Mother Mania: How To Keep Your Home Clean Mrs Hinch Style

Mrs Hinch, or Sophie Hinchcliffe, stands out with her unique approach to home cleaning. Her tips, born from personal experiences, resonate with moms everywhere, looking for efficient and effective ways to maintain a tidy home. Let’s explore some of her best cleaning insights for different areas of the house.

Understanding Mrs. Hinch

Before diving into her tips, it’s essential to grasp who Mrs Hinch is. Sophie began sharing her cleaning hacks on Instagram to combat loneliness. Her genuine, cost-effective solutions quickly gained traction, turning her into the UK’s leading ‘cleanfluencer’. She’s not just an influencer but a guide for many seeking to rejuvenate their homes with minimal fuss.

Cleaning Tips Tailored For Moms

Mrs Hinch is famous for releasing multiple cleaning guides, so we have the lowdown for you with all her best tips going from room to room.

The Living Room & Flooring

One of the most frequented areas, the living room, demands special attention. For flooring, especially solid wood flooring, laminate, or vinyl, Mrs Hinch suggests daily sweeping to remove dirt and debris. A diluted gentle cleaner can be used weekly to retain the shine and prevent grime buildup – but you should always check the gentle cleaner is suitable for the flooring type.

Harsh cleaners can erode the outer layers of the flooring and cause damage over time. The key is consistency; a little effort daily reduces the need for intensive cleaning later.

The Kitchen

Mrs Hinch’s kitchen cleaning revolves around daily maintenance to prevent buildup. Wiping down countertops after every meal, cleaning the sink at the end of the day, and ensuring appliances like ovens and refrigerators are cleaned regularly can make all the difference. Her tip for sinks: a combination of soda crystals and hot water rinse equals a gleaming finish.

Additionally, she emphasises the importance of decluttering kitchen cabinets and ensuring pantry items are organised. By assigning specific spots for utensils and ingredients, not only does the kitchen remain tidy – but meal preparation becomes more efficient and enjoyable. This proactive approach minimises the need for intense deep cleaning sessions.

The Bathroom

For toilets and showers, Mrs Hinch emphasises the importance of preventing limescale and soap scum accumulation. If you’re using a gentle bathroom cleaner regularly and ensuring areas are dried post-use, it will prevent mould growth and maintain a fresh bathroom ambience.

Additionally, she recommends paying attention to often overlooked areas like faucets, drains, and showerheads. A simple mix of white vinegar and water can help dissolve mineral deposits in these areas. Mrs Hinch also highlights the value of good ventilation, suggesting that fresh air can significantly reduce dampness, keeping potential mould and mildew at bay.


Mrs Hinch champions the idea of a clutter-free bedroom, seeing it as a sanctuary for rest and rejuvenation. Regularly airing out mattresses and pillows, using gentle fabric refreshers, and maintaining a dust-free environment are her go-to strategies. She also stresses the importance of frequently washing bed linens in warm water to remove allergens and skin cells.

Organising wardrobes and drawers will help easy access and reduce the chances of dust accumulation – check out the new David Beckham documentary to see how OCD he goes when organising his wardrobe and drawers.

Lastly, Mrs Hinch suggests incorporating calming scents like lavender in the bedroom, promoting a relaxing atmosphere and aiding in a peaceful night’s sleep.

The Hinch Essence in Home Cleaning

What sets Mrs Hinch apart is her authentic, relatable approach. Her methods are not about buying the most expensive products but using everyday items efficiently. For moms, her tips are a lifesaver, offering practical solutions to common household challenges.

In the dynamic world of home cleaning, Mrs Hinch’s philosophy stands out for its authenticity and effectiveness. She’s transformed the often daunting task of home cleaning into a manageable, even enjoyable, routine. Moms everywhere can harness her insights, ensuring their homes are not just clean but also spaces of comfort and joy.


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