Our Father’s Day Gift Guide

It’s Fathers Day on Sunday 21st June and as usual the hunt is on to give a special gift that your dad will appreciate – particularly if, like mine, he claims not to want anything and demands that you don’t go to too much trouble.  You know, of course, that if you were to ignore the day, there would be ructions.

Here are a few ideas for affordable gifts for men to suit varying budgets and levels of dad-fussiness.

Personal Grooming Gifts

Gillette and Braun have a great range of shaving products for your dad.  The Husband tried the Braun WaterFlex WF2s Blue Shaver Wet & Dry and was impressed with the close shave it gave, even in the shower.

It has a contour adaptive swivel head and is fully waterproof. It also has an Optiblade foil, which Braun says is their “most advanced foil with ergonomically sized holes that cut hair deeper than ever before”.

The shaver has a rechargeable Li-Ion battery which fully recharges in one hour for 45 minutes of cordless shaving and an LED display to show how much battery is left. There’s even a convenient 5-minute quick charge function for fast and easy shaving.

He tried the shaver with some new products from The Real Shaving Co. – their 3 step system of products including the Daily Face Scrub, the Sensitive Shave Cream (or Sensitive Shave Gel) and the Sensitive Anti-Ageing Moisturiser.  I had a lovely morning teasing him about his newfound metrosexual tendencies, but he liked the products and the combined effect of the Braun Shaver and his new 3 step routine gave him a face far softer than mine!

The Face Scrub has gentle exfoliating beads with added almond oil and cocoa butter whilst the Sensitive Shave Cream contains Allantoin to soothe the skin.  The Sensitive Anti-Ageing Moisturiser has an advanced soothing formula with Q10.  The products retail at £3.99 for the Face Scrub and the Shave Cream (or Shave Gel) and £4.99 for the Moisturiser and are available from Boots.com.

Sweet Treats & Boozy Gifts

How about some Lily O’Brien’s Desserts Collection Chocolates – one of a range of chocolate collections from the Irish chocolatier?  This tempting collection contains 18 chocolate mini desserts including Creme Brûlée, Key Lime Pie, Raspberry Infusion, Passion Fruit Posset, Banoffee Pie and Hazelnut Torte.

There is also the Lily O’Brien’s Ultimate Chocolate Collection (£5.00) which includes 16 Chocolates such as Double Chocolate Truffle, Simply Chocolate, Le Crunch Chocolat, Sticky Toffee, Hazelnut O’Brien, Caramel Macchiato, Death By Chocolate, Zesty Orange Chocolate, Lemon Meringue Pie and Praline Perfection. Indulgence overload!

Pocket money options include the Lily O’Brien’s Dark Chocolate Stem Ginger Batons, dark chocolate infused with real pieces of stem ginger in a handy re-sealable snacking pouch, Lily O’Brien’s Milk Chocolate Creamy Caramels with Sea Salt Discs Sharing Pouch, or the Lily O’Brien’s Le Crunch Chocolat Pouch, buttery crispy crumbs of caramelised French biscuits mixed with creamy milk chocolate.  Lily O’Brien’s chocolates are available in selected supermarkets including Tesco, Waitrose, Asda, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s.

Or what about a dram of luxury single malt whisky?

We tried Laphroaig Select. It has a deep smoky taste but a surprising gentle sweetness. We also tried The Ardmore Legacy.  The whisky is a great introduction to peated single malt whisky, having a full-bodied and smooth taste that is dry, spicy and has notes of creamy vanilla, smoky charcoal and savoury spices.

If wine is more to your dad’s taste, why not try Lindeman’s, Australia’s number one heritage wine brand. Available at all good supermarkets nationwide including ASDA, Morrison’s, Waitrose, OCADO and off-licenses, the brand’s Bin Range has been spruced up with the new Lindeman’s logo and a nod to Dr Henry Lindeman’s philosophy that “the one purpose of wine is to bring happiness”. He sounds an eminently sensible chap.

