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25 June, 2015

Save Me From The Shiny Happy People

I’m having one of those grumpy mornings when all my gripes and moans are amplified by the kind of mood which makes you find even gambolling kittens rather irritating. And nothing is worse during these times than a run-in with the terminally jolly.  If you’ve ever found yourself faking happiness in a relationship with these people just to keep the peace you’ll know exactly what…

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23 June, 2015

Autumn & Winter Brides – Finding THE Gown For The Cooler Months

We married in late September at the fabulous St. David’s Hotel & Spa in Cardiff. We knew we were taking a bit of a risk with the Great British weather but luckily we saw some sun. Nobody wants to shiver at the altar or need defrosting at their reception! If you are planning an autumn or winter wedding, bridal wear specialists have given me their…

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22 June, 2015

A Mummy Blogger’s Guilt

Recovering from Britmums Live 2015 and still marvelling at the sheer volume of mummy bloggers, their chutzpah, their confidence and their blogging prowess, I am sat in my ‘writing chair’ (mine in the day, the Husband’s in the evening) trying to ‘inspire, educate, entertain’ and many of the other goals discussed over the weekend. Except I can’t. Nope.  It’s an inset day and Caitlin and…

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Review: DermaEraze Miracle Oil by Lorena Öberg

Update September 2018 The following product no longer seems to be available, although the clinic offering scar reduction treatments via laser is.  The following products may be a suitable replacement. As you get older your skincare preparations need to be a whole lot gentler.  In fact, I think those of us over 40 have as big a job finding skincare products which truly suit us…

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17 June, 2015

Can your GP really diagnose in 10 minutes?

Now I appreciate that we are lucky to have the NHS.  I also appreciate that many of my medical ailments are comparatively minor and that many GPs are working all the hours God sends (albeit for what could be considered a very generous salary) and do their best to help us. An apple a day doesn’t always keep the doctor away But, here’s the thing.…

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13 June, 2015

Had Kids – Warning – You Might Cry At EVERYTHING Now!

Oh, God.  I used to be vaguely emotional, but since I had kids it’s as if the dam has opened and I cry at anything.  Randomly.  In fact, I never realised that the list of sad things to make you cry is positively endless in my case. I suppose it’s because the balance of my hormones has altered, although, at my age, I’m more menopausal…

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11 June, 2015

Father’s Day Gifts From Morrisons

Let’s be honest.  Whilst it would be great to have the time to shop for that unique and personalised Father’s Day gift, in reality it’s a quick dash to the shops the day before for a bottle of plonk and a card (or in my dad’s case, his passion, chocolate ginger). Whilst Caitlin was in ballet practising for her Grade 1 in July and the…

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10 June, 2015

Dad a Whizz in the kitchen? Oxo Good Grips have Father’s Day Covered

I have to be quite honest here.  The Husband refers to me as “The Queen of the Reheat”.  (Memories of “The Potato of Doom” have never quite left me I’m afraid). This means that the kitchen is, by and large, his domain and he is quite happy to receive kitchen-related gifts.  I did think of a Marco Pierre-White style bandana but on the basis this…

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Things that go through your head when you are ignored on the school run

School run time and I am about to run the gauntlet known as “dropping your child off at school”. As usual, the playground comprises numerous cliques who have positioned themselves territorially at various locations.  It’s a bit like West Side Story where the Sharks square up to the Jets. And, as usual, there are some mums who, despite you saying “good morning” and smiling will…

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Midlife mum from Cardiff. Wine Imbiber. Likes glitter, fluff and olives. Approaching tweendom with Caitlin (11) and Ieuan (10). The husband is hiding in the loft.

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