Tips for Creating a Kids Art Photo Book

When it comes to creating art, kids are very talented. This creative energy will lead them to come up with multiple pieces, which we love to see as a parent. However, this can result in too much clatter around the household in multiple piles of crafts. As a parent who likes a neat, tidy home, it is frustrating. Turning your child’s art into a photo book can solve this problem. Below are some tips on how to achieve this successfully.

Have an Art “Inbox”

To manage the influx of your kid’s creative work while encouraging your kid’s creativity, have an art inbox. As a parent, this will come in handy when looking for inspiration to turn kids art into photo books. Look out for the best art pieces, which you can use to decorate the fridge or bulletin boards. You can display them until the kid’s imagination evolves and he enters a new artistic mode of expression or until they fade or rip. Sculptures will require you to take snapshots that you will save together with other media on your computer in a folder designated “kids art.” It is important that you update the media in your kid’s folder. You achieve this by occasionally uploading photos on your computer or phone. With time, play with themed layouts of activities such as holidays.

Reuse Excess Art

Some kids are extremely into drawing, which results in heaps of materials. They will draw characters, creatures, and mazes. They will also bring home school projects and art, resulting in excessive papers that they do not want being thrown away. After selecting the best of your kids’ artwork, you can reuse the leftover as wrapping paper or as backgrounds for collages and mixed media. This reduces the amount of junk from your kid’s creative process. It also makes organization while tidying up your house and surfaces easy. 

Create a Photo Book Theme

A kid’s art photo book theme template should be simple to allow their creativity to shine. Choose templates for projects featuring the various activities, whether a specific vacation or holiday. Well-placed stickers also immensely enhance the layout.

Photograph and Scrap It

Scanning artwork featuring messy items such as glitter or cotton balls will leave your scanner messy. The trick is to have a can of compressed air to de-glitter your scanner afterward. After taking photographs, you can scrap the items such as sculptures, which take up too much room.

Create a Series

Individual pieces by your child might not make much sense displayed separately. However, when portrayed as a series, this artwork results in something wholesome that the kids will be proud to showcase.

Be Creative

Flipping your child’s artwork and creating a reflection of it in black and white is another great trick when creating a kid’s art photo book. This is not to say the art requires embellishment, but a fun way for a kid to experience the joy of enhancing art in various ways.

Take Notes

To have order in your kid’s work, scribble with a pencil at the back of each piece. You may organize it according to age or color. Make remarks on your kid’s perspective regarding the art pieces. This can include a title or the story behind the inspiration.


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