6 Household Projects Jobs Better Left to Professionals

It’s very satisfying to take on a project of fixing or replacing things around the house all by yourself. Everyone gets the urge to change the space they call home to bring a sense of liveliness and refreshing energy. Even though the sources are endless on DIY home renovation projects, there are some things YouTube just can’t teach you. No matter how handy you swear to be, there are household projects that are better to be left to professionals. Here’s a list of ‘Don’t Do It Yourself’ projects.

1. Electrical Work

Sure, you can change your lights when they go out or even change a fuse if necessary, but anything beyond that is a no-go. This type of home repair has major risks, not just for your house, but to yourself and anyone inside. You could make things even worse by frying appliances and connections. Electricians require permits for a reason; there is certain knowledge about wiring that is needed and even their work gets inspected to make sure all is well. You don’t want to take matters into your hand and end up without power or an electric fire!

2. Roof Repairs

Doing roof and floor work may seem like a good way to save money, but the risk just isn’t worth it. Roof work is important because it’s the part protecting you from the outside factors. With roof problems, there are some minor things you can do yourself like replacing tiles or missing shingles. However, it’s best to avoid climbing it to do any work since there is a chance of falling and injuring yourself. It’s also tricky, so you don’t want a small mistake to cause leaks, for example, that could damage the whole house.

3. Plumbing

This is an important one to remember because many have tried tackling plumbing problems themselves and ended up with a flooded bathroom! Some can handle the occasional clogged toilet and sink but go beyond that and you’ll be in way over your head. People don’t realize how delicate plumbing designs are and how it deals with a wide network of pipes that needs to be handled with care. You might want to save money on the task, but you just need to find a trusted, affordable plumbing company and go through to their website to book an inspection and assess the situation. The same goes for any plans to remodel your bathroom, it’s a job for a pro, but at least you get to do all the designing!

4. Floor Fixes

Fixing your floor or replacing it may seem like a great DIY home project, but there are so many things that could go wrong that’ll change your mind. When it comes to hardwood floors, for example, they need to be refinished now and then. Even though it may seem an easy task, you don’t know what you’ll find when you remove the old ones! There is a toxicity risk as well from sanding the adhesive off of the surface. There are a lot of elements to be considered in this task if you want your floors to look like you want, so better to call a professional for guaranteed results.

5. House Additions

This one should go without saying, but it’s just to make sure ambitious handy people don’t get too carried away! Want to add an extra floor, wing, or some space to your kitchen? Go ahead and call a contractor and don’t think about picking up your toolbox. Any home projects that entail a change in the house structure should never be carried out alone. You could damage walls, wires, gas, or pipes; it’s a recipe for a disaster! Not to mention you won’t know about regulations and necessary paperwork needed for such a task, unlike a contractor.

6. Outdoor Work

Everyone wants the area outside their house to look just as great as the inside if not more. Landscaping, for example, is a popular DIY project, but we highly discourage it. Planting trees in your garden or backyard sound like a piece of cake, but it’s a job for a professional so that they are given specific care. The same goes for removing a tree blocking your view; you don’t want to miscalculate height and have it falling on the house or worse, on you! Other outdoor work like a fence or pool instalment or repairs should also be done by a professional to avoid accidents and mistakes.

We know it’s hard for you to hear this, but you can’t do it all yourself! It’s okay to admit the home project you have in mind is above your abilities and get the necessary help. You can watch the work being done and assist in some situations. With a friendly professional, they can tell you all about how it’s done and why it was a good idea you called them! Leaving these things for the professionals from the start is better than making it worse by trying then calling anyway.

Reasons Why You Should Deep Clean Your House Every Year

Cleaning the house is a chore that is currently almost always overlooked. Nowadays, the rhythm of life has escalated to the point that people rarely have time to spend at home. It’s no surprise that it’s rare when someone has time to clean their house regularly, but you’d be surprised at how houses can accumulate germs and bacteria; while toilet seats especially could be the obvious guess, things like your microwaves and bed linens are also subject to accumulating germs and bacteria.

Here is why you should deep clean your house at least every year.

Avoid Clutter

Decluttering is when you remove unnecessary and extra items that are taking up space and are no longer useful to you. Decluttering helps reduce anxiety because we humans instinctively like things to be in order. You can also donate these items to those who need it. When you donate these items, it will also help you feel good about giving back to your community.

That said, decluttering your house will help boost your productivity levels because working in a disorganized space hinders your thought processes and makes you lose concentration when you are working. Locating items that you thought were lost is one of the benefits of decluttering because everything you own will be in the right place and order, and you will be able to better locate items that you weren’t able to see before because of all the clutter.

Have More Control Over Allergies

Dust and dirt are some of the most common triggers for allergies, which are notorious for causing coughing, sneezing, and wheezing. According to the cleaning professionals at www.royal-cleaning.co.uk, houses are known to be a haven for all sorts of microbial organisms that wreak havoc on our bodies when inhaled.

Everything like bacteria, viruses, and even dust mites are regular inhabitants of dusty houses. They find their comfort in carpets, couches, and all types of furniture. Even if you do clean your house regularly, these creatures will still be lurking in your house.

That’s why superficial cleaning could clean the surface of the furniture in the house, but deep cleaning will eliminate any spec of dirt or dust. Deep cleaning also increases the quality of the air indoors, which helps in regulating your mood.

It Saves Time And Money

Having to deep clean your house doesn’t only have benefits on your health but it also saves you time and money. So, how does it save time? Since you are not an expert when it comes to deep cleaning, when you try to do it yourself, it can eat up your time and physically exhaust you.

