Great Children’s Books For Lockdown Reading

Whilst we’re all still stuck at home with our little ones, it’s a great opportunity to catch up with some reading.  In this post, you’ll find 10 great suggestions to keep your little ones entertained – and to hopefully help them keep up with their reading and English development whilst the schools are closed.  Heads up – this post does contain affiliate links which means I may receive a small payment to help run Mother Distracted.

All our family are avid readers – and I have to confess that my Amazon wishlist is currently of epic proportions.  Thankfully, Caitlin and Ieuan take after their parents and, once removed from the Wi-Fi, will happily delve into the pages of a book – albeit now they are into young adult and adult fiction (carefully vetted of course).  They are great late night readers too.  I am a firm believer that a book at bedtime helps you sleep.

Here are my suggestions for younger children:

Gaspard the Fox by Zeb Soanes and James Mayhew

Meet Gaspard the Fox as he sets out one summer evening in search of adventure and something to eat. This charming and humorous picture book celebrates urban foxes and their relationship with the humans and animals they share the city with. With stunning original illustrations by award-winning children’s book author James Mayhew, this is the first in a series of collaborations between Zeb and James following the adventures of Gaspard and his friends.

The Very Silly Dog by Nick Cope

Loved by listeners around the UK and internationally, children’s singer-songwriter Nick Cope’s work takes on a new form in this series of illustrated books, with original artwork from Nick and his son, Burt.

The Very Silly Dog begins with an inevitable mishap by its titular character, with some very amusing consequences…

Includes song lyrics and guitar chords at the back of the book for children and adults to play and sing along

Why is the sky blue? by Nick Cope

Why is the Sky Blue? is an entertaining take on the inquisitiveness of young children, featuring Joe and his dad and all the weird and wonderful questions Joe has about the world.

No I don’t wanna do that! by Nick Cope

No I Don t Wanna Do That is the story of young Joe, who, put off all the range of activities his mum suggests, would rather have fun at home instead. How endearing a choice this is, in the end, is really down to any parents reading!

Thimble Holiday Havoc by Jon Blake

Jams lives with his mum, dad and his best friend Thimble, a hugely clever monkey who isn’t exactly one of Dad’s biggest fans. (Don’t tell anyone what Thimble did with the superglue…) When Mum organises a house-swap holiday to France, what can possibly go wrong? Then Thimble and Dad find the keys to a speedboat, a drill and a makeshift burglar outfit…

Thimble Monkey Superstar by Jon Blake

Life is never boring now that Jams and his family have a monkey to look after. Jams and his mum love Thimble, but Dad is determined to get rid of him – to a zoo, a school, even a demolition site. But when Jams and his dad are in mortal danger, Thimble proves once and for all why he is a Monkey Superstar! Thimble is very clever and very naughty – and just the best friend Jams has been waiting for.

Steve and the singing pirates by Dan Anthony

Life is tough for nine-year-old Steve and no one understands him, least of all his family or his piano teacher. But when the call comes from the Library of Dreams Steve takes charge of the baton in an eighteenth-century sing-off complete with pirates, wigs and a rascally cut-throat edge. Second in the Steve’s Dreams series about lovable loser Steve.

Steve’s Dreams – Steve and the sabre-toothed tiger by Dan Anthony

It’s the summer holidays, but for nine-year-old Steve life in his home town is full of hidden menace. He believes he must protect his family from a dangerous, unpredictable world. But he can’t solve all the problems on his own. He’s just not quite big enough.

Alex Sparrow And The Furry Fury by Jennifer Killick

Catching the school’s runaway guinea pigs is not giving Alex job satisfaction, but how can he find a bigger test for his and Jess’s awkward superpowers? Jess is more worried about the bullied new boy, whose Mum runs the animal sanctuary. She volunteers at the sanctuary, but soon realises that something is very wrong; the animals are terrified. People report strange events: things missing, property destroyed, and the local squirrels have turned mean. The police have no suspects. It looks more and more like a job for Agent Alex…

Pete and the Five-a-Side Vampires by Malachy Doyle

Pete and his faithful companion, Blob, love to go wandering in the pitch-dark night, then stumble over a van-load of vampires… And end up at the most frightful fancy dress party ever!

