Make More Of Your Space With Kids’ Bean Bags

One of the most popular seating options with children is kids bean bags which not only provide more comfort than a chair, but can be shifted around the house with ease – making them the perfect solution for when extra seating is needed at larger family gatherings.

Kids can use bean bags for gaming, playing, chatting, reading or just relaxing after a busy day. They’re great to have when the kids’ friends come over and are a lot of fun heaped together.  These days they come in a range of styles which makes co-ordinating them with kids’ bedrooms and bedding a breeze.

Bean bags can be a lower cost option to flexing your seating arrangements and are also useful to make the most of smaller spaces.

Here are some of my favourites from family run business Children’s Rooms who stock everything you need to fully kit out and personalise children’s bedrooms and playrooms.

Batman VS Superman Beanbag (£21.95)

An incredibly popular film with many little boys, this Batman VS Superman Bean Bag would take pride of place!

Batman v Superman Child's Bean Bag

Blue Cotton Beanbag (£14.95)

A more neutral bean bag to weather the common changes in ‘favourites’, this is a good quality bean bag which, with its plain styling, should give years of service.

Marvel Avengers Bean Cube (£21.95)

Something a little different, this Vibrant Bean Cube features Spiderman, Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man and Thor.

Vibrant Bean Cube featuring Marvel superheroes

My Little Pony Bean Bag (£21.95)

Ideal for little girls and a past firm favourite of Caitlin as it features Rainbow Dash.

My Little Pony Bean Bag Featuring Rainbow Dash

Peppa Pig Bean Bean Bag (£14.95)

And another firm favourite with the little ones….

Peppa Pig Bean Bag

Whilst bean bags may not be the best choice for long term seating in terms of posture and back support, there’s no doubt that they can be incredibly useful to have about.

Particularly when you consider the cost of upgrading the family sofa instead!

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This Year’s Hottest Trends For Your Child’s Bedroom Decor

It’s a challenge to keep both parents and children happy when it comes to decorating their bedrooms, isn’t it?

A child’s bedroom is a room which comes with a large set of demands. It must be tough enough to be able to withstand vigorous and, let’s be honest, occasional destructive playing.

child's bedroom with Apple Tree Farm bedding

It should also feel both comfortable and secure, crucial elements that allow a room to act not only as a playroom but also as a place of rest and relaxation.

The room must also be versatile in its design and should not only grow with your child as they mature, but should also allow your child to easily keep up with the latest trends and characters from their favourite films and TV shows, with a range of simple to make changes.

The above is a huge ask of any room, and when you’re planning the decor, furniture and fittings you need to consider both the look but also the function.

So whether you are decorating a nursery for a baby who will soon be making an appearance, updating a nursery for a toddler, or are just looking to refresh your child’s bedroom, family run business offer the design and decorating inspiration you need to help you achieve the perfect room.

They are one of the largest independent online retailers for kids bedding, kids curtains and matching childrens-bedroom accessories. They also have the largest selection of toddler bedding sets.

So I asked them what this year’s hottest decor themes for kids bedrooms will be and this is what they told me.

Nature & Animals

Whether its safari bedding, butterfly curtains, bird’s bedroom accessories or high definition daisies, we are seeing a huge increase in sales of all things involving nature. It’s possible that these sales represent an increasing effort from parents to get their children interested into the great outdoors! Our predicted best sellers in this category are farm themes, jungle themes as well as forest & flower themes.


There are a few things which are just timeless, and a clutter free bedroom has to be one of them. To this end, we stock and supply a wide range of children’s storage options, meaning that you (hopefully) never have to stand on another piece of Lego again. The range includes storage bins, storage boxes, toy boxes and bookends, everything your child needs to keep their bedroom in great condition.

crocodile storage box

Often purchased as part of a full bedroom theme, a number of these kids’ bedroom storage products enhance the aesthetics of a room, as well as serving an important function. One of our favourites has to be our camouflage storage box, the irony of hiding clutter in a camouflage box isn’t lost on us!

Feature Walls

A feature wall is certainly nothing new with regards to interior design, they are however becoming increasingly popular in children’s rooms, creating a fantastic centrepiece which children love.

There are a wide range of wallpapers which can be used as feature walls – some customers choose colourful stripes and more neutral themes, whilst others dive head first into the amazing array of cartoons and characters from hits such as Frozen, Disney and Marvel.

Collage of Marvel characters

One of our

favourites, and a paper which has already proven itself to be a bestseller this year is the Marvel Avengers Breakout Wallpaper.

With a number of Marvel films due out in 2017 & 2018 including Spider-man Homecoming 2017 Thor Ragnarok and Avengers Infinity War – we are confident in this paper continuing to be a popular choice.

Rooms That Grow

Alongside neutral colour schemes, we are seeing our customers relying on accessories to quickly and easily change the design of a room over time. This method allows a children’s bedroom to be almost continually updated with products such as wall stickers, bean bags, rugs, curtains and bedding at a low price point, avoiding the need for total decoration and theme change from age restrictive themes which children very quickly outgrow.

An example of this would be a boy’s bedroom, painted in pastel shades of blues which provides the perfect platform for easy customisation with bedroom accessories.

Miniature Seating

Another range which is increasingly being discovered by parents is ‘miniature seating’. This range typically includes everything your child needs to sit, lounge and relax in their room, either with friends or alone.

Popular seating options include bean bags, as well as inflatable and non-inflatable sofas and chairs. The inflatable options are perfect for smaller rooms, which struggle holding permanent large pieces of furniture. Bean Bags also represent another very flexible option, bright, comfortable and easily stored, they are a popular choice.