On the other hand, having someone handle this process will save you the time you’d waste cleaning it yourself. It can also save you money because deep cleaning requires a special type of equipment, and acquiring these types of equipment will cost you a great deal of money. That’s why hiring professionals to do that for you will cost a lot less because they come with their own tools and you don’t have to buy it then.

For instance, if each piece of equipment was priced at $100 each, the total will be over the top, but a professional cleaning service might cost you that or less depending on the space that you need to be cleaned. So instead of paying a small fortune in equipment that you are going to use every now and then, you just pay for the service.

Pest Control

Insects like dust mites, flies, and cockroaches thrive in environments that are full of dust. These environments are not frequently cleaned anyway so no one would bother to look for insects.

However, keeping the house clean means eliminating the culprits that attract them in the first place, and this will keep the intruders at bay, and you won’t need to pay the hefty price of a fumigator.

Clean Furniture Stays Longer

When you deep clean your house furniture, it becomes more durable. Dust and dirt cause the fabric on your furniture to wear off. On the other hand, accumulating dust inside air conditioning systems can negatively affect their functionality, and you’ll soon realize that they don’t operate as efficiently.

With that being said, dust can clog appliances if not cleaned regularly, and can eventually lead to permanent damages. Deep cleaning your house regularly keeps your furniture at its best state, and you would thus help you save up on the unnecessary costs of repairs and maintenance.

There are a lot of benefits that you reap from deep cleaning your house. Aside from all the health benefits, it’s also economically better for you. A clean house will make you feel more comfortable in your own home, which will prompt you to be more hospitable to your family and friends.

A clean house will greatly affect your mood for the better as well because you will enhance the quality of the space around you. That’s why it’s imperative that you schedule a time for your house to be deep cleaned, and make a habit out of it.

5 Expert Tips On How To Create The Garden Of Your Dreams

Gardens can add that relaxing and quiet feeling in your life as they are the green area of your house where you can chill after a hard day at work and have tons of fun. A protected place where your children can play without your supervision, or a place where you can escape from the rest of the world and enjoy a glass of wine on your own, gardens offer multiple reasons why people in the UK desperately want to create one in their backyard. Gardens are an essential part of most backyards, and it’s time to stop imagining and start building the garden of your dreams. The process can get overwhelming and backbreaking at times, but it certainly isn’t impossible.

Image by KVI from Pixabay

The green area is practically an outdoor extension of your home, so one should always strive to make it look picture-perfect. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to build a small or a long and narrow one, courtyard, or cottage garden, you should always make it with proper care and love. When thinking about how you want to build your garden, be curious, and go for a walk around your neighbourhood to browse for ideas. Stay observant and take notice of things you like in other people’s backyards and gardens.  

Even in the case you’re a complete beginner, all you need are some key pointers. Here are our four essential tips that might come in handy in your journey towards creating the garden of your dreams.

Make A Detailed Plan For Your Garden Beforehand

Building a garden from scratch is a pretty tough endeavour. You need to pay close attention to a plethora of aesthetic elements, while also making sure the garden is practically designed and simple to maintain. That’s why it’s way more challenging to do it on the fly. Create a detailed plan beforehand if you want your garden to look extraordinary and to last as well.    

Start with the plants’ schedule. What sort of soil will you need for the numerous plants and trees you want to add to your green zone? Since some plants thrive in gravel, while others require loose soil, think about what kind of plants you envision yourself around once the garden is over, to prepare the terrain accordingly. 

And what about trees? Trees are considered as an asset in every garden, adding structure and height, movement, and wildlife value. Still, if you have a dead tree in the middle of your future garden, or a tree that is unsightly or has an invasive root growth within your garden, it may be best to altogether remove it before replacing it with brand new trees of your choice. With the tree felling price being so low recently, there is no point in doing your job yourself as tree felling is a dangerous activity with many risk factors, including working with chainsaws and working at height.

Image by Manfred Richter from Pixabay


No matter how big your new garden will be, there are adequate trees for every shape and size of gardens. From small Acers that can be grown in a pot, to a gorgeous huge charry in the middle – the options are endless and are all up to your preferences.

Other than the plants and trees, plan on how to enjoy your garden up close and personally. Do you have the space to add a patio and perhaps a trampoline for your kids? Put everything on paper and plan everything thoroughly to ensure that you’ll have everything figured out well before you start the actual work.

Create A Walking Path Through The Garden 

You certainly don’t want to walk over your beautiful plants and veggies while enjoying your afternoon garden stroll, so create a dedicated walking path to enjoy this everyday activity. Depending on your garden’s size, you can create a single path that branches out and allows you to maintain and examine every part of your garden without obstruction. Another option is a path that goes around the garden with a few twists and turns.  

A walking path is a must, so you would be able to get a scenic route, not sacrificing convenience while watering and fertilizing your plants. Make sure to plan where your plants will be concerning the path and vice versa.

Speaking of materials for the path, there are tons of available materials to choose from. From classic concrete to gravel, resin, and whatnot. Whatever you select, make sure that the path material will make your regular garden walks as comfortable as possible.

Maintain Your Garden Porch Comfy 

While closeup views are great, there’s no reason you can’t and shouldn’t enjoy your garden from a distance. A vital component of the charm of owning a pretty garden is being able to gaze upon it and see the natural splendour in its full glory. For the most part, you will do so from the comfort of your garden porch with a glass of wine in your hand. 

