8 Things to Do When Your BFF Has a Baby

When your best friend announces the exciting news that she’s expecting a baby, it’s only natural to want to be the best support system you can be during this special time. As the BFF, you’ll play an important role in helping her transition into parenthood. From pregnancy through the first few months postpartum, your friend will appreciate any help and encouragement you can provide.

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To help you step up to the plate, here are eight thoughtful things you can do when your best friend has a baby.

#1. Be There for Her During the Pregnancy

When your best friend announces she’s expecting, this is your cue to step up and be as supportive as possible during the next nine months. Check in regularly to see how she’s coping with morning sickness, back pain, swollen feet, and everything else that comes with growing a human. Offer to drive her to doctor’s appointments, go shopping for maternity clothes or just spend a cosy night in watching movies while she puts her feet up. Your job is to make this journey as stress-free as possible so she can enjoy the magic of pregnancy.

#2. Plan a Fabulous Baby Shower

As the BFF, planning an amazing baby shower is a must. Decide on a fun theme like ‘Sweet Safari’ or ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ and decorate accordingly. Post cute invitations, organise fun games and source the most mouth-watering menu. Set up a gift registry to make present buying easy for guests. On the day, make sure your friend is pampered like a princess. The key is celebrating the mum-to-be in style.

#3. Put Together a Care Package

In the flurry of packing her hospital bag, there are probably items your friend will forget. Put together a care package containing thoughtfully chosen items to make her stay more comfortable. Suggestions include toiletries, cosy socks, hair ties, nursing bras, snacks and drinks (for her partner too), face mist and essential oils. Add photos of loved ones and a heartfelt card—take time to choose the perfect sentiment, thinking about what to write in a new baby card.  She’ll be so thankful for your love and effort.

#4. Be On Standby When the Big Day Arrives

Make sure your friend knows you’re ready to drop everything when she goes into labour. Either offer to drive her and her partner to the hospital or be prepared to watch any older kids. Stay in close contact during early labour but don’t bombard her. When the baby arrives, check who the first visitors allowed will be and wait for the green light. Even if you can’t be at the hospital, shower mum and baby with love from afar.

#5. Help Around the House

In the blur of feeds, nappy changes and catnaps, housework is likely the last thing on a new mum’s mind. Offer to tackle chores like vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms and doing laundry. Check if supplies are running low for baby items like nappies, wipes, and formula. Offer to mind the baby so your friend can enjoy a long hot shower or nap. Changing sheets, restocking the fridge and taking out the rubbish will all be hugely helpful gestures.

#6. Provide Reassurance and a Listening Ear

Sometimes your friend just needs to know she’s doing a great job, especially if she’s feeling overwhelmed or anxious about parenting. Provide reassurance that she’s got this, and you have total faith in her abilities. Listen patiently if she needs to get worries off her chest without judgment. Offer advice only when asked and remind her often what an amazing mum she is.

#7. Respect Boundaries

New parents often need their own space to figure things out in those first few weeks. Before visiting or calling, always check it’s a good time. Don’t stay too long or take it personally if your friend seems distant. She has a lot to figure out and needs rest. Once you’ve dropped off food or helped around the house, leave them in peace unless asked to stay. Be patient if it takes a while for her to return your calls or texts.

#8. Remind Her You Still Love Her

Reassure your friend that while things have changed, your friendship remains the same. Don’t be upset if you don’t see her as much or feel left out. Let her know you understand her priorities are different right now, but you’ll always be there for a chat, hug, or girl’s night when she’s ready. Remind her often that she’s a wonderful friend. Send random texts saying how much she’s loved and appreciated. Your support means the world.

The arrival of your bestie’s baby is amazing news to celebrate. Follow these tips to show your friend she has an incredible support network around her. There’s nothing like finding the ideal words to congratulate new parents on their bundle of joy.


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