Fashion Brooches 2022: Cameo, Shabby Chic, Antique Brooches, Brooches Sets And More

Everything flows, everything changes. But there are things that always remain in fashion. For example, stylish brooches. They have been present in our wardrobe for thousands of years. But if initially their purpose was purely functional (to fasten a cloak, cape or other clothes), today it is an independent decoration. Sizes, formats and themes change, but the decoration itself remains.

So what are the trendy brooches of 2022?

Photo by Aramudi on Unsplash

Antique diamond brooch and Faberge brooches are trendy again

Among fans of antique silver brooch and brooches studded with precious stones are well-known Queen Elizabeth and Elton John. The pop singer is not modest, preferring high jewelry. We remember large crosses pinned to the lapel, a huge Chopard flower with rubellites and pink sapphires.

As a result, if a brooch on a woman’s chest is of interest to everyone primarily stylistically, then what is a brooch on a man’s? This is, first of all, self-expression, especially if it is not a modest pin, but a classic jewelry brooch with diamonds and colored stones.

Pharrell Williams, Timothy Chalamet, Usher and other celebrities are also fans of vintage brooches and new fashion advocates. Wanted a similar antique brooch? Go to antique marketplace “Antiqon”.

Don’t ignore the delicate cameo

Ancient Rome and Greece gave rise to this magnificent and exquisite design, which the aristocracy could afford to wear. The cameo is a little picture that has been expertly and naturally cut into stone. The design itself is oval-shaped and essentially shows a lady in profile. But it can also show pictures of famous individuals or mythical creatures. The custom of passing down jewelry via the female line has been upheld in many European families. The appeal of a cameo is that it flatters ladies of all ages and statuses; everyone may select a unique adornment for themselves.

Shabby chic style

Such brooches are typically worn in the summer, during the warm, sunny weather. The shabby design was initially noted in interior, and it later migrated to jewelry. The primary components of jewelry in this design are a somewhat faded appearance that is suggestive of worn and fading hues. There are also light chiffon, lustrous satin, and jewelry that has been slightly darkened. Such a brooch stands out for its uniqueness and will be a wonderful addition to a summer outfit.

Order is not only for men

It is a decoration for the military’s dress uniform and acts as a mark of distinction. However, in contemporary society, this ornament is now worn as part of a daily outfit. Military-inspired brooches were displayed in Chanel’s most recent fashion presentations. Everything new is well forgotten old, once Coco Chanel brought them into fashion, in memory of the beloved Russian nobleman. Orders, hero stars, and medals will still be trendy this fall.

Motifs and materials for brooches

As for the themes, in addition to classic colors, the favorite forms of women’s jewelry of recent years and even some non-trivial options have come into fashion:

  • cute pets and other animals,
  • insects,
  • birds,
  • fruit,
  • geometric shapes,
  • fantasy drawings,
  • soutache brooches.

Brooches in sets as a new type of jewelry

The 2022 trends for brooches dictate new rules of the game: now it is fashionable to wear jewelry not one at a time, but in whole sets. Of course, you shouldn’t put on everything, that is, in the jewelry arsenal. Here, too, it is necessary to observe the measure and certain nuances so as not to look like a Christmas tree in the middle of the summer heat, despite the fact that catwalk models tend to outrageous.


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