Since you’ll want others to enjoy the full benefits of your marvellous garden alongside yourself, introduce some permanent furniture that provides people with extra comfort while spending time in the garden. In case you expect a lot of rainy days in the season, you can place a couple of lawn chairs instead.   

Add Some Extra Features 

Besides trees and plants, you can also include a couple of other attractive details that will complete the relaxing and serene atmosphere. As numerous gardens have prominent water features to provide a soothing visual and auditory element, there’s absolutely no reason your garden can’t adopt this feature as well. If you are interested in installing a fountain, you won’t need much other than a water source and a basic water pump. 

And what about ponds? Ponds are another exceptional highlight that can add character and charm to your garden. There are even more accessible to install than fountains, plus they attract birds and other tiny critters, which will enrich your garden’s ecosystem.

Garden Lights 

Don’t ever underestimate and forget the importance of the right garden lighting for your needs, as it certainly helps in creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for you, your family, and your guests. 

There’s a wide variety of lights that you can choose from, from table lamps and standing lights to draped bulb strings and candle lanterns. The lighting will ensure that you can continue enjoying your garden even when the sun sets for the day or if the weather isn’t really what you hoped for. Pick an appropriate garden lighting to bring some exquisite ambience, character, and atmosphere to your new garden.

Bottom Line 

Creating the garden of your dreams is a time-consuming activity, and it takes quite a bit of dedication. People say that patience is a virtue, and this is nowhere more apparent than in gardening. Take the time, masterfully plan your garden, make sure to incorporate a walking path through it, make your garden porch as comfy as possible to enjoy it all year round, add some extra features, find the adequate lighting for your garden and enjoy the green zone of your house. Believe us, the payoff is well worth the trouble.

6 Tips on Buying Furniture During a Pandemic

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us have learned how to shop online effectively and efficiently. As furniture stores were closed, we had to resort to buying furniture online or buying furniture second-hand. While this pandemic is seemingly over, it is not to say that it will never reoccur, nor will there be a second global shutdown. 

Should there ever be another global lockdown, we will all now be well-versed in buying furniture online, and if you are already not, then look no further than this comprehensive guide offering you six tips on how to buy furniture during a pandemic, so that you can learn how. Whether you are moving to a new house or redecorating, here are six tips for buying the perfect furniture for your home during a pandemic.

Reputable Dealers

It is almost needless to say that during a pandemic if you are going to buy furniture, try to buy it new and from reputable dealers. Many businesses went bankrupt during the pandemic, and many customers did not receive their money back. This is why it is important to deal with big brands that are both reputable and reliable. You can check out online review sites to determine who the best online retailer to shop with might be, and equally, check out online review sites to determine who is not to be trusted. If you must buy second-hand, which will be expanded upon later, be sure to only shop with respectable sellers.

Finance Options

During the pandemic just gone, many of us found ourselves unemployed through no fault of our own. If this becomes the case during another global lockdown, then finance may be the best option for you. The professional oak manufacturers and retailers behind https://www.onlyoakfurniture.co.uk/ are one of many companies that offer interest-free finance. Interest-free finance can be massively beneficial when you are out of work as a result of a global pandemic, and when things return to normal, you can make regular payments, or pay it off in one lump sum. You should definitely consider finance during a pandemic, even if you are still employed, as it gives you more freedom to spend your money elsewhere or to save it in case you do end up finding yourself unemployed. You can often see on the homepage or at the checkout if finance is available.

Bidding Platforms

During the pandemic, many people sold a lot of their second-hand furniture and clothes. If you are in the market for buying second-hand goods, then a pandemic is, unfortunately, the best time for you. One says, unfortunately, because the families forced to sell their belongings second-hand to make ends meet. Notwithstanding the morality of it all, it is still unquestionably the best time to buy furniture and goods second-hand. 

Online bidding platforms saw a huge rise in usage during this last pandemic and are still very popular as of now. Sellers on bidding platforms should be vetted thoroughly before any purchases are made so as to ensure they are not con artists. There are many scammers and thieves thriving on online bidding platforms, laying in wait for you to fall into their trap.


Be sure to disinfect any furniture that you purchase carefully and meticulously during a pandemic. Your furniture may have been touched by many different people, especially if it is second-hand. While social distancing measures and hygiene measures were put into place, you can still never be too safe and must ensure to disinfect every parcel, package, and piece of furniture thoroughly. If you do not disinfect your furniture, you may be unknowingly allowing viruses and disease into your home. Viruses can live on hard surfaces for many, many weeks, meaning your furniture may, in fact, be a courier for disease and sickness.


As you are shopping online, you will need to be very careful and sure about the color of the furniture you are purchasing, lest it does not match your home. You should ask for real-life pictures and compositions of the furniture for sale. This is to guarantee that it will mesh with the color scheme of your home and 

During this last pandemic, department stores all simultaneously listed furniture on sale on their website. During a pandemic, look for sales and coupons, as it is often the best time to make savings. Furniture stores are forced toward closure, meaning that they will sell furniture that is often very expensive, for a very low price.

Now you know six ways to shop effectively during a pandemic. Hopefully, there will never be another, but in the history of man, the disease has always stalked us. Because of this, we must be cautious and ready.

Want to Increase Natural Light In Your Home? Here’s How

Having lots of natural light in your home is important for many different reasons. It’s beneficial to both your mental and physical health, and it also makes your house or apartment look classy and more spacious. Not to mention that it gives life to your house plants. Yes, having lots of natural light is paramount, but unfortunately, some homes simply don’t have too much potential in this regard. Some houses and apartments have too small or too few windows and this makes it hard for natural light to find its way in.

