Happy Walls Make Happy Nurseries

If you are looking for an easy and cost-efficient way of decorating a nursery, have you considered nursery wall stickers?

With many designs to choose from you can create a wonderful space for your little one. It is more than likely that you will find nursery walls stickers for your nursery regardless of your theme.

Nursery walls stickers are easy to use, look great and compared to traditional decorating methods, do not cost the earth.

As little ones are not that little for long spending a lot of money on decorating a nursery can be a waste of money. However, wall stickers allow you to change the look and feel of the room at a minimal cost. Meaning plain painted walls and be transformed regularly and your little one grows and their tastes change.

What are Nursery Wall Stickers?

Wall stickers are vinyl stickers cut into different shapes depicting different images. Therefore, they are a great way of transforming plain walls or entire rooms. You can stick them quickly and easily onto your wall, therefore taking the stress out of decorating, especially compared to the traditional decorating methods.

With regards to nursery wall stickers, there are many to choose from. Images range from animals and cartoon characters to cars and unicorns including these beautiful nursery wall stickers too.

With several baby boy nursery wall stickers and baby girl nursery wall stickers available the likelihood is you will find a suitable wall sticker or mural for your nursery.

Child Care Nurseries

Wall stickers are great for home nurseries, they are also great for child care nurseries too. Whether you run a childminding business from home or at a formal nursery setting, wall stickers and murals are a great addition to brighten up walls and make areas more child friendly.

Walls stickers are easy to clean and maintain and again because they are a cost-effective way of decorating any space, especially heavy traffic areas it means you can update and change them regularly if needed.

Also, if you have different areas set up within your nursery for different age groups, nursery wall stickers are great for decorating as you choose relevant ones for the age of the children in the area.

The National Day Nurseries Association offer lots of help and advice regarding setting up and running nurseries if this is something you are considering.

Educational Benefits of Nursery Wall Stickers

As children grow, nursery wall stickers can offer educational benefits, especially if you opt for one(s) showing letters, numbers, the world or even animals. Such stickers allow you to spend time teaching your children the basics while in the comfort of their nursery. They can also help develop their motor skills, language and visual learning ability.

Again as they are cost-effective and easy to apply as your child grows, you could replace the stickers with ones that have a more in-depth educational benefit.


If you are unable to find a nursery wall sticker or nursery mural that fits your nursery theme or colour scheme, many companies offer the opportunity to create your nursery wall decals allowing you to make your little one’s nursery unique to them.

Smart Ways To Welcome The Autumn

Autumn is just around the corner and many people in different parts of the globe are preparing already. Autumn is the time between summer and winter. Since summer is the warmest time of the year and winter is the coldest period of the year, it follows that autumn is a season of mild weather. 

This is the perfect time for many DIY projects so you can take advantage of this season and carry out some great projects. Below are some DIY project ideas for you and your children. 

The Welcome Autumn Banner

This is one smart way to welcome the season. For this project, you need a piece of white cloth, a length of clothes wire and printing ink in different colours. You also need cardboard paper, razors and a pair of scissors. 

First, you write out the words “Welcome Autumn” on the cardboard paper. These words should be in block letters. 

Next, you cut out some areas on the words you have written and prepare them for transfer onto the banner. 

Now, put the individual letters of the words in the right place on the white cloth. Use printing ink and a bit of foam to transfer the letters to the banner. 

Now, your banner is ready and you can hang it in strategic places in your compound. For best results, you should print at least three banners and use different colours to make the banners come alive. 

Use the clothes wire to hang them up and the project is done. 

Painted Stones  

For this project, all you need are stones, watercolour and paintbrushes. This is a simple but smart project. 

Just get a number of smooth medium-sized stones. Gather the stones together and paint them in different colours. You can paint the words “autumn” on the stones. You can even paint the names of different family members on these stones. 

Now, arrange the stones in strategic places within the home. These stones can be used to beautify the driveway, the garden area, or the backyard. 

Concentrate on both colour contrast and colour harmony and you will create a startling effect. 

We Love Autumn Banner

Now, this banner is quite different from the conventional cloth banner. In this case, your raw materials are buttons, paper and glue. Just get your cardboard papers together and use glue to join the different sheets

Now, get your colourful buttons together. Sketch a love sign on the “banner” and write out the words “We love autumn in bold letters”. Glue the coloured buttons to trace the love sign. 

Now, glue some more buttons to the paper to form the word “We love autumn”. Hang these banners in different parts of your home and you get amazing results.  

Garden Flower Signs

This project will make your garden come alive. Get a number of old spoons and flatten the spoons with a hammer. Paint all the flattened spoons in white then use different colours to “label” your garden. 

These labels will announce the different flowers in your garden to visitors. For instance, you can paint words like “Rose”, “Hibiscus”, “Basil”, “Sunflower” and other flower names on these spoons. 

Now, stick the spoons into the soil in the flower area with the painted signs facing the sky. This will give your garden a character of its own. 

Hand Painted Mugs

Autumn is the perfect time to enjoy cold drinks, warm drinks and everything else in between. 

Now, you can add some fun to the drinking process by painting your mugs. Just get a bit of printer’s ink in different colours. 

