About Me

Welcome to my blog. I’m Linda and I live just outside Cardiff in the Vale of Glamorgan with my husband, Mathew, daughter Caitlin and son Ieuan.

Back in 2015 – They’ve Grown A Bit Since Then!

I left my job in Legal Services Marketing in 2007 to have my kids and now I am a professional blogger and a stay at home mum.

I write about all aspects of parenting and particularly what it was like to have a baby at 40. We late bloomers also find ourselves juggling the needs of our elderly parents too.

I write a lot about health issues, both mental and physical such as Tinnitus, which I suffer from and how we can better manage our stress and anxiety.

We find lots of family time at one of our local beauty spots always helps us to chase the cobwebs away and get a renewed sense of perspective.

With two growing kids, food is very important and if I’m not worrying about how to cook it, I’m enjoying our local family restaurants and trying to get Ieuan to eat his veg.  I’m afraid my cooking isn’t always a success but the will is there.

I try to make time for beauty and love trying new lotions and potions, particularly if they are budget-friendly and do the job well, and I am always trying to find an ‘age-appropriate’ fashion look.

As a family, we love to explore the fabulous opportunities we have in the UK for days out with the kids and we adore Devon, since both my parents were born in Plymouth.

I run regular giveaways for my readers, having once been an avid comper myself and you’ll find some great prizes on my competitions page.

I also write a weekly problem page where I advise on problems about relationships, health and parenting.

For more information, contact me at lindahobbis38@hotmail.co.uk.


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