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20 September, 2015

Does Your Home Insurance Cover Your Lofty Aspirations?

As you know, I have recently been giving thought to creating a great blogging-space and getting the Husband to share some of his considerably larger home office in our loft. The previous owners of our house created a great office space which is now the Husband’s domain, since, when he’s not gallivanting across Europe, he’s working from home. I suppose we could turn it into…

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18 September, 2015

Wingz – A Clever Cover-Up For Arms And A Giveaway

I recently discovered a brilliant way to add a bit of versatility to your wardrobe whilst covering your arms – Wingz. Neither bra, lingerie, top or outerwear, Wingz are a one-piece pair of sleeves you add to your outfit by pulling them over your head so that the band sits just underdneath your bra.  You then simply put your dress or top on in the…

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17 September, 2015

Parisian Chic & Manchester Street Style – From Luxêmme

I recently discovered a new online fashion retailer who really piqued my interest – Luxêmme. Luxêmme is a forward thinking fashion brand combining Parisian chic with Manchester street style and prides itself on offering affordable luxury fashion which “fuses classic fashion trends with emerging en vogue, edgy looks. They design for those who like to have chic staple pieces in their wardrobes without having to…

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16 September, 2015

My Worries For My Children’s Future

Every time I turn the news on at the moment, it seems as though the world is becoming a scarier and scarier place and, naturally, as a parent I can’t help but wonder what kind of a world it will be when Caitlin and Ieuan reach adulthood. There May Be Future Storms Ahead PR Collaboration Whether it is the terrible ordeal of migrants crossing Europe…

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15 September, 2015

Serenata Flowers – Great Online Flowers, Hampers & Gifts & A Giveaway

If you’re busy, like all working parents are these days, it’s very easy to completely forget to buy that special gift – or at least to leave it to the last minute.  I also find that, because I am a midlife mum, whilst my kids are young, the rest of the family is, shall we say, well into adulthood!  I’m either looking at lists of…

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Book Review: Booker No Mas by John W Mefford

New Release…Booker No Mas No more deception. Brought to the Caribbean island of Dominican Republic on the premise that he could finally close the chapter on the darkest moment of his life—and rid the world of a cold-blooded killer—Booker T. Adams instantly finds a far different scene. Booker No Mas is set against the backdrop of a city consumed by the rising fear of terrorism…

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14 September, 2015

2 Great Games, Dobble & Disney Pictopia

On a drizzly Sunday afternoon, there’s nothing better than settling round together to play a game or two  – and given that we live in Wales, I have to say that’s quite a frequent occurrence. So, when we were delighted to be sent two new games to play from Asmodee Games. Dobble Dobble is a game of speed, observation and a great test of your…

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11 September, 2015

Handy Phrases For The School Run.

It’s the second week back in school and since I am already sick of the sound of my own voice, I am seriously thinking of replacing myself with a recording of somebody bellowing the following handy phrases. As usual the kids’ interpretation of “school uniform” was somewhat wide of the mark. Fellow warriors of the school run, I present to you some of my more…

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10 September, 2015

Valley Mill Home & Gifts From Wales

GIFTED: As you know, I have spent a bit of time over the summer lurking in Welsh castles such as Caerphilly and Raglan and in the Visitor Centre cum Gift Shop at the latter, I came across a gorgeous range of Welsh products made by Valley Mill Homewares near Neath in South Wales. Valley Mill makes a wide range of natural homeware products including soy candles,…

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Linda Hobbis, midlife mum from Cardiff. Wine imbiber. Likes glitter, fluff and olives. Wrestling tweendom, eye-rolling and door-slamming with Caitlin (12) and Ieuan (10). The husband is hiding in the loft.

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