Paint the words: “Fall”, “Autumn” and “Great Weather” on these mugs. 

Now each time you enjoy a drink in your home, you are celebrating autumn in a special way.

The Bathroom Additions You Need For A Relaxing Bathing Experience

After a hard day’s work, nothing will rejuvenate you better than a relaxing bath. Of course, nothing can beat a spa experience, but it is not exactly practical to visit a spa every time your body cries ‘exhausted.’ Instead, you can relax in the privacy of your bathroom. Splurge on a few essentials, and you will be able to unwind, destress, and revitalize your senses any time you want.

To help you make the right purchases, I have come up with a list of a few bathroom additions that can give you a refreshing and relaxing bathing experience, so let’s check them out. 

Soothing Tiles

The human mind tends to relax in natural surroundings automatically. Natural, dim, and earthy colours like green, brown, and grey have a very relaxing effect that will lend a soothing atmosphere to the bathroom.  You should choose tiles that belong to this colour palette to add a gentle touch to your bathroom, but keep in mind that the choice of colour depends on the size of the bathroom. If the bathroom is small in size, softer, lighter shades can be a better option. 

Dimmer Switch 

Dim, soft lights give a soothing touch to the bathroom. Nowadays, lights come with dimmer switches that can give you a spa-like feeling and help you relax. The dimmers have controls that enable you to adjust the lighting to suit your mood and the time of the day. 

Heating System

Bathrooms can get very cold, especially during winter. One of the decisions you need to make involves choosing the best bathroom heater, which is an absolute must for a relaxing bath. A right heating appliance makes all the difference when stepping out of the warm bath. There is nothing worse than a cold bathroom, so you need to shop around and carefully inspect the options available to make the right choice. 

A Comfortable Bathtub

Second only to your bed, your bathtub is the best place to relax in the comfort of your home. A long, hot bubble bath can simulate the relaxing experience of a professional spa without the expenses. The size of the bathroom does not matter as companies are now coming up with bathtubs that are scaled down to fit into your bathroom regardless of its size. Why should you be deprived of the pleasure of a relaxing bath just because a regular size bathtub does not fit into your small bathroom?

Massage Shower Head

In case you don’t want to go for a bathtub, installing a massage shower head would be equally beneficial and relaxing. Not only is it less space-consuming, but you can also use it every day, even if you’re in a hurry. If your bathroom has enough space, you can go in for both; the bathtub as well as the massaging showerhead. 

Towel Warmer

A nice, relaxing, and warm bath needs to end with you wrapping yourself up in a soft, comfortable, and warm towel. To cater to this need, a variety of towel warmers are available in the market. A towel warming drawer can also be installed in your vanity. If you are unwilling to spend the extra amount but still want the comfort and warmth of a towel warmer, you can opt for towel warming bars; these are a cheaper option.

Essential Oil Diffuser

The fragrances that you surround yourself with can enhance the bathing experience in many ways. An essential oil diffuser will add to the relaxing experience. You can choose your fragrances according to your mood or the time of the day. For a late-night, before bed bath, soft fragrances like lavender and jasmine do you wonders. To wake you up in the morning and prepare you for the long day ahead, a strong peppermint will give you the boost you need to start your day. 


Fragrant candles can add a romantic, soothing atmosphere to your bathroom. When complemented with dim lights, the environment it creates is guaranteed to take away all the fatigue that you are experiencing.  And, candles are ideal for romantic situations, too.

Waterproof Speakers     

Soft, soothing music adds to the relaxing ambience that is already created with all the add ons that you have installed. Some people prefer to mount TVs on their bathroom walls, but while this may keep you entertained, it does not relax your mind. Soft, recreational music will help you achieve the right level of tranquillity that you are looking for. A personal playlist can be created and played on your waterproof Bluetooth speaker. Consider adding soft meditation music to your playlist.

To improve your quality of life and better manage daily stress, you need a private corner or relaxing nook where you can let go of all the worries and spend some ‘me time.’ Your bathroom can be turned into such a space with the above additions. You don’t need to go to a spa or a therapy centre. Instead, just make a few simple changes to your bathroom, and you can easily enjoy a wonderful bathing experience, so go ahead and splurge on these add ons. You won’t regret it now the cold weather is coming!

7 Important Things to Consider When Choosing Window Treatments

No matter where your property is, it needs window treatments that can provide aesthetics, privacy, or warmth when it is cold. These window treatments can come in different forms such as curtains, covers, or blinds but they are designed to perform the same function. 

Choosing the right covers for your windows can be a daunting task since there are several styles available that you can choose from. As such, here are seven important things to consider when choosing window treatments.   


You need correct measurements so that you can get the right size and type of window treatment for your home. Some curtains help create a sense of height inside your home if they hang from the top of the window to the floor. You can also consider a wide curtain to create an impression of space within your home. Different blinds are designed for various types of windows, so you need to get the right size for your home.   

