Encouraging Future Innovators: How to Introduce Your Child to Coding

In today’s digital world, kids are becoming connected at earlier and earlier ages. To bring the love and skill of coding into the new generation, Young Coders is bringing the passion of coding to the innovative thinkers and creators of the kids of today. If you want to expose your young minds to problem solving, digital logic and coding language, interactive experiences and digital landscapes, this is the program for you. Young coders have the potential to change the entire landscape of the industry and getting them involved early is a great idea. This guide will help.

Put it in Their Hands

Kids learn best by doing so letting them engage in hands-on play is a great way to encourage creativity, abstract thinking and imagination. Experiential learning is a fantastic introduction to coding, so give your kids toys that require these skills to play, such as those labeled STEM. You can even find coding specific toys that teach kids the basics so they are ready to progress those skills when the time comes. Click here for more information about terminology that you’ll need as you code together. 

Keep it Fun

Play is how young kids learn so making coding a fun endeavor is going to be a lot more rewarding for both of you if it’s not super serious and regimented. In other words, if it’s a chore, your child may not be as open to the experience. Let your child’s curiosity drive play and let them learn at their own pace. When coding becomes an adventure, your child will get a lot more out of it and making it fun makes learning more enjoyable and more efficient. If your child needs a break, offer one. As soon as coding stops being fun, your child is likely to stop being interested in it. 

Join a Coding Community 

While kids can certainly learn a lot when they code alone, getting them involved in collaboration with other coders teaches a wide variety of important skills, both for coding and for life in general. That includes listening, discussion, trying new methods, sharing and compromising. If you aren’t an expert at coding or need a break, setting up coding playdates gives you a chance to observe or get other things done while the kids work. You can find coding groups that meet in person, as well as those that are virtual, so you can take your pick of what might work best for your kids and for you. 

Try Apps

As a parent in today’s digital world, you know how much kids love to play on devices. You can combine this with an introduction to coding by offering apps that encourage the skill. By allowing them to play on these apps, you satisfy their desire for online games, but also create the opportunity for them to learn something while they play.


Translate it to Real Life

Giving kids a chance to experience coding events in real life is an outstanding way to let them use their skills somewhere new. There are a variety of coding related summer camps and festival style events that give children the chance to practice what they already know and learn new information about the topic. Plus, it’s fun. See above for more information about why that’s important. 

Kids of today are naturally immersed in the digital aspects of the world so fostering those skills and helping them learn to translate those skills into fun activities, school and the future job they might find is a tremendous way to encourage learning, find common interests and have fun spending time together. Start today. You won’t be sorry. 



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