There are plenty of other children’s favourites of course, David Walliams and Roald Dahl, for example, or why not consider some real children’s classics?

Happy reading!

Posts may contain affiliate links

Win “PR School Your Time To Shine” Book By Natalie Trice

Back in my marketing days, PR (Public Relations) was often viewed as a bit of a dark art.  It was all about connecting with the right people for the right reason at the right time – and that often involved a sizeable budget and a PR agency worth its salt.

As any experienced freelancer or blogger knows, you have to promote your business while working in your business – and that can be stressful, time-consuming and something that constantly gets put on the back burner.

But a new book by Natalie Trice throws light, literally and figuratively on the subject with her new book, “PR School:  Your Time To Shine – A Masterclass In Publicity For You And Your Business”.

Natalie has over 20 years of experience of working in the PR industry with some pretty heavyweight clients.  Her passion is to inspire and teach us to share our story and promote our business without losing the plot.

Natalie’s book is for you if you:-

  • are left out in the cold whilst your competitors are all over the press
  • are dying to tell your story but don’t want to be seen as bragging
  • want to work with influencers but don’t know where to start (*waves)
  • want to drive sales and raise your profile but are fed up shelling out for ads with no return

Let’s be honest – it’s tough out there at the moment and, given the current political chaos, even established businesses have their work cut out to stand above the crowd and be heard.

Author & PR Expert Natalie Trice

Natalie’s book teaches you how to plan your PR strategy and make it happen by being your own PR. Written in a breezy, down to earth style, you’ll love her practical advice – but be warned, there will be homework.  It is a PR School, after all.

PR School: Your Time to Shine includes:

  • Clear explanations of what PR is and how it can help businesses to thrive, and individuals to be seen as experts in their field
  • Creative exercises put learning into practice and results become tangible
  • Comments from experts, journalists, and influencers, give a real insight into the world of PR and how to get it right
  • An industry worthy resource centre for all things PR and business
  • Confidence boosting tips and ideas that will take readers out of their comfort zones and beyond their wildest self-promotion dreams

Natalie describes her book as “a business development adventure that helps readers to tell their stories in a powerful, convincing way so they can cut through the noise, make an impact and potentially change their lives as their sales increase and their profile is raised.

There are even expert comments on mindset, bravery and banishing imposter syndrome so that self-doubt and procrastination are left behind and an exciting new phase can begin in 2020.”

What a great way to start the new decade!

Natalie at her home in Devon

Find out more about one of the best books for PR 2020 at and buy the book on Amazon.  Plus I have one copy of the book to give away.

Simply enter via the GLEAM widget in the usual way.  You’ll find terms and conditions on my giveaways page.

The giveaway ends at 11:59 pm on Tuesday 17th December.  UK entrants only.

PR School Your Time To Shine Book

Win A Bundle of ACE Cleaning Products Worth £40

Thank heaven it’s nearly half term.  Because, if you’ve kids in school, you may well have spent the last 7 weeks wrestling with bundles of school uniforms, scrubbing off mud from footie and dabbing away stains from pasta bolognese and heaven knows what else!

To help you cope with the onslaught of the next 7 weeks, I have a fabulous bundle of cleaning supplies worth £40 from ACE, the leading stain remover, to give away to one lucky winner.

This bundle will help you to get rid of everyday stains, add sparkle to your household surfaces and brighten up your wardrobe – and the best part is the products start from just £2 each.

In the bundle you’ll find:

  • 2 x ACE Colours
  • 2 x ACE Colours Powder – the new plastic-free alternative
  • 2 x ACE for Whites
  • 2 x ACE Power Mousse and
  • 2 x ACE Stain Remover.

ACE for Colours has been specially formulated to remove the toughest of stains and yet be gentle on even the most delicate clothes. You can even use it on silk, wool and cashmere.

