How To Decrease Your Child’s Screen Time During The Holidays

Keeping your children entertained during the school holidays can be a real challenge, especially when they’re glued to their screens. There’s nothing wrong with watching TV or playing video games, of course, but half term is the perfect time to expand their interests, encourage them to try something new and embrace the great outdoors.

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Here are some simple ways of reducing your child’s screen time during the holidays.

Get them learning more about wildlife

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden then make use of it! Getting outdoors will give your child a much-needed break from their screens and help them channel their energy into something new. How about making a DIY birdhouse? Most of the materials needed can be found around your home and once you’ve got it hanging in the perfect place, you can set a challenge of trying to spot as many different types of birds as possible.

A good pair of binoculars from RSPB will help your kids keep an eye on the birdhouse come rain or shine. Plus, there are so many other activities they can do. From bird drawings to making homemade bird snacks, there’s plenty to keep them entertained.

Give classic board games a try

It might not seem as appealing as the newly-released PS5 game or the latest social media craze, but you might be surprised how much children can enjoy an afternoon of classic board games! Getting together as a family and playing board games not only gets your kid’s brains working in a different way, but it’s great for family bonding, too — before they know it they’ll have spent a few hours away from their screens, and they might even have learned a little something! Twister, Frustration, Scrabble or Cranium are fun choices for an afternoon of friendly competition.

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Encourage their involvement at dinner time

When you’re trying to prepare the evening meal, you might give that extra hour of screen time a pass (since it’s probably preferable to have the kids out from under your feet at this point) but in fact this could be an ideal time to involve your child in your culinary endeavors. Teaching them a new recipe, demonstrating how to prepare the ingredients and allowing them to stir the pot or plate up the meal can give them a sense of accomplishment for contributing to the family meal. The more they get involved, the more they’ll enjoy it (and you’ll get a little help in the kitchen to boot).

Create a scavenger hunt at home

On those rainy days, kids can get pretty bored being sat at home with seemingly little to do (particularly when you limit their screen time!) but an indoor scavenger hunt is a creative and fun time-passer for children of all ages. Simply create a list of items that they need to find — for example, something ‘shiny’, an item beginning with a particular letter of the alphabet, or even different types of insects out in the garden — that can be ticked off the list as they go. First one to find everything on the list gets extra servings of ice cream after dinner!

Give the above activities a go and you’ll be sure to find something that your kids will enjoy. Who knows, they may even discover a completely new hobby!


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