.    Cleaning A Sealed Concrete Floor

Sealed concrete floors are coated with acrylics, penetrating silicates, or substances that make it non-porous and stain-resistant, this makes it very simple to be cleansed. You need dishwashing liquid and water as supplies and tools like a dust mop or broom to clean a sealed concrete floor.

Steps to clean:

  • Use a wet mop regularly to prevent scratches and remove debris and dust from the surfaces.
  • Make cleaning solutions in a bucket by mixing warm water with teaspoons of dishwashing liquid. You need to mop your floor with this cleaning solution.
  • Let the floor dry for a while.

2.    Cleaning Unsealed Exterior Concrete Floor

Unsealed exterior floors of garages, sidewalks, and textured tiles are easy to be cleansed but require dedication. You need supplies, cleaning agents. For instance, HG or Trisodium phosphate along with stain removers and water. Tools like a bristled broom or a garden hose along with rubber gloves would be required.

Steps to clean:

  • Start removing dry dust or sweep away loose debris from the concrete floor with a broom.
  • Overall cleaning of the floor with the mixture made of cleaning agents and water. Wear rubber gloves and apply the mixture on the stained floors to scrub it.
  • Try to apply pressure over the stains. For grease stains, apply a coating of cornstarch on the stained area, let it stay for three to four days so that it absorbs the oil. For food stains, use dishwashing liquids, for tire marks use degreaser liquid, for rust stains you can use white vinegar, and for mildew stains you can use HG cleaner or trisodium phosphate.
  • Rinse the area and give it some time to dry.

Bottom Line

From even a slight speck of dust to big stains on your floors, you must check them up and take extra effort to make them right. Your floors need due care and concern internally as well as externally to get them cleaned with a finishing touch. The article lists some of the ways to clean your house floors.


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