Type of Treatment 

There are different types of window treatments that include shutters, panels, and block out fabrics to keep the sun at bay, as well as waterproof covers for the bathroom and kitchen.  You can click here to get more details about different types of window treatments that you can consider for your home. The material that you choose makes a big difference in the overall look. When you choose the type of treatment, you need to consider factors such as the function of the treatment and how you would like it to protect your furniture. Blinds or thick fabrics that prevent the sun can be the best option for windows that receive more light during the day.

Location Of The Window

When you choose window curtain treatments for your home, you may also consider the location of your property.  When you live in an isolated area, you may need to get anything that offers protection to your windows. However, you should consider heavier window treatments to enhance your privacy if the houses in your neighbourhood are closer to each other. The amount of sun that you receive through the window is also determined by the location of your house. You can get light window covers if you live in an area that receives more light. Adjustable blinds can be a good option if you live in such a place. Alternatively, you can get light curtains that offer you the privacy you need.    


You should prioritize privacy in your home and you can achieve this by choosing the right curtains. You should get window covers that give you peace of mind such that you can freely change your clothes or take a bath without bothering about who is watching you. 

Heavy covers can do the trick for nurseries and bedrooms where they can provide the desired privacy. However, for bathrooms, you need to choose coverings that allow light into the room. All the same, you should also ensure that the cover on the window does not compromise your privacy. 


The colour of the window treatments can go a long way in improving the aesthetics of your home. However, the colour of the window covers depends on personal treatment which should also meet the colour scheme in a particular room. It is also important to consider a colour that will also match the rest of the interior design inside your house. You need to be careful when you choose either dark or bright colours since they create varying impressions in different rooms. 


While curtains play a pivotal role in creating a cosy indoor environment, they can also help insulate your home against weather elements that can cause discomfort. For instance, different window covers can protect against incessant heat or other things that can make your home uncomfortable to live in.  When you choose window covers, you should also know that they can protect your property inside so that it is not damaged by the UV rays that are emitted by the sun.  

Style Of Window

The style of your windows can also help you choose the right curtains or blinds. For instance, the blinds or drapes can move upwards or down and they come with controls or not. You can choose blinds that feature motorized controls for convenience. Other types of curtains require special rails, so you should ensure that you have all these elements when you buy specific covers for your home. 

Choosing the best window treatments that suit your property can be challenging since they come in various styles and colours. You need to get the right measurements and choose the right type of cover that you want for your windows. There are many factors that you can consider when choosing the material as well as the colour but these are usually a matter of personal preference. 

Can A Garden Office Make Your More Productive?

Many more of us have been working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. It has been a way to protect employees from getting exposed and contracting the virus. It has also been a new and unexpected experience for those of us more used to working away from our homes. Of course, if you are a freelancer and your office is at home, none of this is new to you but, you might wonder, is working from home actually beneficial for us?

Not everyone who works from home is productive because of a lot of factors, and this can be due to a wide variety of factors such as distraction, noise and a less than relaxing atmosphere. We find ourselves looking for ways to help us focus on our work, even if that does involve an awful lot of coffee!

So what do those who successfully work from home do? First of all, they have an office in their home, where they can work alone without distractions from their kids, pets, or housemates. However, this still doesn’t work for everyone.

Despite having a table, chair, and cabinet, your work won’t progress because those are just the basic things you need. It is not enough for you to make you productive and efficient. That is why the touch of nature in your workplace is a highly recommended suggestion from experts. Having plants around you has positive effects on your performance. Hence, the use of a garden office. If you are still not convinced, below are factors why a garden office adds value to your work. 

Boosts creativity

Have you noticed how some individuals who used to be excellent in graphic design lose their creativity? It is because of staying in front of the computer or laptop for hours. It affects their motivation, which leads to a loss of creativity and productivity in what you do. Losing your creativity in your work is like losing your passion for what you do.  

However, this won’t happen if you have plants around you. The presence of plants, while you work, will boost your motivation because nature has a special connection with the mental health of a person. This extraordinary and mesmerizing connection is what they call biophilia. It is innate to every person. It might be the reason why gardeners do not lose motivation. Their biophilia is always at work. 

Reduces Stress

Stress is the number one enemy of everyone if they cannot manage it. However, even if they know how to do the steps of managing stress, they still fail. Stress still gets into their system, which they need to deal with for the rest of the day. If you are experiencing stress while you work, it will have a detrimental effect on your well being because it can trigger underlying conflicts within you. 

Having trigger attacks while you work because of a single thing that stressed you for the day will affect your work. That is why having an extra room which can be used as a garden office in your home is a great help. When plants are around you while working, stress can be inevitable. It will also enhance and develop your performance, which will equip you to become better every day. 

Gives a Healthy Atmosphere

Are you wondering why you always catch a cold or cough despite drinking vitamins every day or living a healthy lifestyle? The reason can be the atmosphere in your working space. Your room may not be well ventilated that is why unhealthy gases and too much carbon dioxide are circulating and no fresh air is going into. This is one of the many reasons why a garden office is valuable.

Getting sick means spending money on check-ups and medicines. It is usually not a part of the budget of an individual. That is why it can be heavy for their pockets. If you do not want to experience this, having a garden office is key. It is because a garden office produces fresh air and oxygen. It also cleans unhealthy substances in the air that can make you sick. That is why individuals who work in a garden office are healthy and strong. Having a healthy and strong body is a great help for individuals. It keeps them going throughout the day without any worries. 