If this is the case with your home, don’t despair. There are a lot of simple ways to increase natural light in your home without spending your savings on expensive remodelling. Here’s how.

Opt for A Lighter Window Treatment

Remember those big draperies your grandmother used to have in her home? Remember how dark her living room was? Well, this is because light simply can’t go through these thick drapes. Therefore, if you want to illuminate your living space, you have to forget about these old school draperies and opt for something lighter.

Choosing the perfect window treatment is not a simple task. However, some of the most popular options today are airy sheers and these lantern blinds. This should narrow your search. Sheers will let a lot of daylight into your room and they are rather easy to use. Blinds, on the other hand, have a lot more options. They allow you to control how much light you want to let in. Also, you can adjust the angle the way it suits you best.

Make Sure You Add Mirrors And Shiny Objects

Mirrors are known for making a room look more spacious, but they can also brighten your home. They reflect light, so the best thing to do is to put them opposite to a window across the room. This is one of the simplest ways to increase the amount of light in your living environment. Other than mirrors, you can acquire several different objects to serve the same purpose.

Here’s what you can get:

  • Wall or ceiling mirrors
  • The metallic finish in some parts of your home
  • Silver decorations
  • Silver or metallic handles
  • Furniture with glass or mirrored features

These are all affordable or DIY options that will brighten your house or apartment.

Choose Brighter Colors For Your Walls and Furniture

In the art class, back in school, they taught us a very simple, but important lesson. Dark colours absorb and bright colours reflect light. Years later, this lesson can come in handy when it comes to decorating your home. Choosing the right colours is crucial for increasing natural light in your home.

So, let’s put it this way. A room painted in dark blue will look dull and gloomy, regardless of how many windows it has. A room painted white or in light grey, on the other hand, will appear larger and brighter. The light colours have the same “job” as mirrors. They reflect the light around the room, making it brighter.

The ceiling is also a very important part of this equation. You can use it to enhance the natural light in the room by painting it a few shades lighter than your walls. This will also make your room feel spacious and more comfortable.

Use Glass Or Reflective Tiles In Your Kitchen And Bathroom

If installing mirrors all-around your home is not your thing, using glass and glossy tiles is the next best thing, especially in the kitchen and bathroom. This, combined with bright furniture material, will increase the amount of natural light in your home. Completely white ceramic tiles are the brightest and cheapest option, but light grey tiles will do the job as well.

Paint Your Eaves Bright White

It’s safe to say that not a lot of people have heard about this life hack, so keep quiet. Joking aside, this is one of the cheapest ways to increase the amount of natural light in your house. All you have to do is buy some white paint, get on your ladder and paint those eaves or so-called overhangs. If your house is not painted white, don’t worry, this won’t deface the curb appearance of your house. Due to the angle of eaves, you will be the only one who will see the white paint.

Living in a brighter environment can help you to be healthier, creative, and more productive. Therefore, if you don’t have the resources to buy a new home or renovate the current one, these simple tips will certainly help you to increase the amount of natural light in your home. 

How To Make The Most Of Your Tiny Apartment

Whether you are living in a high rise apartment in the suburbs or just in one of those quiet locations, maximizing your apartment space will be a priority you cannot ignore. You just want your apartment to feel comfy and spacious. An apartment will have a toilet, kitchen, bathroom, and its own front door. 

But with the tough economic crunches, most landlords will invest in smaller apartment designs. You’ll also have rules that you’ll need to adhere to. Combined, these are issues that could make your life uncomfortable.

To help you out, here’s how to make the most of your tiny apartment.

Invest In Smaller Appliances

The idea to maximize your apartment size will require the use of smaller items. While this can seem a bit controlling, it’s the only way you’ll manage to live a comfortable life and still enjoy the comforts of life. Smaller appliances are not only efficient but they are also cost-effective in terms of maintenance. For instance, investing in a smaller air conditioning unit in a small apartment will serve the purpose to provide you with a high-quality indoor environment and at the same time, leave you with more room. You can see more here about some of the best small, but punchy air conditioners that are best suited for small apartment living. Most importantly, it’s important that the installations be done by qualified contractors.  

Using Foldable Furniture

Having the right kind of furniture in your rooms will make them look more tasteful and elegant. Furniture is among the things that you’ll want to carefully consider when moving into a smaller apartment. Living in a modern and developed world has its perks. Today, you have artistic furniture options that can easily fold. This includes beds that can easily be folded to perfectly fit into customized closets. You also have couches that can double up as comfortable beds. This way, you’ll never have to worry about inviting a guest over. It’s all about investing in creatively-built items that give the functionality and comfort of your space. Most importantly, investing in foldable furniture will help you to conserve valuable room space.

Using Multi-Tasking Tools at Your Apartment

Living in a tiny apartment means that the rooms you live in are also small. You’ll have a small bathroom, a small living room, bedroom, and the same applies to the kitchen. Among the items you’ll want to invest in for your kitchen includes tools that you can use for your various kitchen tasks. This should also apply to other areas in your rooms. For instance, you could use collapsible kitchen bowls to save space in your tiny cabinets, small-wall mounted kitchen racks for all your spices and cups, and most importantly, a collapsible dish drainer.  

Creative Storage 

If you have a tiny apartment, you must consider every square footage in your rooms because even an inch counts. This should also include the small storage spaces in your closet. Making good use of the corner spaces is among the things you can do to maximize on storage spaces. Let’s face it, not a lot will go into the corners of your living room. You can decide to dedicate a corner in your living room, install a corner shelf, and have all your books carefully placed.