Its 8+ system will tackle food, grease, outdoors, trapped dirt, body soils, drinks, cosmetics and vegetable oils.

ACE Colours Powder brings the power of active oxygen into the wash to remove even tough stains (such as wine, tea, coffee and fruit) and bad odours, at just 30 degrees!

ACE for Whites helps to brighten dull whites while still being gentle on delicate clothes.

ACE Power Mousse combines the might of bleach with ACE cleaning power to keep household surfaces and white laundry bright and clean.  It’s a bleach and a degreaser in one.

ACE Stain Remover is great for tackling germs, grease and stubborn stains and is suitable for use around the home and on coloured clothes.

For more information visit or to buy head to your local Tesco’s, Morrison’s, The Range, Wilko, Waitrose and Sainsbury’s.

The giveaway

To win the bundle as outlined above, just enter via the GLEAM widget below.  The usual terms and conditions apply which you can find on my giveaways page.

The giveaway is open to UK entrants only and ends at 11:59 pm on Friday 15th November.

Ace Cleaning Bundle Worth £40

Good luck – and don’t forget to leave your best laundry cleaning tip!

Share Your Money Saving Tips To Win A £20 Nando’s Gift Card

It’s just a couple of weeks until the dawn of 2019 and, as usual, I am busy compiling a list of New Year’s resolutions that I might not keep much past the first week of January.  Still, the thought’s there, isn’t it?

Generally, all of my resolutions either involve getting healthier or saving money – and there’s nothing like January’s credit card bills to focus your mind on your expenditure and income (or lack of). Yes, that Christmas debt hangover can be hard to shake off.

Plus there’s that extra long wait until January’s payday if you were paid a week or so early in December. No wonder the second Monday in January is known as Blue Monday!

So, I’m asking you to share your best ideas for saving money in the New Year and there’s a £20 Nando’s gift card up for grabs too.

Will you cut up all your cards and just use cash?  Thinking about it I rarely use cash these days!

Or will you stop your occasional spending on large takeaway coffees?  Or save at the supermarket by buying own brands?

Will you be ditching takeaways and cooking from scratch?  Or perhaps you’ll be selling all your old clobber in boot sales or online market places.

Whatever it is, I’d love to hear and I’ll use the best suggestions in a roundup post later in January.

Nando’s Gift Card Giveaway

So with an eye on your budget, I have a £20 Nando’s gift card to give away to one lucky winner.

You could try their new Fresco Burger – PERi-PERi chicken breast, smashed avocado and tangy pickled cucumber, topped with rocket.  Then there’s the Butterfly Burger – two succulent chicken breasts joined by crispy skin, packed in a Portuguese roll and topped with tomato and lettuce.

There is a selection of veggie options to including the Supergrain Salad – a fresh mix of grains, greens and beans with avocado chunks and an avocado & buttermilk dressing, served on mixed salad leaves. Or what about the Veggie Cataplana?  Chickpeas, chargrilled veg and beans in a spicy tomato and coconut sauce are served on spicy rice and sprinkled with toasted coconut shavings.

Entry to the Nando’s gift card giveaway is via the GLEAM widget and the usual terms and conditions apply which you can find on my giveaways page.

No cash alternative and 1 entry per household. Winner selected at random.

The giveaway is open to UK entrants only and ends at 11:59 pm on Friday 11 January 2019.

I can’t wait to hear your boredom busting ideas and the best ones will be published in a post in a few weeks’ time.

£20 Nando’s Gift Card

Good luck!

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Win A Bespoke HARIBO Supermix Snuggle Pod Worth £250

HARIBO has unveiled an even creamier, soft, smooth and squishy HARIBO Supermix!

To celebrate the variety of comforting moments that come from eating the Jelly Men, Milk Bottle, Ice-Cream and Sheep pieces that are available in the mix, HARIBO is offering one lucky fan the chance to win their very own limited edition Supermix Snuggle Pod worth £250!

