Mother Distracted Rate Card Summer 2019

Rates are negotiable and may vary depending on the campaign brief.  Please contact me at to discuss your requirements including rates where payment is in another currency.


I will write the post and promote across my social channels (30,000 followers). Your post will also be sent via my daily RSS bulletin to 1100 subscribers. You may supply a specific brief with anchor text, links and keywords.


I can supply copy for your website including images (no social media promotion). You may supply a specific brief with anchor text, links and keywords.


Copy should be unique to Mother Distracted. You may supply your own imagery if you wish or I can provide this at an extra fee of £25.


Giveaways will be promoted across my social media channels and posted on competition websites and blogging group boards. Prizes to be sent out by client/agency. Your giveaway will be a full-length blog post, combined with a review if required.


The product or service will have a featured paragraph in a roundup post and will be promoted across my social channels.


*Links to gambling sites are not accepted.


Tweets (13600+) – £59 per post

Instagram (4000+) – £49 per post

Facebook (3000+) – £39 per post


Photography supplied by Mother Distracted

All copyright is retained by me. Photographs and imagery created by Mother Distracted must be credited as such with my name and blog URL and permission sought before use.  Please contact me to discuss fees.

Sponsored posts: copy supplied by the client

Poorly written copy or copy produced by spinning software will be rejected, as will posts which offer little value to the reader.

Posts must be over 500 words and preferably over 1000 words

Links to UK based companies are preferred.

Copy should be supplied in a Word document, together with appropriate imagery and the relevant photo credits.

Photographs and imagery supplied must be under a creative commons licence and fully credited.

I reserve the right to link to other Mother Distracted blog posts where appropriate. This may include the addition of affiliate links.

I also reserve the right to edit so that grammar, spelling etc. are correct.

Links will remain in place for the period of 1 calendar year and I reserve the right to remove them if they appear as broken links.

Amendments to sponsored posts and links.

Text and link amendments will be carried out free of charge up to a period of 6 weeks after publication of the post.

After this date amendments will be charged at the rate of £75  including changes from http to https and textual amendments linked to rebranding.


Giveaways are hosted via Rafflecopter or Gleam so that the selection of a winner is entirely random and fair.

The option to collect emails from giveaways is available on condition that all entrants are made aware of this.  GDPR prevents signing up to a newsletter to be a mandatory condition of entry.

Facebook and/or RT To Win competitions are also available.

Product Reviews

Where products are accepted for review, the maximum turnaround time for these is 28 days unless otherwise agreed with the agency/client.

Where skincare/beauty products are being reviewed, full sizes should be sent in order to give the product a fair trial.

Reviews are entirely unbiased and a favourable review is not guaranteed.  Any issues will be raised the PR / client before publication.

I do not guarantee to review unsolicited products sent to me through the post.

Turnaround Time

Posts written by me will be published within 7 working days.

Posts, where copy is supplied, will be published within 3 working days.

A draft of content written by me is available prior to publication on request at the time of booking.

Invoice Payment

Payments to be made within 30 days of receipt of invoice unless otherwise agreed.  Please note late payment fees will be charged.

All work purchased will be acknowledged by email and all fees/conditions must be agreed at the time of booking.