Declutter! Declutter! Declutter!

Over time, you’ll accumulate staff that you’ll no longer have use for. This may include CDs, game consoles, stuffed dolls, magazines, and all sorts of junk. They will only be eating up precious space in your already too tiny apartment. Decluttering is the process that involves getting rid of the unwanted junk in your house. It makes a lot of sense if you could, in the process of decluttering your apartment, sell some of the items, or give them out to charity. Below are some of the benefits of decluttering your tiny apartment: 

  • It provides you with more living space
  • It reduces anxiety and stress
  • It makes it easier to clean and tidy up your apartment
  • Decluttering makes your apartment safer to live in
  • It helps to boost creativity and productivity
  • You’ll have better sleep in a more relaxed environment

It could be that you are out of options when it comes to moving to a bigger apartment. The above tips will go a long way to provide you with economical and practical ideas on how to make the most out of your tiny apartment. But then again, it’s also important that you get creative on making your living spaces more comfortable.

How to Update an Old House on a Budget

Do you have an old house? Or perhaps you are looking to buy a new one. Whatever the case, the old house needs an update. But the problem is, many think that you will need to spend thousands to update an old house. The truth is, that may not necessarily be the case.

You can give your home a fresh new look, whether it’s ten years old or 100 years old, without spending a fortune. How? Some of the best ways to do it are to declutter, giving your old home a new colour scheme, upgrading light fixtures, and if you have some extra money, building a composite deck.


One of the first things you should do is to declutter your home. Over time, the house may acquire a lot of decorations and furniture. While you can use some of them, most of these won’t likely go with today’s interior decorating styles.

So, the first thing you should do is to consider each of the furniture, decorations, and appliances in your old home. Think about whether you can still contribute to the style you’re aiming for. If not, don’t throw them right away. Find ways to upcycle them.

Why is decluttering crucial before decorating? First, it gives you a clear picture of what needs to be done. Another reason is that it may be hard to achieve a cohesive style if there’s too much clutter. And most importantly, you can make space for more necessary furniture and decorations.

Giving the House a New Color Palette

As the years go by, an old house’s colour palette may become mismatched due to the countless years of repainting and redecorating. As a result, some rooms will look and feel disconnected from the entire house. How can you fix it?

When painting your home, connect your home through painting the home in complementing colours. For the best results, you may want to go with neutral colours for a clean look. Aside from painting the house, you will also need to colour-coordinate your furniture with the walls and your flooring choices for a more cohesive look. If your interior walls need repainting, the outside walls likely need it as well.

Upgrading and Installing Light Fixtures

Another thing that you can do to update an old house is to update old light fixtures, including the switches, plates, and even the bulbs. Due to years of decoration, light switches may not look like it belongs to the room. Some of them may not even work anymore.

Another reason why you need to update your light fixtures is that it may not be as energy-efficient as modern lighting goes. Replace bulbs with LEDs. They are not only cheap, but you can also save money from your electric bills.

If you see some light fixtures that you can still use, you can repaint them to give them a fresh new look. You will also need to adjust the bulbs so that it goes well with the room. For instance, relaxation rooms and living areas will benefit from soft and dimmer light for a more calming ambience. Meanwhile, an energetic and lively atmosphere can be achieved by using brighter and harder lights.

A Perfect Outdoor Space

Aside from the inside, you will also need to update your old house on the outside. A beautiful backyard and an inviting front yard will significantly improve how your home looks. It may seem a big and expensive improvement. But the truth is, you don’t need a lot of money to do it.

Start by covering your lawn with grass. You can also set pavements and concrete slabs to create outdoor flooring. Not only will it give your outdoor a stable footing, but it will also decrease the space you’ll need to maintain. You will also want to place some plants and flowers. Go for perennials and evergreens, which are often cheap and easy to take care of. You can also go for wild plants and flowers native to your area.

If you have some extra budget, you can also consider home improvement with decking boards. If you have an old house, the deck will most likely be wood. If so, it may not have aged well. Replace it with composite decking. Despite the higher cost, composite decking is durable, low-maintenance, and long-lasting while retaining the aesthetic of wood. It can elevate an old outdoor setting into a livable outdoor space.

Have you ever renovated an old property?  What tips can you share?

Surprising Tips and Tricks That Will Make Your House Cleaning Easier

Having a clean home could have various effects on your physical and mental health. House cleaning keeps the things inside the house organized and it also prevents germs and other bacteria from making you sick. The continuous routine of keeping your house clean has a lot of benefits. It can save you time from looking for things that get lost on your pile of stuff. Or it can also provide you peace of mind for not having to look at dirty or dusty surfaces around your house.

There are a lot of reasons why you must maintain the cleanliness of your house. It is very important so here are some of the cleaning tips that could help you.

Clean from Top to Bottom

You should not start by cleaning your floor if you are planning to clean the whole house. You must start at the top of the room because the dirt and dust that you will be wiping off is going to fall on the floor. Next, start cleaning the top areas. You can start at the bottom by beginning to clean on one side towards the other side. This can prevent you from darting around the room and missing some areas you are supposed to clean. Planning a strategy for your cleaning is efficient because roaming around the house without any plans on where to start is going to take all your time.

Let the Solution Sit for Some Time

The common mistake that most people do is how they use their cleaning solutions. Most people would spray their cleaning solutions all over the surface of the area they want to clean then wipe it off immediately. That is not how it works. The products are supposed to stay on the surface for a while. These products have cleaning agents that need to stay on the surface for an amount of time to properly soak the area and dissolve the dirt or stains. You usually use these cleaning products when cleaning the kitchen sink or the bathroom, so you need to make sure to rinse the whole area first then apply the cleaning solutions that you have. Reading the product label is helpful. The label would contain instructions on how to apply the product and it would likewise indicate the needed time for it to settle on surfaces.

