5 Tips for Choosing Wrinkle-Free Travel Clothes

If you’re like most travelers, you may consider packing a challenging task to tackle. Apart from bringing all your essentials and having to plan your outfits in advance, you’ll need to keep your luggage within the recommended baggage weight limit. Cramming all your belongings into a suitcase may also mean that some items will get crushed or creased.

No one wants to wear wrinkled clothing, and you might not have the time to steam or iron clothes during your trip. Thus, it’s important to choose clothes that won’t wrinkle easily but will look good without ironing, even after you stuff them in your bag.

Whether you need to pack something casual or bring a couple of fancier outfits, there are simple ways to ensure that your garments don’t develop hard-to-remove creases while they’re in your suitcase. Here are five tips for choosing wrinkle-free travel clothes.

Find Pieces with Good Stretch

When it comes to selecting wrinkle-free travel clothes, it’s best to look for pieces that stretch and return to their original shapes. These garments are often made from materials like wool and spandex. Leggings made with spandex are a great example of clothes that are comfortable to wear but wrinkle-resistant. They don’t require any ironing and pair easily with the rest of your wardrobe.

If you’re heading somewhere with a cold temperature, choose clothes made of wool or wool blends. Aside from not holding creases, this cosy fabric will help to keep you warm. You can pair a woollen sweater with some stretchy leggings for an easy but chic travel outfit. Not only does this combo never need to be ironed, exposure to high heat can cause fabric damage, so it’s best to let clothes air dry and skip pressing.

Consider Synthetic Fabrics

Other materials you need to watch out for when picking travel clothes are synthetic fabrics such as lyocell and polyester. Polyester clothes are very popular because they’re affordable, durable, and wrinkle-resistant. They can also be very soft and comfortable on the skin, and won’t need any ironing.

Similarly, lyocell is another durable material. It is machine-washable and doesn’t require ironing because it resists creasing. It’s a semisynthetic form of rayon and is commonly referred to by the brand name, Tencel. Both polyester and lyocell materials can be found in many fashionable clothes, like satin skirts and blouses. They’re very easy to wear and drape nicely on the body even if they’ve spent a lot of time in a suitcase, which is another reason why they’re great items to bring when traveling.

Choose Knitted Clothes

Another wrinkle-free travel clothing option is knitted pieces or fabric made of interlocked loops of thread. Knits have a loose weave compared to other clothing materials, which allows the fibers more freedom to move around. As such, the lack of tension makes the fabric less likely to crease, so chunky knitwear is especially resistant to wrinkles.

Typically, knits are made of wool yarn. But some knits, like jersey, can also come in a variety of cotton, wool, and synthetic fibers. Apart from knit tops, you can also find knit bottoms and dresses that suit your style, so you’ll have plenty of options when it comes to choosing trendy knit clothes for your trip.

Pick Denim Fabrics

Another fabric you need to consider when choosing wrinkle-free travel clothes is denim. It’s a heavy fabric that undergoes a special weaving process using thick cotton fibers. The resulting material doesn’t retain creases compared to other materials. As long as you wear denim jeans or jackets that fit your body well, you can look polished without needing to iron your clothes first.

Additionally, denim clothing is ideal for trips that involve being on rough terrain. The thick material is sturdy enough to withstand physical activity and is resistant to staining. Denims are also versatile pieces and can be worn for different occasions, so you can count on looking fashionable in all your travel photos.

Check Clothes for Wrinkle-Free Treatment

While there are many naturally wrinkle-free fabrics you can choose from, consider buying clothing that has been treated to have wrinkle-free properties, too. These garments undergo a special process and have a durable press finish to keep them free of creases. You can even place them in a dryer after washing, and the material should remain free of wrinkles.

Many clothing stores offer such technology on various garments, especially those that commonly need ironing, such as button-down shirts and trousers. These specially treated garments are especially useful for when you need to be in professional attire while traveling.

While traveling may mean having a limited wardrobe in a stuffed suitcase, you don’t have to resign yourself to wrinkled outfits that look the worse for wear. By investing in clothes made of wrinkle resistant fabrics, you can look chic and stylish without ever having to use an iron during your trip.



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