Haribo Supermix snugglepod

Just like Supermix, the snuggle pod brings to life the comforting feeling that the new, creamier treats provide and offers the perfect opportunity for a #SupermixMoment of comfort on this 160cm long beanbag.

Supermix now boasts vibrant colours and creamier flavours; experience the new lemon meringue and peach flavoured Little Jelly Men and delicious vanilla in the Sheep and Ice-Cream treats. You can also enjoy popular raspberry, blackcurrant and apple flavours, in vibrant pink, purple and green colours.

For more details about HARIBO Supermix and the rest of the range, please visit

The Giveaway

Entry is via the Gleam widget and the usual terms and conditions apply which you can find on my giveaways page.

The prize is one HARIBO Supermix Snugglepod worth £250.

The giveaway ends at 11:59 pm on 10th December. UK entrants only.

Every attempt will be made to get the prize to the winner before Christmas, however, this is not guaranteed.

HARIBO Supermix Snugglepod worth £250

Good luck!



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It’s Game On This Xmas With 2K & A Great Giveaway

This year it’s money in the bank as you slam dunk your family’s Christmas gifts.

2K has you covered this Christmas with their flagship video game titles NBA® 2K18 and WWE® 2K18. Whether it’s wrestling over the remote or being coached by Mum on the British Monarchy, the gaming giant has the solution to all of your Christmas conundrums.

NBA® 2K18 – The ball’s in your court this Christmas

WWE & NBA2K video game giveaway for PS4

The highest rated annual sports title of this console generation is back with NBA 2K18, continuing the franchise’s tradition as the gold standard of basketball simulation with unrivalled realism and true NBA gameplay.

Shape your MyPLAYER and write your own narrative in an all-new open neighbourhood setting and much more in the perfect game to jump shot your way through Christmas.

Developed by Visual Concepts, NBA 2K18, rated PEGI 3, is available on PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, Xbox One, XBOX360, Windows and Switch.

The game is fronted by the NBA legend, Kyrie Irving – a.k.a The Ankletaker.

Available from: GAME stores RRP: PS4 & Xbox One £49.99 Standard Edition, £84.99 Legend Edition

WWE 2K18 – Be Like No-One this Christmas

WWE video game giveaway - WWE2K18

Bored of family guests that outstay their welcome? Fed up of listening to your Dad question what you’re doing with your life? Want to take out your frustration but can’t be bothered to leave the sofa? WWE 2K18, the forthcoming release of the biggest video game franchise in WWE history, is here to let you lay SmackDown on all those Christmas annoyances.

Packed with new game modes, additional match types and even deeper creation capability, the latest iteration of the flagship WWE video game franchise promises to bring you closer to the ring ever before. You’ll be able to enjoy hard-hitting action, stunning graphics, drama and excitement alongside everything you’ve come to love from WWE 2K.

Available on PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, Xbox One and Switch, the game is fronted by Seth Rollins, the former WWE Champion, United States Champion, WWE Tag Team Champion and “Mr Money in the Bank®.

Developed collaboratively by Yuke’s and Visual Concepts, a 2K studio, WWE 2K18 is provisionally rated PEGI 16.

Available from:

RRP: PS4 & Xbox One £49.99 Standard Edition

The Giveaway

I have one copy each of the WWE video game WWE 2K18 and NBA 2K18 to give away to one lucky winner on the platform of their choice (Xbox One or PS4).

Entry is via the Rafflecopter below and terms and conditions apply which you can find on my giveaways page.

UK entrants only and the giveaway ends at 11:59 pm on Friday 15th December.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!


Win SNOTCHA! From Drumond Park – The Sneeze Spraying Action Game

There’s nothing some kids (and grownups!) like better than a game with a hefty amount of ‘ick’ and grossness and I have a game to give away that will really fit the bill, particularly with Christmas on the horizon.

Drumond Park Snotcha! Game

SNOTCHA! is a grossly entertaining game from Drumond Park (rrp £24.99 for age 5+ – 2-4 players).  It’s a sneeze spraying game which will get you all moving one way or another.

