8 Different Activities to do with Your Kids

Summer vacations are just around the corner. You may be wondering what you can do with your kids to entertain them in the two long months they’ll be away from school. Summer vacations are a time to spend with your children the most that you can. They’ll be at home, and you can give them all the attention they want. 

One of these ways is to do some activities with them. It’s not always easy to come up with plans a day or two before you have to take your kids out. Thus, parents need to have a list to go to when they’re out of ideas for entertaining their kids. 

In the post below, I’ll mention some of the activities you can do with your kids to ensure that they have a good summer holiday. 

Create Your Stickers 

This activity is quite crafty, and it depends on the age of your kids. If you have young bunnies between the tender age of 4-6,  try making stickers with them for fun. You can get wildly imaginative with your creations. You can make drawings, colour them, and use double-sided tape to make a sticker. You can even help them cut out stickers from any sticky material you may have lying around. Many devices allow your child to build inflatable stickers so that you can use those too. 

Take Them to a Park

There’s nothing more lovely than a Sunday picnic at the park. You can go with your partner and children to a nice sunny spot and let them play on the swingsets. You may want to stock up on some sandwiches and other eateries. You can even have a barbecue, depending on the kind of effort you want to put into it all. In COVID times, many people don’t want their children to go on public swingsets, which is why you can think of buying your children a swingset for home instead. 

Go For a Bike Ride

Riding bikes is one of the most fun things you can do with your children. Riding a bike together is also one of the easiest ways to get some quality time in. You can rush past your children and let them follow you or ride around the marina and enjoy the view. 

Take a Museum Tour 

You can get museum tickets for your children and spend the day with them as they learn about their country’s history. You can watch as they figure out what history is and be there to answer all the questions that they will undoubtedly have. If your part of the world is still in lockdown, you can also go as far as simply taking a virtual tour of a museum. Many museums are offering virtual tours all over the world. So, even if the museum is not open or someone in your house is down with COVID, you can still spend some time with your kids. 

Join in on a Work Out 

Many teachers allow you to have an online session with them as they work out. Working out with your children is a way of including them on your wellness journey. There may be children who are not interested in working out, but it’s like P.E. Let your child join in and learn about the wonders of exercise right alongside you. 

Do a Puzzle 

There are a lot of 1000-piece and 500-piece puzzles on Amazon that you can get your hands on. Do the simplest with your child and solve a puzzle with them. To keep their interest going, you can find a puzzle of their favourite cartoon or cartoon character so that they can be more enthusiastic about completing the picture. 

Grow a Plant 

Your children must learn about plants and how they grow. Ask them to grab a couple of seeds, take them out into the garden, and teach them how to sow them. You can also inform them about what a plant needs to grow when you’re doing this. You can also ask them to water the plant every day as this will teach them responsibility and increase their knowledge regarding plants and how they grow tall. 

Cook With Them

You can teach children to be more mindful of their food by teaching them how to cook or even just letting them help you. When they see the cooking process and the effort that goes into it, they are likely to accept the food on the dinner table. Cooking food with them will also give you something to bond over and thus spend time with your children.



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