Improves Memory

Sometimes workers suddenly forget essential details because of a sudden memory loss. It is often due to stress and distractions. If you often experience this, it is not ideal for you to be forgetting either minor or major details about your work. It doesn’t make you a productive and efficient worker. Therefore, look for ways to help improve your memory, like having a garden office. 

The presence of plants around you while working was proven to improve memory. It is because it keeps you calm and well-concentrated. Hence, leading to better memory retention. Who would have thought that plants can do this? It only proves that plants are not just for aesthetic purposes. It can also be for better performance when working. 

It Adds Value to Your Home

After retirement, most people prefer to live outside the city, which leads them to sell their house. If your house has a garden office, it becomes more valuable. A lot of buyers find houses with garden offices attractive and inviting. It is because most of them know how helpful and beneficial it is to work in a garden office. 

Therefore, if you plan on selling your house after retirement, consider adding a garden office. It will not just benefit you but the future owners of it as well. And also, buying your house will surely be on top of their list. Your garden office will be the apple of their eyes. 

Are you looking for ways to make yourself perform at your best while working? Have you heard of having a garden office? Well, the following proves that a garden office will totally add value to the results of your work and even your home. It is the perfect place to work. It will help you focus, keep you away from distractions, and it will also give you a healthy and strong body, which is essential when you are working. You will need it to become effective and sufficient. 

How to Choose The Perfect Instant Cooking Pot

There’s nothing more comforting than a hot cooked meal, especially now that autumn is here. Whilst there are many benefits to your health, you do need a certain amount of skill when it comes to cooking and food preparation. Of course, if you are not a skilled chef, you can always go to a restaurant but eating out every day is well outside the budget of most families. 

This is why, if you want to eat healthy meals, you will have to learn how to prepare food. It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced chef or a newbie, one of the easiest ways to cook is in an instant cooking pot. If this is your first time buying an instant cooking pot, you should know it isn’t as simple as you might think. There are some things to consider before you part with your cash.

Here’s how to buy a perfect instant cooking pot.

What Is An Instant Cooking Pot?

An instant pot is a type of electric pressure cooker. As you probably know, pressure cookers work by creating heat under a tight seal. This way, the temperature is much higher than the boiling point of water and the seal doesn’t let the steam escape. The main reason why people use this pot is that steam cooks food much more quickly than the stovetop or oven. Hence the name – instant cooking pot. Now, since we answered this question, let’s see how to choose the perfect pot.

How Big Is Your Family?

One of the first things you have to ask yourself before you buy an instant pot is how big your family is. The answer to this question will help you choose the right size of an instant pot. If you have a large family, you should opt for the 8-quart pot. This is the biggest one available and it is good for parties and gatherings.

If you have a small family, the 6-quart version is the one for you. This pot can prepare a tasty meal for 3-6 people. In case you live alone or you need this steam cooker for vegetables and select food products, you should definitely get the 3-quart version. This wonderful appliance will help you eat healthy food every day without having to go to expensive restaurants and order takeouts.

What Do You Want Your Pot To Look Like?

A lot of people would argue that the look is not important when it comes to choosing the perfect instant cooking pot. Sure, it’s not as important as functionality, but it is relevant. You don’t want to have a steam cooker that is different from everything else in your kitchen. After all, you will be preparing the food for your family and friends, and it’s always nice to have good-looking appliances. Therefore, try to find the one that matches your kitchen design. This way, you will enjoy your time in the kitchen whenever you are preparing a meal for yourself or your loved ones.

The Interface

This is definitely one of the most important factors when it comes to choosing the right cooker for you. As you probably noticed, these things are pretty smart, which means there are a lot of options you can use every time you cook. However, not knowing how the pot works and which buttons you should press could make your life difficult. Therefore, you should choose the one with a simple interface.

In this case, “simple” doesn’t necessarily have to mean “bad”. When it comes to cooking pots, a simple interface can save you a lot of time and trouble. You will be using this appliance on a regular basis and you don’t want to spend too much time choosing the option you need in a given moment. You want a pot that is easy to use. This should be one of your priorities when choosing an instant cooking pot.


Most steam cookers nowadays are very smart. This means they have displays you can use to see what’s going on inside the pot. This is a pretty useful feature, but not all pots have the same display. You should try your best to find the one that clearly shows all the options and numbers.

This is very important because once you seal the pot, you must not open it until the food is cooked. Well, at least you shouldn’t open it. Therefore, the only thing you can rely on is the display. Choosing the pot with a good display is not always a simple task. So, don’t be hasty when selecting. Try a few pots at the store before buying one.

The Cost

As you might assume, this kitchen appliance is not cheap but it is a worthwhile investment if you budget for one that meets your needs. A good instant pot will save you loads of time and trouble and allows you to prepare food in the morning so that there is a hot meal waiting when the family come home from work and school.  Trust me, it will change your life for the better.

