Sponsored Post Submissions

Welcome to Mother Distracted!  On this page we explain what we are looking for when it comes to sponsored posts and brand collaborations.

Mother Distracted is a well-established UK lifestyle blog visited by over 37,000 users per month.  We also reach 30,000 users across our social media platforms.

We accept sponsored posts on topics appropriate for a family lifestyle blog.

Girl sitting on the grass writing in a notebook

We do not offer:

  • free posts
  • gifted posts (post in exchange for products, samples or subscriptions)
  • advertising (homepage, banner, sidebar)
  • interviews (including book reviews)
  • link exchanges
  • news coverage (e.g. hotel and restaurant opening, product launches etc)
  • posts in exchange for affiliate scheme membership or discount codes

Topics we are looking for:

  • Beauty, hair, skincare
  • Crafts
  • Family days out (especially in Wales)
  • Food (especially children’s nutrition)
  • Health (not supplements)
  • Home decor, interiors, DIY, gardening
  • Menopause
  • Parenting, pregnancy, toddlers (especially tweens and teens)
  • Relationships
  • Travel

We do not accept posts in the following categories:-

  • Addiction
  • Adult products
  • Bitcoin or digital currencies
  • CBD (oil, gummies, cosmetics)
  • Cosmetic surgery (including dental treatments)
  • Dating sites
  • Debt recovery (including short-term loans, payday loans, low-income financial products)
  • E-cigarettes, vaping
  • Essay-writing Services
  • Fitness supplements
  • Health supplements
  • Hair loss products
  • Personal Injury claims
  • Weight loss products

Article submissions

Posts should be a minimum of 1000 words.

Posts must not be overly promotional or thinly disguised advertorial.

No profanity or adult content (e.g. alcohol, addiction, vaping, gambling, sexual content)

Photographs should be supplied with full credit (must be creative commons) in JPG format.

Posts generated by spinning software or part of a PLR package will not be accepted.

Posts should be interesting, informative and offer value to the reader but please avoid the “5 Top Tips” format.

Posts relating to products in the Health category must contain references to any claims made for efficacy and health benefits from bona fide sources.

Please check that your post topic has not already been covered by us before submission.  DO NOT send content before fees, terms and conditions have been agreed.


Posts should contain one link to your client plus 2 high authority links.

We do not allow affiliate links other than our own.

Tracking links must be pre-approved.

Where possible please link to a relevant Mother Distracted post.

Anchor text should be in UK English (no US spellings please).

Anchor text should not be business name, URL or location.

We reserve the right to add our own internal and affiliate links as appropriate.

You can find more information about our writing guidelines and our terms and conditions here.

Get In Touch:

For further details and guideline fees please email linda.hobbis@motherdistracted.co.uk with the topic of your proposed post.