Invest in Cleaning Products

Buying efficient cleaning machines is recommended if you are fond of doing the cleaning in your house. Products like vacuum cleaners, scrubbing machines, or cleaning mops are very useful in making your tasks easy. Investing in these things will not waste your money because you will use them for a long time. It is also important to take care of these tools. These machines will have a longer life when they are cleaned and stored properly.

Hire a Cleaning Service

Some people are too busy to have time for cleaning so they would often hire somebody to clean for them. Various companies offer affordable cleaning services that you can avail at any time. If you live in the East Midlands, a popular choice is https://www.well-polished.com/domestic-cleaning/east-midlands/. The company offers services for cleaning your home and they can also do household chores for you. They will send workers to check on the errand that you want them to do. The company will send a worker who will cater to your needs once the situation has been assessed. These house cleaning companies are also now in demand because of the current pandemic. They provide a thorough cleaning service that we need in times like this.

Clean Regularly

It is advisable to clean regularly to avoid the dust and dirt from piling up. Cleaning regularly saves you time compared to an exhausting long-hour of cleaning when you only do it once in a blue moon. This will also prevent stains from clinging to your sink and your bathroom surfaces. These stains can cause damage when they are left alone and not cleaned immediately.

Organize your things

Having organized furniture, appliances, or any household things can make cleaning easier. A house full of unnecessary stuff would be harder to clean because there will be too many objects hindering you from reaching the corners of your house that needs cleaning. Throw-out useless stuff, sort-out your things, and install your furniture and appliances on the proper places they should be. You should also avoid hoarding things that you do not need.

Cleaning is exhausting. However, it is very important because your surroundings could affect your health. The simple effort of cleaning could save you from diarrhoea, infections, or allergies. 

Interesting Furniture Pieces Every Family Will Find Handy

When it comes to kitting out your home there are many options to choose from. Modern stores have affordable options if you’re looking for something cheap and cheerful and will look sleek sitting in its place. Antique stores will amaze you with intricate pieces from previous generations that are bound to gain attention. Finally, carpenters can use their finely honed skills to create a one-off piece that’s designed to fit every need you create. I spend hours pouring over coffee table books on interior decoration for ideas and inspiration, whether it’s vintage or, my current passion, French chic.

There are of course bits of furniture that appear unconventional but have uses every family will find handy. Here are some interesting pieces you may not have heard of before. 

Standing Desk

If you suffer from a bad back, as I do, you may have heard of one of these. With the number of people sitting behind a desk increasing due to the increase in technology jobs, people found themselves looking for something a little different to increase their comfort level when working. 

The standing desk is a creation born from the collaboration of work and health. It’s no secret that sitting behind a desk for 8-10 hours a day, 5 days a week isn’t good for your posture. So the standing desk was created. These come with several different functions highlighted in this article, some shift from a seated position to a standing, others come with different levels to place keyboards and monitors, and some can house more than one screen.  

If you’re looking for something a little different to make your working day a little more comfortable then looking into this creation should be a high priority. 

Transforming Tables 

Now, it may seem strange to mention a table as the design has been pretty solid, and realistically, what can you do to change the functional design of a table? Enter transforming tables. These things have the ability to change from a coffee table to a dining table in a matter of minutes. 

If you’re living in a studio apartment, or have a small living room/diner then they’re the perfect addition if you like having people over for dinner. Casual and good looking when on the ground and functional and smart when in the dining position. 

Not only are there tables that transform their function when it comes to eating and relaxing, but there are also tables that change into something a little more fun. Slide the top of the table away to reveal a pool table. Now your evenings can be made a little more competitive when your friends come over for an evening of food, drinks, and fun. 

Storage Beds

The traditional bed would have a frame, a mattress, and a headboard. Underneath would be a place where things are thrown to be forgotten about. But what if you found out that there are now beds designed specifically so you can store things in a neat and tidy manner without compromising the look in any way? 

Throw the mattress up from the bottom of the bed and hydraulic pistons reveal and nice, laid out an area for you to store anything you like. There’s what seems to be acres of space underneath double beds, so don’t waste your space anymore. 

The Chair Bed 

Have you ever been in a situation where a friend wants to crash at your place but you don’t have a spare bedroom? Usually, you would opt for the couch as a comfy alternative but sometimes this isn’t an option. Modern sofas aren’t the comfiest to sleep on so a different bed must be found. 

There are hundreds of options available now with styles ranging from the old style to new. Never let your friends sleep on a hardwood floor again! 

Gaming Chairs 

If you’re an avid gamer then these will be no surprise to you and it’s a hot topic of discussion in the Hobbis household as it’s the latest item on Ieuan’s wishlist. The gaming chair incorporates everything you need for a decent session with your friends. You can hook the console’s audio into the chair which comes out of speakers placed either side of your head. The design of the chair is often ergonomic making sitting for long periods far more comfortable. You can even buy chairs that contain mini-fridges in the armrests. There’s nothing that says a great session than not having to leave your chair unless you need to go to the toilet. 

There will always be the development of products no matter what, humans are constantly finding ways to make their lives easier and it’s no different in the furniture world. The focus is very much on health at the moment with many offices investing in standing desks for their employees. Who knows what’s next on the agenda? 

