Best Family-Friendly Tips to Travel in Bali

Sometimes entertaining the whole family while travelling can be a challenge. Finding things that will enthrall the kids and not bore the parents often becomes the chore. However, in Bali there is something for everyone. Just leave your strollers and prams at home. The roads are not ready for those yet.

Photo by Alexa West on Unsplash

A Place To Call Home

The first task when planning a family getaway is how to find a reliable place to call home, while away from home. There are plenty of Seminyak villas for rent where the whole family can stay in a private residence. Enjoy a family meal cooked by a professional chef. Dine next to a spectacular pool and garden. Rest up in luxury and style with views to match. Why waste this moment in a boring hotel when you can make the accommodation an attraction as well.

Rollercoasters And Shopping

Everyone can have a blast at Bali’s first ever indoor theme park! Trans Studio is a unique place where the whole family can find something to excite them. Shopping at the mall, the indoor theme park with rollercoasters, and indulgent places to eat. A day here will satisfy all.

Traditional Meets Modern

Everyone knows Cirque du Soleil but what about when the famous troop meets the culture of Indonesia. What makes the Devdan dance and culture show so different from the many traditional dance performances in Bali? It showcases the rich culture of Bali while displaying stunning, contemporary acrobatic and modern performances. The hour and a half world-class show begins a journey throughout Bali. An intricate traditional dance then a modern aerial show of acrobatic awe. All ages will understand and be delighted by the Indonesian cultural stories being told and the modern dance elements displayed in the show.

Join The Club

Flamingo Bali is a family beach club where the kids can run wild and the adults can relax. A massive pool, an exciting playground and kid favourites on the menu. What more could a kid ask for? Adults have a nice cocktail menu and a tranquil pool all their own.

Pondok Pekak Library

 A library is not high on the kids wish list when travelling (or anytime really.) However this place is different. Learn how to make a traditional Balinese offering, carve fruit, play gamelan or dance until you can no longer stand. Of course there are books as well. Learning can be fun for adults and kids here!

Hot Air And Nature

Who does not like a hot air balloon ride? Fantastic views and the thrill of being carried high above the surface by only heated air. Ubud is known for being a peaceful place to explore its natural beauty on land, however it’s even more spectacular from the air. Experience being under a twenty three metre tall balloon that floats fifty metres in the air and marvel at the land that lays before you.



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