Batman bean bag

Children’s Rooms provide children and their parents with the largest range of top quality children’s bedding, children’s bedroom furniture and children’s bedroom accessories online, at unbeatable prices.

You can visit their website here:

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How To Make Your Child’s Bedroom More Fun

I’ve heard a lot of parents say that kids bedrooms should be neutral spaces so that they’re easy to redecorate as they grow up. However, I am a big believer in making children’s bedrooms places that are as fun and enjoyable as possible. It is their bedroom after all, so it should be somewhere that they love spending time in. Plus, if your child likes their room, they’re more likely to sleep in their own bed, instead of yours.

Your child’s room should not only be a fun space but also, somewhere that is creative. That’s why, when it comes to the decor and design, you need to think like a child. Ask yourself what is your child’s favourite colour? Who is his or her hero? What games does he or she love to play? When it comes to designing a space your child will like, it’s all about thinking like them.

Kids bedroom ideas

To help you design a bedroom that your child will love spending time in, here are a few tips and ideas.

Incorporate bright colours 

kids bedroom ideas - a brightly coloured children's bedroom
Picture source: Flickr

For a child’s bedroom, bright colours are a must. If you design a bedroom that’s a dull, dreary space, the chances are that your little one won’t want to spend time there. However, if you pack the space with colour, they’re bound to love it.

The easiest way to add colour to the space is by painting the walls in a bright shade of their choice. Or using wallpaper, to add extra colour. However, if you live in rented accommodation, the chances are that you’re not able to use paint or wallpaper.

The fact that you’re not allowed to make any permanent changes doesn’t have to affect how colourful the space is. As instead, you can add colour with accessories. Bright and bold curtains, rugs, wall art, bedding, and storage space, can be all it takes to create a beautifully colourful space.

For decor, use kids toys

Instead of using ornaments for decor, as you would in an adult space, use toys. This gives the room a more fun and child-like vibe. As well as using actual toys as decor, look online for decor that is designed to look like toys. For instance, you can get storage space that is designed like a race car or a fairy castle. Or, rugs that are shaped like a football or flower.

On the walls, instead of hanging wall art, consider using board games. You’ll find plenty of sites online sell board games that come with hooks and can be used as an alternative to wall art. These can make the room feel more fun and more child-friendly.

Pick the perfect bed design 

kids bedroom ideas - a pink, red and white cabin bed
Image credit

When it comes to choosing the bed, it’s a good idea to think carefully about the design that you opt for. While it’s true that a plain frame design will grow with your child, it’s not as fun or exciting as a bed that’s a little different. For a bed that will allow your child’s imagination to grow, why not consider a cabin bed? While they might cost a little more than a regular bed frame, they are ten times more exciting.

Be creative with lighting 

For lampshades, get creative. Don’t just opt for boring ones, think outside the box. Instead of a normal lampshade, how about one shaped like the globe? To get an idea of what lampshade designs there are to choose from, have a look online. If you know where to look, there are some excellent novelty ones that kids will love.

Little kids are often scared of the dark, so it’s important to be creative with lighting in their room. On the ceiling, pop glow-in-the-dark stars, so that even when the lights are off, they can still see what’s around them. It’s also a good idea to add a nightlight beside the bed so that if they wake up in the night, they’re not scared.

So if you want to design your child a bedroom that he or she loves, take note of the kids bedroom ideas above.

Creating the Ultimate Kid’s Bedroom

At the moment, Caitlin and Ieuan are lucky enough to have their own rooms but, being younger, Ieuan is in what you might call the ‘box room’ and he is already well aware that his sister has more terroritory than he has.

One of our projects for 2016 is going to be the revamp of his room to create a den any boy would be proud of.

A child’s bedroom should be a great place to play, study and sleep, and the design of a child’s bedroom can actually be beneficial to their development.

Decorating a kid’s bedroom offers lots of opportunities for creativity and a great way to nurture your child’s interests and passions. Is your child a fan of dinosaurs, or are princesses more of their thing? Are they more cool or cosy? No matter what your child loves, you can turn their bedroom into a space that they love and want to spend time in.


There are so many options for decorating your child’s room. You can’t go wrong with starting with their interests and going from there. For example, if your child likes water then you can paint the walls blue, decorate them with fish and make it look like the room’s underwater.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, keeping things cool and stylish can be great, especially for older children that may be growing out of their childhood interests and moving towards a more mature identity. For rooms like this, you can’t go wrong with bold and bright colours mixed with more neutral decoration will make for a cool and stylish bedroom.

Sometimes, there’s no better way to create a bedroom that your child loves than by letting the child decide for themselves. Having white boards fitted on the walls lets your child decorate their own room as little or as often as they’d like. Sometimes there’s nothing better than a blank canvas!


Kitting out a child’s room with the right furniture, which can be used for various purposes. Sets of shelves can be used to store book, toys and trinkets, and a desk properly placed can make for a great study space. And, of course, there’s the bed. While it’s important that your child has a comfortable place to sleep it’s also important that it fits in with the theme of the room.

For example, if you have a daughter that likes to have sleepovers, then a wooden white guest bed is perfect for a girl’s room. The neutral white finish will suit almost any décor, the simple frame looks great, and the structure means that you can turn the single frame into a double or twin beds. These extra frames are stored within the bed, meaning that storage won’t be a problem. Bedstar provides a great range of beds suitable for children of all ages, offering fantastic comfort and style that would make an excellent addition to any child’s bedroom.

The most important thing is to remember that it’s your child’s room at the end of the day, and it should look the way that they want it to. Work with them to create their ultimate dream bedroom.