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12 August, 2015

Left Out On A Playdate? The Woes of the Stroppy Sibling.

Caitlin had a friend over to play today and much fun was had by the two girls.  Ieuan, on the other hand, floated about like the spectre of death at a wedding. I have to admit, attempts to get in touch with his friends haven’t been that successful but, by and large, I haven’t worried about it too much, figuring that time in the loving…

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10 August, 2015

Why is disciplining your kids so difficult?

Much as I love my two, I swear that as soon as their father goes off to work for a couple of days and the door closes behind him, they both hatch the latest plot entitled “let’s you and me make mummy get mad and shout”. Yes, disciplining kids is a right old challenge, isn’t it? The basis of this game involves:- *  pretending not…

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9 August, 2015

My Sunday Photo – 09/08/2015


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8 August, 2015

Why are we so afraid to let our kids experience boredom?

We’re half way through the summer holidays and the guides to helping your kids deal with boredom are starting to appear.  Ah, boredom, the terrible malaise which strikes when the iPad charger is lost and there’s nothing on TV (which seems to be the general state of affairs these days anyway). Reading a book can take them to another world Why are we so afraid to…

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6 August, 2015

Family Values? They’re All Relative.

I love a bit of nostalgia.  I love home-made and vintage.  Tea-cup candles scented with hyacinth, retro postcards and photographs from the ’30s and ’40s.  I love the traditional image of family – the Sunday lunch with its roasted chicken and apple pie goodness.  Ah, memories laced with brown sugar and cinnamon and lashings of custard. My family is small and, I suppose, quite traditional.…

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5 August, 2015

Pondering Change And Loss in Great Malvern

It is a sunny afternoon in Great Malvern.  I am sat a stones’ throw from the Great  Malvern Priory sipping coffee in blissful isolation whilst the Husband has taken the kids swimming in the Malvern Splash pool. Great Malvern Priory Clouds are scudding across the blue sky, casting shadows on the slumbering occupants of the Priory’s graveyard.  I am reading the bestselling book by psychoanalyst,…

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31 July, 2015

Blog Break Time

I’m taking a little break from blogging to spend some time with the hubby and kids, so normal service will be resumed shortly. If you need to get in touch, I will be picking up emails at  Or you can tweet me at @lindahobbis.…

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29 July, 2015

Why aren’t wives treated like brides?

I love reading bridal magazines. In fact, I enjoyed planning my wedding so much I’d happily do it all over again (to the same man, I hasten to add). Is there anything like the thrill of putting on a wedding dress for the first time or the excitement of shopping for rings? If you were anything like me (or are planning your nuptials at the…

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27 July, 2015

Other people’s kids driving you bananas in the supermarket?

The ear-splitting screams made everyone at the check-out turn round. Three kids, two boys (roughly 13 and 7) and a girl (maybe 6) were sitting on the bench at the end of the till run making full use of the acoustic properties the Tesco superstore offered. People winced, the screaming was that loud. On and on it went, driven by the annoyance of the other…

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Linda Hobbis, midlife mum from Cardiff. Wine imbiber. Likes glitter, fluff and olives. Wrestling tweendom, eye-rolling and door-slamming with Caitlin (12) and Ieuan (10). The husband is hiding in the loft.

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