A Comprehensive Guide to Keeping Your Home Safe and Beautiful

In your home, you want to feel secure without losing the personal touch and sacrificing interior design. Whilst decorating can be fun, it’s your home security that will give you the most peace of mind when at home and, most importantly, when you are away. Below are some ideas to help you get the right balance between interior style and home security.

Proper Roofing

During construction, most people make a mistake of hiring a random company to do the roofing. Roofing is an essential safety measure, and you want to get it right. First, you want to get Trusted Roofing, guaranteed by the quality of materials, quality installation by certified and experienced roofers, and proper execution with exquisite finishing. Your roof will keep off unwanted people and animals and guard you against bad weather. As you get the most quality material and service, pick the best design for you. A well installed roof makes quite a statement for your home.

Secure Doors

Secure your doors; doors make the entrance and exit from your house. You don’t want your door letting in burglars, so it’s best to keep them secure.

To start with, use solid-core doors, these are hard to break. It is safe to reinforce your door frames and hinges; always lock your doors in the night, or when you are not around.

Some additional ways to ensure safety is to use trusted door lock brands, use security cameras, and have a wide range of peep-hole so that you are always sure of your safety when opening the door. One more way is to have clear visibility of your door so that neighbours can intervene when they see any suspicious movement.

If you have a glass door, use shatterproof film to prevent a quick break-in. For a sliding door, go for a glass break sensor or door sensor for alerts whenever the door is tampered with. This will disorient burglars.

Secure Windows 

You need your windows secure too. One way is to have window bars. Some people, though, prefer to have a clear view, and there are options for them as well: setting up security cameras or window sensors, use locks for sliding windows, or lock your windows such that they can only be opened with a key.

If your windows are high enough, remove any materials around it that could be climbed to gain access to the window and laminate the glass of your windows.

Secure the Garage

Your garage is a vulnerable safety point, to secure your home, get the right doors: sectional garage doors do it, and always lock, especially when you are away. Most homes have automatic door openers that are quite secure but go the extra mile to zip tie the door, allowing you to open or close even without power. Upgrade your garage service and entry door and have all your tools locked up. Have a garage security system: cameras and alarms. Leave nothing to chance.

Clear Possible Hiding Spots

There are places around your home to which you don’t pay much attention but which are accessible to intruders. Make sure you secure and clear up such areas. You could add flowers and plants and consider fencing or a lockable gate.  


For additional security, use a security fence, gate, and an electronic security system to top. It will detect and delay unauthorized access to your compound if it doesn’t stop it completely. You, of course, have to give your choice of fencing some thought. It would help if you considered the need for security, budget, location, and even your personality. Fencing marks territory and adds to the oomph of the home. Whatever choice you go with for a fence, keep it clean and beautiful as it comes and repair whenever necessary.

Secure Your Wifi

As for your wifi, keep it locked with a strong password. You don’t want strangers to gain access to any personal information. Better safe than sorry.

Light Up Your Home

To top all that up, light up your landscape. Thieves hate to think that they are being watched, and with a lit-up home, you are way ahead of them. Keep those lights shining, and your home will remain as bright and beautiful as the day.

The most important thing, as you strive to keep your home secure, is to put your heart and personality and preferences into every decision. Your home can radiate your most precise nature, and this is what makes a home truly feel like home.

How to Decorate a Luxury Home Garden

Have you ever watched home improvement shows that feature luxurious gardens? Naturally, you might have the thought of having such a beautiful backyard. But for some, it’s nothing but a pipe dream. Some even believe that you have to spend as much as these reality TV programs show. Of course, having a big budget helps. But even without a grand one, you can turn your backyard into a luxury home garden.

Are you wondering how you can do it? Here are some fantastic tips on how to decorate a luxury home garden.

Start With A Beautiful Lawn

One sure way to transform your garden into an expensive-looking one is by having a green, lush lawn. You’ll need to mow the grass and remove weeds regularly. While it needs a little hard work, every ounce of effort is worth it.

Of course, not everyone has the time and effort to maintain the lawn. While you can get gardening services, it can add unnecessary expenses. Instead, consider lawn alternatives. For instance, you can use artificial grass to cover parts of the garden. You can also strategically use mulch, along with stone paths.

Choose a Theme

To create a cohesive-looking garden, you will need to choose a style and stick to it. Having a garden with too much decoration of various styles can look chaotic rather than beautiful. While you can still come up with a luxurious garden by doing so, it’s safer to go with one or two complimenting styles.

What are the garden themes that you can do? There are tons of styles, and many of them can be found on the internet. For instance, you can go with an oriental-themed garden by having a few bonsai and a fish pond. Or perhaps you want a courtyard-style garden with hedges and bushes of colourful flowers.

Create a Focal Point

Focal points are places in your garden which attracts visual attention. It usually comes in the form of a centrepiece, like a fountain or a sculpture. But it can also be found on the sides of your garden, like decorative walls, exotic and unique plants, or ornate fences and gates.

Why do you need a focal point in your garden? Without a focal point, likely, you won’t know where to focus your eyes on. With a focal point, you can direct attention to certain areas of the garden.