Each intrepid player takes a turn to get face to face with Snotcha (lean in close!) and spin the spinner to see how many times to push down on the top of his nose. With every slow, complete (no cheating, now!) push it’s time to see if he can hold in his snotty sneeze or not … And of course the big question is, will he sneeze AT’CHOO?

Three children playing Snotcha!

The tension rises as the ‘sneeze’ pressurises with every press, accompanied by excited squeals and giggles!  Phew … you’ve stayed dry this time … or maybe not – AAAHHH CHOOO!  He’s got you! Ewww that is a super wet sneeze! And you’re out of the game this time round.

Play continues with the remaining players taking their turns to spin the spinner and push down on Snotcha, until just one player is left.  And that extremely lucky person, who’s managed to avoid being sneezed on right through the round, is the undisputed WINNER!

For more information and stockists visit

And for grown-up giggles and to share adult games experiences, go over to their ‘Not so Quiet Night In’ blog at

You can also connect with Drumond Park on Facebook and Twitter.

To win, simply enter via the Rafflecopter widget below.  Terms and conditions apply which you can find on my giveaways page.  UK entrants only.  The giveaway ends at 11:59 pm on Sunday 10th December.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Good luck!

Win Spearmark’s Illumi-mate Colour Changing Star Wars Lights

If you and your family love Star Wars as much as we do, you’ll love these.  Spearmark have come up with an extensive range of Star Wars illumi-mates lighting for fans of The Force.

They are colour changing, cool to touch lights in a range of hit characters from the iconic movies. Best of all they are child safe too.

Leading the line-up is a brand new Storm Trooper which will hit shelves just as The Last Jedi
is released into cinemas on December 15th.  It’s a perfect replica of the Storm Troopers seen in the new movie!

Ieuan loves his which now has pride of place on his bedside table.

Other choices in the range include: Millenium Falcon, Chewbacca, Kylo-Ren or Darth Vader to cast a moody glow across the bedroom.

Each light is battery operated, with batteries supplied. RRP: £6.99 from a variety of stockists including Amazon, ASDA, B&Q, Debenhams, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Wilkinson.

And I have FIVE to give away to one lucky winner – what a fabulous Christmas present for any Star Wars fan!

  • Storm Trooper
  • Darth
  • Kylo Ren
  • Chewbacca
  • Millenium Falcon

Entry is via the Rafflecopter widget and the usual terms and conditions apply which can be seen on my giveaways page.  UK entrants only.

The giveaway ends at 11:59 pm on Sunday 3rd December 2017.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!

Win Channel 5’s Milkshake Brand New Besties DVD Collection

Channel 5’s Milkshake has just released a new DVD via Abbey Media entitled “Milkshake! Brand New Besties”.  Read on as I have 2 copies to give away.

Join a host of the biggest stars in pre-school television from Channel 5’s Milkshake! as they join forces in over two hours of fabulous fun, magical mischief and awesome adventure.

Whether it’s keeping a secret, learning to compromise, solving a problem, searching for clues or planning the best sleepover ever, our heroes put their friends firmly first!

This very special compilation of the very best pre-school shows from the long-running Channel 5 pre-school brand Milkshake! features some of their best-loved characters, including PAW Patrol, Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom, Peppa Pig, Fireman Sam, Poppy Cat, Noddy, Toyland Detective and Bob the Builder.

Featuring in this new collection are:-

PAW Patrol – In ‘Pups Save the Paw Patroller’, Mayor Humdinger has swiped the PAW Patroller! The pups need to get it back and save that meddling mayor too.

Digby Dragon – In ‘Disappearing Spell’, Digby’s friend Sprite comes to visit, and Fizzy casts a disappearing spell on her. When Grizel and Mungo take Spellbook it seems impossible to magic Sprite back again.

Bob The Builder – In ‘Where’s Pilchard?’, when Muck has to shoo Pilchard out of his way, she suddenly vanishes. Leo and the machines run around trying to find her before Bob realises she’s disappeared.

