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2 January, 2020

Home & Classroom Kids’ Craft Projects For The New Year

The new year is a great time for parents and teachers to plan some exciting new kids’ craft projects to help pass the cold grey days of January and February. Here is a round up of some great craft ideas which will see you through the year and make it a memorable one. These ideas are ideal to make in small groups, pairs or even…

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31 December, 2019

Is Your New Year Bucket List A Load Of Baloney?

It dawned on me recently, after years of reading self-help books that the carefully crafted, much revisited and endlessly scribbled-out bucket-list I have been lugging about in my head is, well, not actually my list. It is a list of shoulds, oughts and could-do’s.  A scroll of items to buy and to experience all suggested by the media, magazines, and advertising in general. For example:- Have a designer…

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30 December, 2019

How Not To Wreck Your Love Life This Year

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and, if things aren’t entirely hunky dory in your love life, you may feel like hiding under the duvet and avoiding the whole damn thing. But what if, to use that hoary old cliche, it really isn’t them and it is YOU? Some of us have an absolute gift for trashing our relationships, don’t we?  Our happiness lies in…

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29 December, 2019

New Year Skincare Resolutions For Glowing Skin In 2019

Many of us decide that come the new year, we are going to do everything we can to be a better, healthier and happier person in the 12 months to follow. The festive season leaves many of us with dull, dry complexions – the result of too much wine and too many mince pies.  That, coupled with a reduction in our usual exercise, late nights…

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Tips For Making It Through ‘Dry January’

Every year I strongly consider becoming a “Dry Athlete” and giving up the booze for January. After all, Dry January is the perfect way for your body and wallet to recover from an indulgent Christmas, not to mention New Year celebrations. By giving up your old friend alcohol for a mere 31 days, you will save a few quid, lose a few pounds, and feel…

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24 December, 2019

10 Things You’ll Forget To Buy This Christmas (& Free Printable)

I was going to title this piece “The Mother Distracted Guide to Humbug-ery” and then I thought “best not”. Anyway, here’s my helpful list of things you might want to add to your Christmas shopping list on the basis that I like to be fully prepared for all possible emergencies, medical, psychological and social. Most of these items are unremittingly dull.  But nowhere near as…

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Helpline Numbers – If You Need Someone To Talk To Over Christmas

I know that Christmas and the festive season is not a happy time for everyone,  but there are people who care, and who want to offer their support. Here are the helpline numbers of a great collection of organisations who will do their best to help. As a parent, I have a particular piece of advice to offer which was given to us by an experienced…

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21 December, 2019

Self Care Rituals to Unwind During the Busy Holiday Season

Searching for a way to wind down and relax during the holidays? One of the first things to go neglected at this festive yet stressful time of year is self-care. We’re so busy planning, shopping, communicating, coordinating, and celebrating that we tend to push aside our calming and stress-relieving rituals. That’s when holiday fun becomes holiday headaches. We need a break from the stress! We…

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20 December, 2019

5 Tips to Using a Diabetic Lancet for the First Time 

The number of people diagnosed with diabetes has increased significantly over the years. About 463 million adults, between 20-79 years of age, have diabetes. Managing diabetes can be a pain, especially since you need to monitor your sugar levels regularly. You can, however, reduce the strain by using PipLancets which make testing your blood sugar a seamless process. Warm your fingers before the test The…

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