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1 September, 2015

Hide And Seek At Raglan Castle, Monmouthshire

A rainy late holiday Sunday and we are back on the trail of Wales’ historic treasures, protected for future generations to enjoy by Cadw (the Welsh Government’s Historic Environment Service). This time we are off to William Herbert’s (the first Earl of Pembroke 1423 – 1469) Raglan Castle. It is much more showily built than Caerphilly Castle, have a more genteel kind of grandeur. Nevertheless,…

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Back to school with Room To Grow

It’s back to school tomorrow and as uniforms are being dusted off and labelled, and new shoes duly polished and sprayed with one of the multitude of protection sprays we all have lurking under the sink,  our kids may well be more concerned with looking cool and standing out from the crowd. Children’s bedroom furniture and storage specialists, Room To Grow, have a fabulous selection…

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30 August, 2015

My Sunday Photo – 30/08/2015

Raglan Castle, Monmouthshire…

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29 August, 2015

Brewers Fayre, Barry – A Real Family Affair

Now when you have an extra teenager (lovely cousin Georgia) staying, as well as my very own Dennis the Menace and Minnie The Minx (Ieuan and Caitlin), it’s nice to find somewhere that caters for all tastes and appetites. This is particularly important since Ieuan has the eating habits of an 80 year old, toothless dowager duchess and Caitlin is still in the throes of…

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28 August, 2015

High Noon For Head Lice With Vamousse Protective Shampoo

Back to school time is nearly upon us and, together with the kids’ excitement about returning to see their friends and starting a whole new academic year afresh comes the threat of a set of potential visitors who are not welcome in the slightest. Yes, it’s time to battle those nits with a head lice treatment.      Yes, when children come back together, it’s…

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26 August, 2015

Mums: Don’t Get Angry -Get “Turbo-Calm”

Week 5 of the Summer holidays and we are now all living in a simmering state of restrained hostility. Caitlin is showing all the signs of galloping puberty or is permanently auditioning for Hollyoaks – I can’t tell over the sound of harumphing, slamming doors and “none of you understand me”. Ieuan is admitting to getting “a little bit angry” which is akin to saying…

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23 August, 2015

My Sunday Photo – 23/08/2015

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22 August, 2015

Our Family Day Out At Caerphilly Castle

Cadw, the Welsh Government’s Historic Environment Service (or, as I like to think of them, the guardians of some of Wales’ most beautiful heritage sites), are running a summer campaign this year at Caerphilly Castle which asks us to ‘pack your imagination’. We were invited to go along for a double bouncy / non-bouncy castle experience! There is a variety of exciting family fun activities…

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18 August, 2015

A Quick Lunch At Zizzi Cardiff Bay

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon today so we extracted the Husband from his working quarters (our loft) for a lunch at one of our favourite family eateries, Zizzi Cardiff Bay. Now, hands up, I did intend to do a more thorough review than this but we were, in all honesty, hungry and anyway, it will be no hardship at all to return to Zizzi’s.…

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Linda Hobbis, midlife mum from Cardiff. Wine imbiber. Likes glitter, fluff and olives. Wrestling tweendom, eye-rolling and door-slamming with Caitlin (12) and Ieuan (10). The husband is hiding in the loft.

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