There is the Lindeman’s Bin 95, Sauvignon Blanc, with fruity tones of green apples, which complement fresh flavours, like salads, making it a perfect choice for barbecues. Then there is the Lindeman’s Bin 35 Rose, a soft, fruity wine or Lindeman’s Bin 65 Chardonnay, a medium variety ideal for a celebratory family lunch, or on a sunny evening – if he doesn’t want to share. We tried the Lindeman’s Bin 50 Shiraz which has berry plum flavours and a touch of spice, a perfect complement to a roast or just for easy drinking with bread, cheese and olives.

For further information about Lindeman’s and the rest of its Bin Series, just visit www.lindemans.com.

Fun Foodie Gifts

Food gifts are always a great choice, especially if your dad loves to share.  For something really unusual, how about a fathers day gift from The Manly Man Company® – delicious beef jerky bouquets and flowers made from maple candied bacon. They even offer bacon roses covered in chocolate!

After so much indulgence why not give Dad this V neck compression ToneTee T-Shirt?  It’s a control base layer which has body-shaping qualities.  It’s made from 360-degree high tech fabric which targets key problem areas which will help Dad look visibly slimmer and more athletic looking.

The Husband found it surprisingly comfortable and it did seem to have a slimming effect on what Caitlin and Ieuan refer to as the “daddy podge”.

Well, we girls have to get our own back, don’t we?

Free & Low Cost Fathers Day Treats If You’re On A Budget

It’s Father’s Day in the UK on Sunday 20th June and you may be rushing around trying to find something suitable for the kids to give to their dad. Let’s be honest, it usually falls to us mums to sort these things out, doesn’t it?

Dads all have their own unique personality, don’t they?

But what do you do if you are strapped for cash? For many of us, it’s an expenditure we can do without.

It is possible to celebrate the day without spending money and by involving our kids we can help them to understand that the true reason behind the day is to show their dad how much he means to them.

For some, Father’s Day is fraught with potential difficulties if, for example, parents are separated or divorced.  For others, Father’s Day will be spent in quiet reflection thinking about the dad who is no longer with them.

The ritual of these annual celebrations is often emotionally, as well as financially challenging.

But if you are all going to be under one roof for the day, here are some ideas you might want to try, depending on the ages of your kids of course.

Low or No Cost Gift Ideas For Fathers Day

  • let dad have a lie in!
  • bring him breakfast in bed (needs quite a bit of supervision in this house!)
  • record his favourite sports fixtures and let him have a ‘sports’ day’ where he can sit in state in a comfy armchair whilst the kids bring him a drink and snacks.
  • make him his favourite sweet – fudge, for example, is quite easy to make but again you’ll need to supervise the kids with that boiling sugar.
  • let the kids clean his car – or at least clean out their mess from the back seat (Fruit Shoot bottles, sweet wrappers, crisp packets!)
  • dress the kids up as butlers, cooks and servants and get them to serve dinner Downton Abbey style.
  • get them to write secret messages on the loo roll (well, dads do tend to spend ages in there, don’t they)?!
  • the kids can make home-made cards and banners and decorate them themselves.
The dynamic duo have a number of cunning plans for Father’s Day apparently
  • why not make a ‘cheque book’ of promises from the kids e.g. “I promise to tidy my room”, “I promise to help you clean the car”, “I promise not to wake you before 7:30 am on a Sunday”
  • how about making a scrapbook of old family photos that have a special meaning to him or create some online photo collages?
  • get the kids to recreate his favourite TV programme – how about getting them to do a mini ‘Top Gear’ using their bikes and scooters or toy cars in the garden.
  • older kids can write dad a special poem.
  • give dad his absolute favourite Sunday lunch – in our house, this will involve Sticky Toffee Pudding but the kids could dish up some jelly and ice-cream with sprinkles…
  • have a gaming competition – if you have something like a Wii or just a good old fashioned game of rounders in the park, or skimming stones into the sea
  • find the lyrics to dad’s favourite songs online and get the kids to give him a show.  The thought of Caitlin and Ieuan having a Killswitch Engage concert for The Husband is, um, intriguing.  Although a whole heap better than an afternoon of Amon Amarth and their shouty Viking rock.
  • make hand or footprints using poster paint and frame them simply with some plain card.
  • get dad to play Sherlock.  Hide a simple gift like a bar of dad’s favourite chocolate in the house and get the kids to write a series of clues to its secret location.  If he doesn’t find it, he has to share it.
  • help the kids to make a sign for dad’s shed or his ‘man cave’ using some strong card. Stick it up and throw a few strings of fairy lights around the space to jazz it up a bit.

