Saving the Embarrassment with your Flooring

Whenever we visit our friends at their houses for a cheeky wine night or a coffee date, we always tend to look at how amazing their floor looks and wonder how they keep it so clean when they are always so busy.

How do they always manage to keep it looking so good when your own has seen struggle to find a day to clean it properly?

The answer may lay in the type of flooring they have. If they have a wooden floor that always retains its pristine look, chances are they have luxury vinyl flooring installed. This does not mean that your friend is artificial, it means they are quite smart in their thinking and have saved a lot of money and time in the process.

Flawless Look

When someone installs vinyl flooring in their home it is not about fooling people into believing they forked out a fortune for their floor by going the real hardwood route.

Chances are they wanted hardwood but were then revealed the reasons why it may have been a bad idea overall. Hardwood flooring is great but it can be expensive to replace, expensive to clean, and is victim to the occasional incident that can damage its look, colour, and texture.

They would have been recommended Invictus vinyl flooring not because of the price, although that is a great benefit because it can perfectly replicate the look of natural light and dark wood flooring and be much easier to install and maintain. So much so that they may have even installed it themselves due to its ease.


Another thing that played into their decision to opt for the luxury vinyl flooring would have been the many safeguards it has.

Back in the day, vinyl flooring was considered a relatively flimsy product. After many decades of redevelopment, it has become one of the most highly recommended flooring solutions by interior designers the world over – because of the work gone into making them proofed against many household threats.

Vinyl has a much greater emphasis on scratch and stain resistance and can even withstand rises in temperature which makes it perfect for underfloor heating systems.

Long-Lasting Investment

Many vinyl flooring specialists are quick to point out that vinyl flooring comes with a warranty that can last upwards of 25 years – which is an impressive admission of the quality of the product.

What makes it such a long-lasting product is that it is relatively easy to maintain and clean, requiring as little as a quick mop once a week, a regular sweep, and no reliance on expensive cleaning chemicals.

Luxury vinyl flooring, such as grey oak flooring, is a draw for people who love the style within their homes, and it is the right product for a busy household, able to impress friends whilst also providing a safer, more satisfying, and cost-effective product that impresses your friends.


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