Deep House Cleaning: Planning Tips from the Pros

Deep house cleaning is focused on the removal of dirt and bacteria in the hard to reach areas of your home. However, it is important to note that deep cleaning is not the same as daily or routine cleaning, but both methods complement each other. It’s just that the former tend to eliminate the dirt residue that is often missed out during regular cleaning. In this case, you need to properly prepare for a deep house cleaning, and below are some tips from the pros on how you will be able to do so.

Draft a Game Plan

Once you decide that your house needs some deep cleaning, there is the option for you to seek the services of professional deep cleaners, but you can also do it yourself. Both options have their benefits and drawbacks. Professional deep cleaners will save you time but doing the deep cleaning yourself will certainly save you money. If you opt to go with the latter to eliminate the need to shell out a hefty sum, the first thing that you need to do is to come up with a strategy on how you will be able to pull it through.

Identify which of the rooms in your house need to be prioritized. In case you have recently made some renovations, then it will be a great idea to deep clean that portion of your house first. In this case, you may need to initially take out all the waste generated after the room upgrade. Rest assured that you will be able to find various bin rental sizes that can cater to your specific disposal needs. You will be able to find one as compact as a 4-yard bin which works great for the disposal of dense materials such as soil or concrete used in renovations, or one as large as a 20-yard bin which is perfect for the disposal of extremely bulky furniture that is no longer needed after remodelling.

After you plot out which rooms need to be deep cleaned first, you also need to identify the amount of time that you need to spend in each one. Don’t be wary if you need to break down the entire process into multiple days, or even weeks if necessary because deep cleaning may indeed take up time, particularly for bigger houses with more rooms. If you feel like you won’t be able to accomplish all the deep cleaning essentials in your projected time, consider hiring deep cleaning services for some rooms and doing the rest by yourself. In this way, you will be able to find a balance between saving time and saving money in deep cleaning.

Gather Your Tools

In planning how to deep clean your house, you also need to make a list of all the tools and cleaning items that you need to be equipped with. Consider that each room may entail the need for a different household cleaning product. Nevertheless, at the very least, you need to source out some baking soda and white vinegar to come up with a sanitizing solution, as well as some dish soap, multi-purpose cleaner, a wood cleaner, or a window and glass cleaner.

As for your tools, make sure that you have a broom, brush with stiff bristles, microfiber dusting cloths, mop, sponges, and vacuum cleaner. If you have a cart with rollers, use it to hold all the cleaning material you need. This will make it easier for you to move from one room to another during the cleaning process.

Clear the Clutter

When you have efficiently made a plan on how you will be able to execute deep house cleaning, and you also have all the tools and solutions you need, the next step before you finally begin is to clear your home of any clutter. This includes picking up items on your floor or sorting out the things on your counters and tabletops. Taking the clutter out of your way will allow you to reach the areas that you need to clean such as the corners of the room. It will also allow you to move faster and accomplish your cleaning tasks on your target schedule.

In conclusion, before you delve into deep house cleaning, you must make the necessary preparations to ensure that you don’t miss out on anything. This includes coming up with a strategy on which rooms you need to prioritize, as well as the amount of time you need to spend on each portion of your house. In parallel to this, you also need to make a list of all the tools that you need and gather them in a cart that will be easy for you to roll around as you move from one room to another. Also, make sure to clear any clutter before you begin because this will maximize your efficiency in deep cleaning.

7 Sleep Essentials You Should Invest In

Your comfort in bed plays a big role in how easily you can fall asleep and how well-rested you are when you wake up. Many small details can completely influence how well you sleep and investing a little extra to make sure that you’re always getting the best quality of sleep will help you feel great every morning.

Here are 7 Sleep Essentials That You Should Invest in:

A Cosy Mattress

The softness of the material that you’re sleeping on can easily be noticed when you first lay down on your bed. A more comfortable mattress can completely change how good it feels when you wake up and when you’re about to go to bed. The rule that people usually follows when it comes to replacing their mattress is to do it every 7-10 years as that’s when it starts to get worn down, however, if you’re feeling uncomfortable or if you’re experiencing back pain when you wake up then it’s time you invest in a new mattress.

A Humidifier

A lot of people have trouble breathing while they’re asleep and this can cause you to wake up in the middle of the night, short of breath. If you have asthma or if you generally have issues breathing at night, a humidifier can help you out.

This little device makes the air around your room less dry, making it easier for your lungs to breathe it in when you’re fast asleep. It can also stop your nose from getting blocked and stop you from getting the dreaded morning allergies that keep your nose running for a good hour.

Adjustable Pillows

Adjustable pillows are one of the best upgrades you can get in your bed as they can be modified to fit your body’s needs very easily. This means that neck strain caused by your pillow being too filled is no longer an issue as you can simply modify the filling of your adjustable pillow.

In a blogpost about adjustable pillows over at https://www.myisense.com/blogs/blog/adjustable-pillow, they highlight the importance of the material that the adjustable pillow is made of as it affects your comfort levels, especially if you’re allergic to some materials. The material also impacts the durability of the pillow you’re purchasing as switching out your pillows frequently isn’t something that people like to do. Purchasing a durable pillow also helps you spend less on sleep essentials in the long-run as you won’t have to worry about getting another pillow for a long time.

Better Temperature Control

Feeling like your room is far too cold in the morning or steaming hot at night can make waking up and falling asleep a lot harder than it should be. Depending on the issue you’re facing, investing in a solution like a quiet fan in your room or an air conditioner that can be set up to specific temperatures throughout the night can solve that issue right away. Controlling the temperature in your room can greatly improve the quality of sleep you get at night and investing in better ways to control it is surely one of the sleep essentials.