No matter how you choose to acknowledge the day, the most important thing is to spend time together.

These days we are all so strapped for time, Fathers Day is a great opportunity to make some special memories.

And it doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Review: Personalised Letterbox Cake From bakerdays Cakes

A while ago I reviewed bakerdays Cakes on the occasion of Ieuan’s 4th birthday and, since that time, the company has gone from strength to strength.  When they asked me if I would like to review one of their personalised letterbox cakes once more, I was only too pleased to do so.

Bakerdays cakes - Father's Day Cake in its tin

If you’re not familiar with bakerdays, they are artisan bakers and creators of a clever range of personalised, quality celebration cakes for almost any occasion you can think of – teachers’ gifts, Father’s Day, birthdays or just to say hello.

bakerdays produce round cakes which come in 4 sizes, from the 3-4 portion letterbox cake up to the large 55 portion party cake. Simple to order, prices start from £14.99 and if you order before 2 pm your cake can be delivered the next day virtually anywhere in the UK. (Cakes ordered over the weekend will be delivered on Tuesday).

Choose your size, flavour and add your special message from the wide range of designs. Best of all, cakes can be personalised using photographs supplied by you.

Bakerdays Cakes - delivery tin and gift card

Your cake will be delivered in a cute airtight tin with a gift card

The letterbox cake which we tried, came neatly packaged in an airtight tin, together with a gift tag. It is a 5-inch cake, big enough for 3-4 modest portions (although I could happily have eaten the lot myself), and the cake we were sent was a traditional sponge cake covered in delicious fondant icing.

You can also choose to have a lemon drizzle, half chocolate half sponge, chocolate chip, gluten and wheat free or dairy free cake.

Bakerdays Cakes - Mat, Caitlin and Ieuan with the Father's Day cake

The design we chose was from the Father’s Day selection – the ‘Love You To The Moon And Back’ cake and we all thought it was pretty cute. You can upload your own photos though to personalise your cake.  Just upload a JPEG and use the editing tool to get your photo exactly as you want it.

bakerdays pride themselves on hand-making their cakes with natural ingredients and no preservatives and you can also order personalised cupcakes and balloons. Have a look at their website to see how easy it is to create a unique cake for your preferred design.

The letterbox size cakes are ideal to let someone special know you are thinking of them and, of course, there are much bigger cakes available if you are throwing a party.

Ours was demolished in no time at all and the traditional sponge was quite dense, just sweet enough and had a lovely buttercream on the bottom. Delicious.

5 Ways to Save Up for a Luxury Gift for Dad this Father’s Day

He might drive you to distraction some days but you can’t imagine life without him, which is why you’ll want to spoil your dad rotten this Father’s Day.

spoil your dad rotten this father's day - woman hugging her dad

Whether you’ve seen a puffer jacket you know he’ll love from Belstaff or you’re hoping to take him to his favourite hotel for a mini-break, here’s how to save up quickly and easily.  This year Father’s Day is on Sunday 17th June so the time to start saving is now!

