Summer Fashion over 50

Summer is just around the corner and with it an opportunity to get out into the sunshine with the help of the right summer wardrobe. The clothes we wear are, to a large extent, informed by our lifestyles. For those of us lucky enough to have gotten beyond our fiftieth birthday, this might mean opting for comfort and convenience at the expense of style – or, so popular stigma would have us all think.

The truth is that it’s perfectly possible to balance summer style with comfort. Let’s take a look at exactly how we might do this.

What defines ‘stylish’?

What constitutes a stylish ensemble is a matter of interpretation. Women’s shorts retailer, Damart, conducted a poll of 2,000 UK adults to try to gauge the public mood on the matter.

Damart’s survey found that around 20% of respondents claimed that ‘stylish’ is about creating a timeless look. A further 16% cited self-confidence, and 14% said it was about feeling comfortable in your skin. This would seem to echo conventional wisdom. If you really believe that you belong in a certain outfit, then you might well broadcast the sort of confidence and magnetism that most of us interpret as ‘pulling it off’.

Most of the responses centred, not around the clothes themselves, but on the person wearing them. If you know what you like, then it makes sense to lean into it. During the summer months, your wardrobe might be naturally more revealing – so feeling confident in your skin might be all the more important. But exactly how can you attain this confidence? It mostly depends on what you’re wearing.

Shorts and Trousers

Bermuda shorts are popular among older women. They’re practical, comfortable, and they allow your skin to breathe, and are often tapered in a way that flatters your legs. Walking shorts, chinos and jeans all tend to be preferred for much the same reason. Look for something lightweight and stretchy if you’re in the market for jeans.

Dresses and Skirts

When it comes to skirts in the summer, it’s difficult to go wrong. Favour brighter colours, and try to divide yourself up using a belt or a tie around your midriff to draw attention to your waistline. An a-line skirt will help to do the same thing, which might be worthwhile if you’ve got an hourglass figure to flaunt.

Tops and Blouses

Here’s where you can make a statement with some bold colours and patterns. Damart’s survey asked participants to vote for the celebrity they consider the most stylish. Dame Helen Mirren, who is now in her late 70s, emerged at the top of the stack. Dame Helen’s preference for vivid, bold patterns should indicate that playing it safe isn’t always the most sensible strategy.


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