Comfortable Pyjamas 

Feeling uncomfortable in your bedtime clothes can have you tossing and turning all night but once you get yourself a few pyjamas that have a very light touch on your skin, you’ll find that you’ll be instantly feeling a lot better throughout your sleep. Just make sure that you’re diverse in your choices as getting heavy pyjamas might work in winter but it definitely won’t in summer.

Scented Pillow Sprays

Soothing your sense of smell with a scented pillow spray can be the key to reducing stress levels and giving you a healthier sleep cycle. Some scents like lavender and chamomile work very well and they’re quite inexpensive, so if you’re struggling with insomnia then try to scent your pillows so that you can relax a lot easier.

Breathable Bed Sheets & Blankets

Getting breathable bed sheets and blankets greatly improve your comfort while sleeping as they won’t trap your body heat inside the blanket with you, making you feel like you’re slowly cooking under the covers. Making sure the material of your bedsheets and blankets doesn’t trap your body’s heat solves the issue of constantly removing and recovering yourself with your blanket at night.


Understanding where your sleep issues are coming from and then investing in a solution to help you sleep better can positively impact your entire day as you’ll never wake up grumpy and tired anymore. Since your bed is where you depend on getting all of your rest, splurge a little extra to make sure you’re getting the best rest you can get to prepare you for the next day, especially if the issue you’re dealing with concerns your mattress or your pillows. Investing in higher quality will always save you more than getting the cheaper option as you’ll surely feel the cost difference at night.

Tips and Tricks for Ironing Clothes

Wearing clean and tidy clothes helps you feel great and builds your self-confidence. Ironing not only removes folds and shrinkage, but it also makes clothes look cleaner. Ironing is also a way of removing microorganisms and fungi in your clothes.

Proper laundering and ironing help to extend the life span of the fabric in your clothes, while keeping the colour and texture. Whilst ironing is definitely not a favourite chore for many, these days we all want our clothes to last longer – particularly when there are lots of children to buy for.  In this post, you’ll find some tips and tricks to make ironing your clothes easier. 

Correct Temperature For Each Type of Fabric

Before you start, it is important to inspect your clothes closely for any stains. Applying heat to stains would simply drive them into the fabric deeper, making it more difficult to wash them out later.

Make sure to set up your ironing board in a room with good light, as trying to iron in bad lighting can waste your efforts. Relatively small creases are often hard to spot, particularly on lighter fabrics. The processes are going to be easier and more efficient, and you will be getting a better outcome. It is easier to do your ironing in the room so you can use the bed to sort your laundry and have the nearest hangers in the wardrobe.

It is beneficial to arrange the clothing by temperature, from lowest to highest. Iron silk garments and synthetics on low to medium heat, moderate to high for wool, and approximately 400 ° F to 425 ° F cotton and linens which is at high temperatures. 

Because the appropriate temperature is crucial, let the iron sit for a few minutes after the controls have been changed.

Products made of 100% cotton are often much easier to iron than other fabrics. Cotton creases can, however, be highly difficult to iron out. Another strategy is tackling them when they are still damp as the heat can generate steam, which makes creases fall out. 

Keep Your Iron Clean

Disaster can happen when we neglect to maintain our iron so it should be periodically cleaned. Bicarbonate soda, cotton buds and other household items can be used to clean your iron. To make a paste you can use for cleaning, mix some baking soda with a little water and rub the paste over the iron. To clean the soleplate, you can use a gentle brush to remove any dirt and gunk.  Wipe with some clean water and you might also need a moist cotton swab to clean up the steam holes. 

If your iron needs replacing, choose one with built-in safety features to avoid the risk of injury and burns. A cordless iron can be an invaluable investment and one that has an automatic shut-off feature can help too. This way it will not cause a fire if you inadvertently put the iron on.

You can also check the types of steam irons available online on review sites online where you will be able to compare factors such as cost and performance so that you choose the best iron for your needs. 

Time-saving Tips

  • When ironing larger items like a bed sheet or curtains, set two seats beside the ironing board and gently fold the part onto the chairs while you progress on it. You will also be able to iron large items covered with a towel on a tabletop, but make sure that table is not going to be damaged by the steam or extreme heat.

  • Cutting down the ironing duration by placing a piece of aluminium foil underneath the ironing board cover is a smart idea. The aluminium reflects the heat, so you are technically ironing both sides simultaneously.

  • Keep freshly ironed parts away from you to help avoid creases and having to go over the same area again. To avoid puckering of collars, cuffs, and hems, iron them first on the opposite side. Iron double-thickness cloth first inward, then outward.

  • Place the iron just above the cloth as you push badly wrinkled corduroy, and steam the fabric thoroughly. When the corduroy is still damp, you can use your palm to smooth it easily. Renew the velvet or corduroy nap by placing it on one piece of the same cloth on the right side down.

  • You can easily make your own starch mist at home by gradually mixing 1 tablespoon of cornstarch to 2 cups of water. Pour the mixture into a clean spray bottle once the starch is dissolved. When ironing, spray the fabrics lightly.
  • While ironing embroidery or eyelets, iron them face down on a thick towel to prevent flattening. You can also keep the pleats in place with paper clips but be careful with the clips not to snag the fabric when ironing.

The best ironing trick is in long and straight strokes. Try to prevent stroking too much of the iron around, as that can cause the garment to expand. It can also create new fabric wrinkles that will be hard to eliminate.

I hope that these tips have been helpful. Do you have any more to add?