Peppa Pig – In ‘Playing Pretend’, when Peppa’s bike gets a flat tyre and needs fixing, Peppa and her friends have fun riding their imaginary bikes and jumping in pretend muddy puddles.

Shimmer and Shine – In ‘Flying Flour’, the girls bake magical flying cookies, but Zeta and Nazboo sneak in to steal the flying flour.

Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom – In ‘Lucy’s Elf & Fairy Party’, Lucy celebrates her birthday with an Elf and Fairy party. Lucy’s Dad does a magic show but things get a bit out of hand when Princess Holly and her friends join in…

Fireman Sam – In ‘Best Sleepover Ever’, Norman, Mandy, Sarah and James are having a sleepover at Mandy’s house. Norman is determined that it will be the ‘Best Sleepover Ever’.

Simon – In ‘The Secret’, it’s Gaspard’s birthday. Simon has found out where Mummy has hidden his brother’s present. But Simon has sworn he’ll keep it a secret!

Poppy Cat – In ‘Underwater Picnic’, when Zuzu and Alma both arrive with plans for the group, Poppy teaches them the art of compromise. They set off in the submarine for Seaweed Sea to look for the speedy turtle and have an underwater picnic.

Floogals – In ‘Project Caterpillar’, Boomer has become very fond of the 3 stripey caterpillars the kids are keeping in the shed. When one vanishes the Floogals stake out the container they are in to see if they can solve the mystery.

Olly the Little White Van – In ‘Bad Luck Olly’, Olly is going through a run of terrible luck. The more he tries to help people the more things go wrong. Help comes from the most unlikely place as Bazza helps him relax and do what comes naturally….Helping!

Puffin Rock – In ‘Mossy Impossible’, Oona is in danger. She’s tangled up in fishing twine near Seagull Cliff and the seagulls will be back soon! Mossy and Bernie try to free her, but they need help from Mama and Papa Puffin.

Noddy, Toyland Detective – In ‘Broken Crystal Memory Game’, Noddy needs to find out who broke the Crystal Memory Game before the start of the Daredale Challenge Obstacle Race!

Thomas & Friends – In ‘Toby’s New Friend’, Philip spots Toby and assumes that he is a diesel boxcab just like him. Convinced that they will become best friends, Philip rushes up to introduce himself, but Toby finds him rather overwhelming.

Milkshake is on air from 0600 – 0915 every weekday and 0600 – 10.00 on Saturday and Sunday.  For further information visit

To enter the giveaway, simply enter via the Rafflecopter in the usual way.  Terms and conditions apply which can be viewed on my giveaways page.  UK entrants only and the giveaway ends at 11:59 pm on Sunday 26th November.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!

Win A Pure Raw Chocolate Making Gift Set From Indigo Herbs

If you’re a chocolate fan (and who isn’t), you’ve probably read by now that chocolate can have some health benefits and many chic ladies are swopping a full dessert with a few pieces of good quality dark chocolate (I’m working on it).

Last summer I discovered Indigo Herbs, based in one of my favourite places, Glastonbury. They offer a wide range of premium quality nutritionally rich organic superfoods, herbal powders, aromatherapy oils and loose herbal teas – all ethically and sustainably sourced.

Indigo Herbs offer two kits to help you to become a chocolatier and with both you can create your own nutritious and delicious dairy-free, gluten-free vegan chocolates with the purest natural ingredients.

There’s the Organic Chocolate Starter Set which allows you to make your own chocolate bars, or the Pure Raw Chocolate Making Gift Set which contains everything you need to make pure dark chocolate with goji berries & brazil nuts. It makes 20-25 small chocolates, and the instructions are included.

Inside the kit you will find Organic Cacao Powder, Organic Cacao Butter, Organic Raw Agave Syrup, Goji Berries, Brazil Nuts and Organic Raw Vanilla Powder.

You might be wondering exactly how pure dark chocolate made with Organic Cacao is good for you – well there are quite a few reasons!