You might think that focal points are only for large gardens. But it can be as effective in smaller areas. What are some focal points that you can decorate your garden with? You can use a water feature, like a fountain or a birdbath. You can also use unique, eye-catching species of flowers and plants. You may also use structures, such as a statue, a monolith, or a simple boulder.

Install Lighting

Lights are not used solely for functional purposes. It can also serve as an excellent decoration to make your garden look luxurious. One of the most common decorative lightings is hanging lights. But there are some other out-of-the-box ideas that you can add to your backyard.

For instance, you can use lights to illuminate the stairs in your garden. Not only will it attract attention, but it will also add safety. If you have trees and pillars, you can wrap them in string lights.

Aside from decorations, lighting can also affect the mood of your garden. Dimmer lights are better for dining and social areas in your garden, to give a more relaxed atmosphere. Brighter lights can be used on open areas for a more lively and exciting ambience.

Build a Composite Deck

The inclusion of a deck with beautiful decking lights is almost always necessary and present in luxurious home gardens. There are many types of decks to choose from. Most luxury homes have exotic hardwoods. However, they can be very expensive. As a cheaper alternative, consider using composite decking materials. They are low maintenance and can last for decades.

To sum it all up, you can never go wrong with a garden full of plants and flowers, as long as it’s cohesive with the style of your choosing. You may also want to create a focal point to direct the eyes into beautiful parts of your garden. Lastly, the addition of a deck can give your backyard an expensive look.


Expert Tips to Make House Cleaning Easier

We all lead such busy lives these days that finding the time to keep the house clean can be a major challenge. If you have kids, you’re probably cleaning your house at least every other day or at least once a week. I’m sure you know how difficult this can be – and it’s a lot of extra and unpaid work. But, unless you want to live in a tip, you have to do it, especially if you have a family.  And, note, I am a big fan of teaching children to do chores from a young age!  It’s all too easy to feel compelled to do it all yourself.

This is why learning about a new technique or a good product can help you clean your house better. It can also make the cleaning process easier.

Here are some expert tips that will make your cleaning routine simpler and less difficult.

Clean Your Entire House, Not One Room At The Time

A lot of people think that it’s better to completely clean one room and then move on to the next one. This is a mistake you should avoid making. It doesn’t matter if you’re vacuuming, dusting, or mopping, it’s much better to do the same chore in every room before doing something else.

Why is this strategy so good? Well, first of all, you won’t have to change your tools, put on, and remove your gloves every five minutes. You will be able to accomplish your tasks, without wasting your time on gear adjustments. Also, once you finish vacuuming or dusting your entire house, you will know that most of the work is done. This is a good feeling that will motivate you to clean your house properly.

Clear The Clutter

One of the most important things you should do before vacuuming or dusting is clear the clutter. Having to pick up toys, socks, and other similar objects off the floor while vacuuming is rather annoying. You have to interrupt your cleaning session, put down the vacuum cleaner, and put away the items. This requires time and energy. 

However, this can be avoided by clearing the clutter before vacuuming. It doesn’t matter if you are using a regular vacuum cleaner or a central vacuum, the area you are about to clean has to be clear of clutter. This is the only way you will be able to remove the dirt and dust from the floor.

Therefore, do a recon and search the rooms before vacuuming. Trust us, this will save you a lot of time.

Disinfect Your Home

It’s very important to disinfect your home every once in a while. Especially today during the coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, go through your entire house and wipe every hard surface you can find. Clean the countertops, appliances in all the rooms, and cabinets you touch every day. Also, don’t forget to clean the doorknobs, light switches, and your smartphones.

Disinfecting these areas in your house will prevent the germs and viruses from coming in contact with your hands and your face. Doing this is crucial if you have kids. They won’t think before they touch their face, so you have to protect them by disinfecting your house. Do this regularly and you won’t have to worry about germs and viruses.

Remove Mildew With Vodka

People usually have a bottle of vodka in their home for cocktail-making purposes. However, you can also use vodka to make your home cleaner. This drink is especially efficient when it comes to removing mildew from your bathroom. Here’s how to do this. 

All you have to do is fill a bottle with a 50-50 mixture of vodka and water. Then, spray it on the areas where you see the mildew and leave it for about 10 minutes. Then use a clean cloth to wipe the area. This will clean your bathroom and it will kill the mildew. This is a pretty interesting use of vodka, wouldn’t you agree?

Make Sure To Sweep The Floors Before You Mop Them

Keeping the floors in your home clean is paramount. Cleaning the floors seems rather easy and simple, but to do it properly, you must have a good strategy. Therefore, when you are cleaning the kitchen and bathroom floors, make sure to sweep them before you start mopping them. Then, when you start mopping them, make sure to start from the farthest corner of the room and move back towards the exit. This way you won’t trap yourself in the corner.

Clean Your Tools

Cleaning your home properly regularly is important if you want to live in a healthy environment. However, this won’t be possible if your cleaning tools are dirty. Therefore, you must wash your tools every time you finish cleaning your home. This will save you a lot of time and effort.

Keeping your home clean is not a simple task, especially if you have a big family. However, these tips will help you with this endeavour. 

