How to Keep Children Occupied with Word Games

If kids, and even some adults, had it their way, they would play games all day long. “I’m so bored. What do I do?”, “Can I go to my friend’s house again?” or “It’s too hot to go outside, May I play on your laptop again?” These are kids’ favorite questions these days. So, how do you get them to shift from car racing and similar games to educational and beneficial games? The answer is simple-word games!

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You can keep children pretty well occupied with word games, especially when they are bored of their monotonous routine. The best times to introduce them to educational games are summer vacations, while running errands, long car rides, or when they are grounded. Word games don’t only reinforce fundamental reading skills but also develop children’s writing and competitive skills. 

Benefits of Word Games for Children 

There are countless benefits of word games, including the following: 

  • Improve kids’ ability to concentrate 
  • Increase children’s memory and vocabulary 
  • Cultivate their problem-solving skills 
  • Enhance kids’ time-managements abilities 
  • Improve reading and spelling skills 
  • Improve mood and overall behavior 
  • Offer different categories to widen their vocabulary 
  • Helps build cognitive and comprehension skills
  • Children learn to process information faster 
  • Help children strategize better and adapt to complex games and challenges 
  • Develop confidence and improve team-working skills 
  • Help them correctly use devices and laptops at an early age, preparing them for school and their professional careers

Word Games for Children 

Some of the most fun and popular word games for children are the following:

Prodigy Education 

This game is intended for children in grades 1 to 5. Prodigy Education is a great way for children to build language and reading skills in a fun yet competitive manner. Every correct answer gives them the confidence and energy to achieve more. They can make objects, earn coins, and have fun. 

You can follow your child’s progress through the free parent account on the app. See how much your child learns and grows with each level. 


Another excellent word game for kids is Wordsmith, an ideal anagram game for children above 6 years. It uses a tile board and multiplayer mode, in which 2-4 players have to come up with different words within a time limit. Since this is an anagram game, you have to come up with different words from random letters. An easy and fun way to do this is by using the Anagram maker

Wordsmith also gives a score preview before you make any actual moves. The player with the higher score wins at the end. Wordsmith can be downloaded on Android and iPhone. We recommend using the anagram maker to learn how to play if you’re facing a steep learning curve. 

Spectacular Spelling Play

This game is best for children aged 3 to 6 years. Spectacular Spelling Play features an animated character, princess Presto, who demonstrates how to pronounce words correctly. It does this by breaking them into half; for instance, ‘zoo’ is pronounced as ‘z’ and ‘oo.’

The breaking up of words makes it easier for children to learn and quickly memorize new words. The cartoon further offers basic instructions and positive encouragement to develop phonemic awareness. 

Word Ladder

Ideal for kids in grades 1 to 3, Word Ladder combines music, images, and word games. This entertaining game teaches children how to write basic words with the help of an accompanying image. Word Ladder is an exceptional choice to improve your kid’s vocabulary. 

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Aim 2 Spell

This game caters to a wide range of age groups, from kindergarten to grade 8. Aim 2 spell is a creation of Vocabulary Spelling City to teach children how to spell common words properly and boost vocabulary. Students have the option to select one letter at a time from a long list of spell words. 

Word Scramble 

This word game is ideal for children higher than grade 6. Word scramble allows children to select vowels and constants to spell words. An example is ‘SMBERALC,’ correctly spelled as ‘SCRAMBLE.’ Older kids who enjoy amusing challenges will surely love this game. 

Word Search 

Word search is a great way to challenge your kids’ knowledge, especially those in grade 4+. It is an educational puzzle game that gives children the option to choose puzzles from different categories, like animals, television shows, movies, and food & drink. 

It can be played on phones, tablets, laptops, as well as computers. If you or your child prefers offline games, print out one of the puzzles from word searches to enjoy with the whole family. 

ABCya Letter Blocks 

This word game is specially made for pre-kindergarten to grade 6 kids. ABCya Letter Blocks offers fun spelling games for children across a broad age range. In this word game, you can choose from a bunch of exciting games like Koala Paddle Kids and Alphabets for your child. Furthermore, kids can also make their own puzzles. 


Word games are a great way to keep children busy and improve their spelling and vocabulary simultaneously. Help your children develop their critical thinking skills, time management, and motivation without any hassle. 



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