· Cacao is one of the top 10 magnesium rich foods. Magnesium relaxes muscles and strengthens bones and improves circulation.

· Indigo Herb’s Cacao powder is high in vitamin C, which supports the immune system, acts as an anti-oxidant and relieves exhaustion and stress.

· Cacao powder is high in calcium, essential to bones and teeth and is also a great source of iron, which oxygenates the blood and reduces fatigue.

· You’ll also find that the cacao powder is high in protein with 21.5g providing 8.6% of the RDA.

· This nutritionally rich food is known to have twice the concentration of antioxidants found in red wine, and three times of that found in green tea. This is partly due to the Flavonoids which improve the absorption of both vitamin C and iron.

· Cacao also contains feel good phyto-chemicals including theobromine.

· Cacao makes an excellent supplement for women during the monthly cycle, as it is high in magnesium it can relieve muscle cramps, and a source of iron is good for the blood. It is also favoured by athletes, for muscle recovery, and energy.

· It makes an excellent healthy treat for both children and adults.

I’m sure you don’t need any more convincing and I have one Pure Raw Chocolate Making Gift Set to give away.

Entry is via the Rafflecopter Widget below.  The usual terms and conditions apply which you can find on my giveaways page.

UK entrants only and the giveaway ends at 11:59 pm on Friday 17th November 2017.

If you can’t wait, you can find the chocolate kits at Indigo Herbs, either in store or online and also at  Either kit would make a brilliant Christmas gift for a foodie or a chocolate lover.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Good luck!

Win Og On The Bog From Drumond Park Games

Let’s be honest.  There’s nothing like a game involving general bodily rudeness to capture the imagination of youngsters (and many adults) and we’ve been sent just such a game to review by Drumond Park Games.

Og on the Bog game by Drumond Park

The electronic Og on the Bog (rrp £24.99), age 5+ for 2-4 players) is truly hilarious and takes revolting games to completely new heights with its outrageous brand of gross and disgusting toilet humour.

This may well be an acquired taste but my two found it very funny indeed.  Og on the Bog is simple but appeals to a vast range of youngsters up to the age of 11 and beyond.

Og on the Bog game - Og's Bog

The aim of the game is to steal Og’s loo rolls and leave him stranded on the loo.  Players take turns on the spinner to see if they can sneak a loo roll of its pole.

If your hands are unsteady, however, you’ll disturb Og who will fart loudly and scare them away!

As play proceeds anticipation and excitement build because if Og does a truly humungous, explosive fart, he blows his Bog apart!

Og on the Bog Game - Og's Exploded Bog!

To play you set up Og and his bog in the centre of the table. Each player is given a loo roll to start them off and the youngest player spins the tree stump spinner.

A red cross means you’ve made a noise and it’s not safe to tip-toe up to Og’s Bog, so your turn is over and the next player spins.

Caitlin & Ieuan playing Og on the Bog game

The hand holding a loo roll means you can pinch a loo roll from any other player!

A green tick means you can stealthily try to steal a loo roll from Og’s loo roll pole… and here’s the tricky part. You have to push down the front step of the bog to see if Og has heard you. If he says anything, he has – and you must run away; your turn is over.

If he grunts or farts he has not heard you – and you can try to lift that loo roll off the pole. 

If you twitch it too much, Og will make another noise: if he shouts out something (which could be quite rude!), you must drop the loo roll back on the pole and your turn is over. If he grunts or farts – success! – he did not hear you and you can keep that precious loo roll.

A wobbly hand might just set Og off more than once during your loo-roll-lifting efforts, and the same rules apply; if he shouts, drop it – but if he farts, you’re safe (and I never thought I’d hear myself say that one)!

If Og does a monster fart and his bog explodes during your turn, you have to put two of the loo rolls you’ve already collected back on to the pole and finish your turn, raising the walls of Og’s bog once again so that play can continue.

Caitlin & Ieuan playing about the Og on the Bog's loo rolls

The winner is the first player to collect three loo rolls if 4 of you are playing, otherwise you have to collect 4 loo rolls each.