How to care for your boiler year-round (and avoid a heating crisis)

If you’ve ever been unlucky enough to suffer a broken-down boiler, you’ll know just how much of a day-ruiner it is. Sometimes it becomes a week-ruiner. Cold showers, no central heating and, of course, a huge sudden expense.

Winter boiler breakdowns are the worst, but summer breakdowns aren’t exactly fun either.

Here’s how to make sure your boiler doesn’t let you down unexpectedly.

Year-round DIY boiler care

Check the pressure regularly

In order to run properly and efficiently, your boiler needs to maintain a certain amount of pressure – usually between 1 and 1.3 bar, but it can vary depending on your boiler manufacturer.

Adjusting the pressure yourself is fairly simple on most boilers. First, you visually check the pipes and valves for any signs of leakage. Then, after making sure the boiler is switched off, you identify the correct valve (it should be stated in your boiler handbook/documentation) and turn it until you achieve the required pressure-level.

Of course, if in doubt, consult a qualified expert. Boilers are complicated pieces of machinery, and many of the potential issues can only be solved by engineers.

Keep it on its toes in the summer

Even though you probably won’t need to use your central heating in the warmer months, it’s worth running it for a few minutes every couple of weeks.

Just 10 minutes here and there is fine. The point of this exercise is merely to keep all of the relevant components active, thereby avoiding deterioration. 

Make the exterior sparkle

On a semi-regular basis, use a simple household cloth and a gentle cleaning solution to give your boiler a good once-over. This will keep on top of dust, stopping it from accumulating and potentially making its way in through small gaps.

This is perhaps more important if you live in an area that has ‘hard’ water, because limescale can build up on your pipes and, over a number of years, might begin to affect your boiler’s performance. 

Have it serviced annually

As much as your own diligence will increase your boiler’s longevity, there’s no substitute for professional care from a qualified engineer.

Your boiler only needs servicing once per year.

What boiler servicing entails

  • Visual inspection of components
  • Exterior cleaning
  • Interior cleaning
  • Flue testing (checking the pipes, in other words)
  • Other expert testing (e.g. checking electrical wiring, assessing whether there is sufficient ventilation, etc.)
  • Repairs, if applicable
  • Replacing components, if applicable

Plus plenty more.

Know when to say goodbye to your boiler

Every boiler has a finite lifespan. Once it reaches the 10-year point, you shouldn’t take anything for granted – and you should be prepared to replace it.

There’s also cost to consider. Repairing a boiler is economical up to a point, but be careful that you’re not paying to fix a lost cause. A brand-new, A-rated boiler will be much more efficient both in performance and cost than an older boiler.

In any case, don’t delay in getting any issue fixed, no matter how small it seems.

Duffy Heating is a Dublin-based provider of boiler replacement and boiler repair services.

*PR collaboration

Renovating Your House? Here’s What to Prepare

Renovating your house is, without a doubt, one of the most exciting things you can do. You are literally making your dream home. Even though there are many wonderful aspects of home renovation, this can also be a rather stressful experience for you and your family. Therefore, it’s paramount that you make a good plan before you start remodelling. You will probably be very tempted to simply start the renovation process. 

You might think you have it all figured out, without putting pen to paper. This is a terrible mistake. Even if you know exactly how you want to renovate your house, you should still have a detailed plan. Trust us, good organization is half the battle.

That said, let us show you how to prepare yourself perfectly for your home renovation. Here’s what you have to do.

Know Your End Goal

The first part of your preparation process should be setting your end goal. You simply have to know what you are building toward. For example, if you want to build an extra bedroom, you have to know where in the house you want to build it. You also have to know how big or small you want that room to be. This information will help you figure out which walls you have to tear down in order to make an extra bedroom. Mistakes will be made because to err is human. However, having a specific end goal in mind will reduce the number of those mistakes. Therefore, things will run smoothly, and you will have a successful renovation.

Plan Your Budget

In order for you to successfully remodel your home, you have to be skilful, patient, and well-organized. However, you also have to spend a lot of money. Even if you can do some things yourself, you still have to pay for all the material and the construction workers. This can cost you a small fortune. The fact that the renovation can be pricey means that you have to plan your budget carefully. Don’t spend your money carelessly and try to get the best deals. Also, make sure to record your spendings. 

This is the perfect time to dig into your savings, if you don’t want to do that, you can request a loan. This is one of the easiest ways to get some money when renovating your home. Having these resources will help you to build your dream home. Therefore, spend this money in a responsible manner.

Have a Schedule and Stick to It

Making a schedule is one of the crucial things you have to do. Home renovation is a stressful process. That’s why you have to make sure it doesn’t last longer than planned. Therefore, make a schedule and stick to it. This will help the workers to organize their time. It will also help you and your family to plan your daily routines.

Have a Place to Stay During the Renovation

Since we are talking about your daily routines, it’s safe to say they will be disrupted during the remodelling. You will have to adjust your living habits, depending on the part of the house you are renovating. If you are remodeling your bedroom, you will have to find another place to stay during the night. Sleeping in your house while it’s being reconstructed is not safe. Therefore, you should ask someone to take you in or rent a room in a motel.

