Claw Hammers and Their Uses

Any good handyman knows that success depends on the tools at hand. Even the most educated and experienced handymen are only as good as the tools they have available to them. And there are certain tools that are a must-have for any toolbox.

The claw hammer is one of those tools. With a few years and several projects under your belt, you will see before long how important it is to have a claw hammer at your disposal. Here are just a few of the things to use one on.

Hammering/Removing Nails

The first and most obvious reason to use a claw hammer is to hammer or remove nails from just about any type of material. Whether in a home project or a business project, the ability to hammer in fasteners (or get them out of an old project) can become a crucial aspect.

The flat, round head of the hammer is perfect for hammering nails into place. With a few quick taps, you can securely hammer the nail in place so that it doesn’t move or shift. Likewise, you can use the other end of the hammer – the claw – to get underneath the head of the nail, allowing you to pull it up easily and quickly.

Splitting Small Pieces of Wood

Another minor benefit of using claw hammers is being able to split small pieces of wood apart. The metal claw of the hammer is both strong and sturdy enough to act as a faux axe when chopping wood. The sharp edge of the claw will easily dig into the wood, splitting it apart from even its strongest point.

In a pinch, or if you don’t have a small cutting tool at your disposal, a claw hammer will do the trick. Just make sure that you are wearing proper eye protection, however. The claw hammer is an imprecise method and the last thing anyone wants is to have splinters fly out and catch you in the eye. Having a claw hammer on hand can certainly save you time, effort, and frustration.

Minor Demolition

Demolition is often considered to be the most fun part of a renovation project. Part of it has to do with the fact that you don’t really need to think about much and there is oftentimes little planning involved. Depending on the material involved and the size of the room, a claw hammer can become a more than effective tool during demolition time.

Claw hammers are great for pulling away drywall one section at a time. One hard swing should penetrate the wall. The claw of the hammer can then be placed in the hole, and used to pull off large chunks of the drywall. It’s a quick, easily accessible tool that delivers superior effectiveness. It is a versatile demolition tool that will also save a little bit of energy versus swinging a sledgehammer.

Digging Impromptu Holes

Depending on the time of the year, doing landscaping or gardening can wind up being a little tougher than it looks. When there is little rainfall or it is later in the fall when the ground begins to cool, it becomes a lot harder. Digging below the surface also becomes more difficult.

With a claw hammer, it becomes simple to make an impromptu hole. A few swings with the claw end of the hammer can give you the beginning of the hole you have been looking for. It’s a simple, quick, effective way to start a hole even when the ground feels rock-hard. Having a hammer nearby can prove beneficial for a litany of outdoor projects.


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