You do need to have a steady hand to retrieve the loo rolls and it doesn’t take much for Og’s bog to explode, leaving him sat looking very disgruntled.

The game is just the right level of complexity for Caitlin and Ieuan and an ideal length – we found it lasted around 10-15 minutes which is ideal for their attention span.

It’s also blissfully easy to set up with a well printed set of instructions.  There’s nothing worse than a game that takes longer to set up than it does to play (and we’ve had a few!).


I have one copy of Og on the Bog to give away to one lucky winner to test their own loo roll retrieval skills.

Entry is via the Rafflecopter widget and terms and conditions apply (on my competitions page). UK entrants only and the giveaway ends at 11:59 pm on Sunday 23rd April.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

For more information and stockists, visit You can also find out more on Facebook or Twitter.

My Random Musings

Win 4 “Her Ladyship” Etiquette Guides By Caroline Taggart

Now obviously being the lady I am (cough), and having what is possibly an unhealthy interest in all things ‘posh and polite’, I was delighted to receive these lovely guides by Caroline Taggart.

Born in London of Scottish parents, Caroline spent most of her childhood in New Zealand but, nevertheless, thinks of herself as a Londoner.

Her Ladyship's Guides:  The Queen's English & Running One's Home

We actually share something in common apart from our love of etiquette because as an English woman living in Wales since 1969  I have the same dilemma when it comes to which rugby team to support, as does Caroline when it comes to choosing between England and New Zealand.

These four guides are entitled:-

Her Ladyship’s Guide to The Art of Conversation

Her Ladyship’s Guide to Running One’s Home 

Her Ladyship’s Guide to The Queen’s English (for all us grammar nazis out there)

Her Ladyship’s Guide to The British Season

All are written in Caroline’s inimitable style and peppered with funny anecdotes and helpful examples.

For example, from “The Art of Conversation”

Am I boring you?  If you have to ask the answer is probably “yes”.


“A friend of Her Ladyship remembers fondly a snippet she heard in her student days: two Oxford dons were crossing a college quadrangle and one was heard to say firmly to the other “And nineteenthly..”. Her Ladyship confesses to considerable admiration for anyone who can follow a train of thought so clearly that they can keep tabs on nineteen points of it.”

The Queen’s English is a helpful guide to spelling, grammar and pronunciation.  Her Ladyship also lists those cliches and words whose incorrect usage sets her teeth on edge such as:-

at the end of the day

touch base

slip through the net

up to speed

window of opportunity

Whilst being funny, this guide also has the effect of making you think before you open your mouth!

Her Ladyship's Guides:  The Art of Conversation & The British Season

Running One’s Home is a title which amuses the Husband no end as he is convinced I am a stranger to a duster and think Mr Sheen was once a famous motorcyclist.  

Obviously this is not true and I have many house spiders who will back me up on that but this guide is a useful collection of tips that even those of us who haven’t quite made it to a mansion can use.

There’s a housekeeping schedule, advice on spring-cleaning, coping with laundry (it never ends!) and being a good hostess.

Her Ladyship also advises that your cheese course should be served before pudding if you are adhering to “the French way” but you need to make sure you don’t overdo the Brie just in case an enormous Eton Mess should appear.  Quite a nice problem to have in my view.

Lastly, there’s “The British Season”.  Here in Wales we have two seasons – the Rugby Season and the Rainy Season, however, this guide lists the Great British events which get the aristocracy out to sluice down Prosecco whilst wearing tailored jackets.

For example The Chelsea Flower Show, Glyndebourne, Royal Ascot, Wimbledon, Cowes Week and so forth.

It also tells you how to behave giving you, for example, the rules for dressing should you be lucky enough to gain access to the Royal Enclosure at Ascot.

I can but dream.

Her Ladyship’s Guides are published by Batsford Books (an imprint of Pavilion Books) at £8.99 each. They are stout little hardback books with a nice, almost cloth covering and would make a great present for Mother’s Day too.

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