Make Sure the Weather Is Fine

This is one of the most complicated things to plan because you can’t control the weather. However, you can study the forecast and see when the weather will be fine. Schedule your renovation for then, and you won’t have to worry about the rain and potential floods. This is especially important if you are reconstructing your roof. Rain can cause a lot of damage, and bad weather can postpone the renovation. Study the forecast and prevent this from happening.

Have Someone to Help You Clean the House

Once the renovation is done, you will have to do some cleaning. Correction, you will have to do a lot of cleaning. Remodelling a house leaves a lot of junk and garbage behind. You won’t be able to move back in until you clean it. Cleaning your house may sound simple, but it’s a lot of work. Therefore, you should ask someone to help you with this task.

You can ask your friends, or if you want, you can hire a cleaning crew. Either way, this should be done thoroughly, so you can get your life back to normal.

House Makeover Essential Tips You Should Keep

So you think your place needs a little sprucing up? Maybe it needs a lot. Maybe you’re finally getting around to that basement that the kids are afraid to go in. Maybe the colour of the kitchen has been driving you mad since you moved in. Maybe the dog has made a mess on the living room carpet one too many times.

Whatever your reason for considering a home makeover, there are a few essential things you need to keep in mind when you’re getting started.

These tips apply to any home project whether you’re completing revamping the entire house or you’re giving one room a little polishing.

Be Aware Of The Time It Takes

You can research whatever project you’re interested in, you can ask the advice of a contractor or employee at your local building supply store, you can talk to that one uncle who knows how to fix anything. This will give you an idea of how long a project is going to take. Whatever length of time that is, add 30% to it. That’s the actual time it’s going to take. There’s nothing like being lost in the middle of an all-encompassing project with no end in sight. Being realistic about how long a project is going to take will keep you from getting disheartened in the middle of it when everything looks messier than when you started.

The extra time is for those little home makeover surprises you discover amid work. The realization that the sub-floor is unlevel and will need to be sorted out before you lay those gorgeous wood planks down. The discovery that pipes or electrical wires run in the wrong places and have to be worked around. Every home has its quirks and you’ll need time to adjust to them.

Don’t Lose Sight Of Your Budget

Even the most beautiful home repairs will turn nasty in your mind if they cost you an arm and a leg. Be firm about your budget before you begin looking at options and cutting out inspirational pictures of multimillion-dollar homes for your vision journal. You don’t want to be walking passed that stunning living room six years from now and cursing because you’re still paying for it. Mental peace is part of having a lovely home. When it comes to cost estimates, which are often provided by people when you speak to them about their services, you need to remember these are estimates. Whatever you think something is going to cost, add 30%, and that’s likely going to be the actual cost. Things break, complications arise, sometimes that sickly paint you’re covering up will need several more coats of your preferred colour to truly disappear.

Don’t Start Too Many Projects At Once

Yes, you’re excited, but having multiple rooms torn apart simultaneously, each with their hiccups and surprises can leave you feeling overwhelmed. It is possible to do an entire house at once (if you have a lot of help), but if that’s the route you’re planning on going, make sure there’s somewhere you can go when you need to sit in a comfortable room with drywall and furniture not covered with a tarp. You will need moments to decompress and “feel normal,” especially in the middle of a big renovation.

When In Doubt, Wash The Doors And Trim And Add A Fresh Coat Of Paint

If you feel like a room is meh, it might only need some TLC and fresh paint. Really. Over time, stains and fades and nicks and scratches dull the walls. This happens so slowly that often people don’t notice it. The same goes for trim and doors.

When was the last time you scrubbed the door? Maybe never. Oil from our hands builds up making doors look icky. But again, this happens so slowly that often people don’t realize it. You might be surprised at the colour your door is supposed to be. Scrub the trim as well (especially if you have pets). You might find this strangely addictive. You might take on the kitchen cupboards next.

Once those items are clean and shiny, add a nice new coat of paint. You would be surprised to see how far a fresh coat of paint can go when it comes to changing the feeling of a room. Expert painters venice fl, emphasize keeping in mind colour psychology when making your paint colour choices. Every colour humans can see affects their mental state. Sometimes it’s better to start with the feeling you want to have in a room and then choose your colour accordingly. (A tip is to try your best to avoid hyper trendy colours. Yes, they’re gorgeous and feel unique now, but in a couple of years you might not feel the same way.)

Be Honest About The Type Of Messes You And Your Family Create

A white carpet can be gorgeous. White carpet covered in crayon and juice stains? Not so much. White walls can be stunning and refreshing. White walls with grubby fingerprints three feet off the ground can be a headache. White couches… you see where this is going.

Take note of the most common kinds of messes you have to deal with and think about yourself cleaning whatever it is you’re choosing to add to your home. Maybe that flooring is beautiful, but near the back door there’s always muddy boots with freshly cut grass caked in and you want something easier to clean. Making over a room shouldn’t force you to spend three extra hours a week scrubbing. Ideally, a home makeover makes things easier for you, not harder.

With these five home makeover tips, you’re well on your way to tweaking or completely redoing your home with minimal headaches. Making your home pleasing to the eye and comfortable shouldn’t have to drive you crazy.