How Do You Clean Bifold Doors?

Bifold doors are a great addition to any home as they provide a way of creating a door size that wouldn’t ordinarily be possible. Unlike sliding doors, bifold doors are almost completely collapsible, and unlike usual opening doors, you don’t need to leave much space on either side. This means that you can have a large, multi-panelled door without compromising on space on either side of it.

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If your bifold doors are looking a bit old, tired and dingy, don’t worry about replacing your bifold doors. Instead, consider giving them a good, thorough clean. You may find that completing a substantial cleaning routine on your bifold doors may make them look as good as new.

Below, let’s review some steps to take when cleaning bifold doors.

Dust The Doors

You’ll want to begin by dusting the doors and removing any dust and debris. You can do this with a soft rag or a feather duster. Microfibre cloths are also great at picking up dust. Begin at the top of the frame, as that is likely going to be the area with the most dust on it. Then, wipe down the sides of the frame before then moving on to wiping the door itself.

Do Some Wiping

Once you’ve got rid of all of the dust, you can then start wiping over the surface of the door. Do this with a damp cloth and some sugar soap. If you don’t want to use sugar soap, you can use another multi-purpose cleaning solution. Avoid adding too much water at this stage, as the excess water may soak into the wood. If there are any stubborn stains, use a toothbrush to gently scrub them off the door.

Buff The Doors

Once you’ve wiped the doors, remove all the excess cleaning fluid and dry the surface of the doors. You can do this by rubbing the doors with a damp cloth.

Clean The Glass

Most bifold doors are made up of a large proportion of glass. When finishing the cleaning process, you will need to ensure that you get those glass panels looking sparkly clean. Use some warm soapy water with a small amount of window cleaning solution or washing-up liquid. Try to keep the suds to a minimum. Clean one panel at a time and use a squeegee to remove all of the soap and water after you’ve completed each panel. Start at the top and work your way downwards.

Clean The Hardware

Once you’ve finished cleaning the doors themselves, you can then move on to cleaning the locks and handles. If you have brass handles, these may benefit from a special brass-cleaning solution which will give them a glowing finish. Other types of metal handles can be cleaned with a general-purpose cleaner. Make sure you completely dry the handles with a clean, dry cloth once you’ve finished cleaning them.

Clean The Track

Use your vacuum cleaner to remove all of the dust and dirt from the track. Once you’ve removed all of the debris from the track, get some multi-purpose cleaner and a toothbrush and work your way along the track, scrubbing at any dried-on dirt. Once you’ve finished cleaning the track, wipe the loosened dirt up with an old rag. Once you’ve finished and it’s all clean, apply a small amount of WD40 and move the door back and to a few times to ensure it’s spread evenly.



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