Review: Speciality Coffees From Bird & Wild And Decadent Decaf

We are a nation fuelled by coffee and, whether you like yours caffeinated or decaffeinated, there has never been so much choice to enjoy.  I’ve discovered two great brands offering speciality coffees to suit every taste and, with Father’s Day just around the corner in June, why not give your dad one of these  great coffees for a better class of brew?

speciality coffees - milk being poured into a coffee

Bird & Wild Coffee

Bird & Wild coffee is Fairtrade, Organic, Bird Friendly and Shade Grown. As the RSPB’s official coffee, 6% of all sales are donated back to them to help them to protect wildlife, restore our woodlands and build a future where we live in harmony with nature.

speciality coffees - Bird & Wild Coffee Range

Bird & Wild coffee comes in two delicious flavours.  The Seasonal Blend is medium roasted for a smooth coffee with dark chocolate tones, balanced acidity and bright floral aromas. The medium dark Espresso Blend is expertly roasted to produce a well-balanced tang of cocoa and fruit within a dark, creamy body that makes it ideal for espresso and milky drinks.

In case you’re wondering, Bird Friendly Certification guarantees that every bean is produced organically and under high-quality shade, ensuring tropical ‘agroforests’ are preserved and migratory birds find a healthy haven when they travel from northern climes to faraway farms producing the beans.

Shade Grown Coffee sees a return to traditional coffee farming. A canopy of assorted types of shade trees is created to cultivate shade-grown coffee, which incorporates principles of natural ecology to promote natural ecological relationships.

Every cup of Bird Friendly coffee you drink encourages more farmers to grow in the shade, which is good for birds and for people.

Bird & Wild coffees come in Seasonal Blend Medium Roast, Fairtrade, Organic Beans and Ground 200g – £4.99 and Signature Espresso Blend, Fairtrade, Organic Beans and Ground 200g – £4.99.

 You can find them online at, Ocado and Amazon.

speciality coffees - hands holding coffee beans

Decadent Decaf

Decadent Decaf is the world’s first decaf coffee brand that only ever does decaf. With the largest range of decaffeinated coffees in the world, you’ll find six flavours available all year round.

They only ever use the Swiss Water Decaf Process to create our decaffeinated coffee, which uses water to decaffeinate the beans. This method is chemical-free (most decaf is made using chemical solvents), environmentally friendly, leaves the coffee 99.9% caffeine-free and preserves the unique taste of each blend.

speciality coffees - Decadent Decaf range of coffees

In fact, in 2017, Decadent Decaf won three Great Taste Awards – the world’s largest and most trusted fully independent food and drink awards. They awarded three Great Taste Awards to:

  • Costa Rica Strictly Hard Bean Swiss Water Decaf Decaffeinated Coffee Beans – 1 Star
  • Indonesia Sumatra Mandheling Swiss Water Decaf Decaffeinated Coffee Beans – 1 Star
  • Signature Espresso Blend Swiss Water Decaf Decaffeinated Coffee Beans – 1 Star

The current selection of single-origin Swiss Water Decaf process decaffeinated coffees is available in whole bean, cafetiere/filter grind, espresso/aeropress grind or, as a raw green bean for home roasting.

There’s Colombia Medellin Swiss Water Decaf, Costa Rica Strictly Hard Bean Swiss Water Decaf, Signature Espresso Blend Swiss Water Decaf, Ethiopia Sidamo Swiss Water Decaf, Indonesia Sumatra Mandheling Swiss Water Decaf and Kenya AA Swiss Water Decaf all available as decaffeinated coffee beans or ground coffee.

 You’ll find Decadent Decaf coffees available online at, Ocado or Amazon.

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Review: A Coffee Stash From Beanies The Flavour Co.

Now that some semblance of normality has returned to the Hobbis household and I have been able to retire my battered National Trust directory to the pile of “places to be visited when I’m feeling ‘up to it'”,  I am enjoying those few moments of morning peace that only those who have just run the gamut of the school run will know.

Despite the fact that Caitlin and Ieuan were only in school for 3 days out of the 5, the Husband and I felt like we’d done a half term at least.  It’s amazing, isn’t it, how quickly you can let your routine lapse. Haphazard as it is, we do have some sort of routine which primarily involves shouting and looking for things.

The temptation is to come back and slump in a chair whilst eating biscuits but I am determined to improve my work-space and not to pile on the weight.  Happily I was recently sent a box of  9 flavoured coffees to try  – a “My Beanies Stashbox” from the Beanies Flavour Co.

Beanies Stash Box – £22.50 + Free Delivery

Just the names are delicious – Amaretto Almond, Cinder Toffee, Nutty Hazelnut, Double Chocolate, Irish Cream, Cinnamon Hazelnut, Chocolate Orange, Ginger Bread and Very Vanilla in cute 50g jars. Even better, each cup (black obviously) contains only 2 calories which, when compared with the frightening calorie count of the buckets of coffee sold by the coffee chains makes a cup of Beanies coffee a very acceptable treat indeed.  (If you have attended a Slimming World meeting where the perils of coffee have been discussed,  you’ll know exactly where I’m coming from!).

I have to admit I am not usually a big fan of flavoured teas and coffees but having tried Cinder Toffee and Irish Cream (so far!),  I have to say that this is great quality coffee with a subtle flavour, and easy to drink black.

I was expecting too much sweetness but Beanies say that they “set the flavour levels to minimise or eliminate the need for added sweetness and they’re right!  This may be because, unlike other flavoured coffees where the granules are coated, Beanies coffee granules have the flavour infused into them – far more subtle.

Beanies coffees come in instant (from around £2.50 for 50g) and premium roast blends (from around £4.50 for 250g).  They also offer decaf varieties and their coffees are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. You can either buy on their website or find them at your local supermarket.  I think they’re well worth a try as an alternative to the standard instant granules and a Beanies cup certainly feels like more of a treat.

Further information about Beanies and their great range of coffees can be found at and on Amazon.

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