Put money aside from your wages

Regardless of how frequently you get paid (weekly or monthly), make an effort to put aside some of this money to go towards your dad’s gift. Or, just start putting spare cash from days/nights out in a pot – you’ll be surprised how much you collect over the coming weeks!

Sacrifice a meal or night out

Even though you’re desperate to go out with your friends next week, think how much money you could save by having a takeaway and night in front of the TV instead. You could save up to £100 doing this (or more if you forego a couple of nights over the next month).

Swap your bank account

OK, this might seem like a lot of hassle to go to for one gift, but a lot of banks are offering customers cash to move over. They might even give you more interest and may offer reduced fees compared to your current bank – so you’ll save more money in the long run, too.

And the best bit?

Many will sort out the transferral of any direct debits as well, so it’s pretty hassle-free.

Sell some old stuff

If you’ve been meaning to flog some of your old clothes, games and other unwanted items on eBay or your friends are constantly asking you to go to a car boot with them – now’s the perfect chance.

You might think your old bits of tat are worthless, but even if you generate a £1 per item, you could be enjoying a hefty profit by the end of the day.

Stop Buying Fast Food and Drinks

Are you guilty of stopping off for a coffee every morning on your way to work? Or are you a frequent fast food visitor? Then why not make a conscious effort to pack yourself up with lunches, hot drinks and snacks throughout the week.

While you may only spend a couple of pounds here and there, this will soon add up over the course of a few weeks – and you might feel healthier for it, too!  Yes, your occasional spending could be costing you a small fortune.

As you can see, buying dad the gift he wants this Father’s Day need not be difficult – nor need it involve the use of the dreaded plastic to spoil your dad rotten. Rather, with a few simple savvy saving tips, you’ll be buying that must-have gift in no time – and we think you just might get addicted to saving in the process!

Father’s Day Gifts He Will Never Forget

I can’t believe it’s Father’s Day in a couple of weeks time. June 19th is rushing towards us so it’s time to start thinking gifts. Father’s Day is a great time to celebrate what a fantastic dad he is by giving him a gift from the kids he will always remember.

Here are some great Father’s Day gifts you could consider.

A trip to a brewery or winery

Dads love relaxing with a glass of wine, or a pint of lager, after a long hard day at work. So to get him something he will enjoy, why not arrange for him to go to a brewery or winery for the day?

He will get to understand more about how his favourite drink is made and might be able to try some new wine or beer that he might love. It’s a full day out so why don’t you arrange for a sitter for the kids and go with your other half.

If you can’t afford to send him to a brewery, why not buy a beer brewing kit so he can make his own beer at home! It will be a lot of fun, and he can get guests to try it as well.

A driving experience

If dad is a fan of driving, you could arrange for him to go on a driving experience. These typically take place at a track in a supercar such as an Audi or a Lamborghini. For something even more unique, you could buy him a tank driving experience where he gets to drive a tank. It will be an incredible experience he will never forget, and you will have to take your camera to get some shots of him driving the tank!


Paintballing day

If dad loves adventure, you could arrange for him to go on a paintballing day with his friends. You could team up with your mum friends and buy the gift from all the kids. Paintballing is a lot of fun (but can be painful!) and will be a day he never forgets. You should get a few paintballs included in the cost.

Image Source

A spa day

Dads can get stressed out with work and home life, so a great Father’s Day gift he would never forget would be a spa day. You could book him a treatment so he could enjoy a back massage or an Indian head massage. He can also take the time to swim in the pool and get some exercise in his life. You could go with him or let him go for a lovely day on his own at the spa.

A hot air balloon ride

For something unique he will never forget, you could get him a hot air balloon ride from the kids. He can experience views of the city he would never have seen before. You could go up there with him, or send a friend with him if you’re scared of heights. It’s something a person should do at least once in their lifetime as the views are incredible.

File:Colorful hot air balloon ZK-OAK landing at Lift Off Levin.jpg
Image Credit

If you’re still struggling for ideas, try these 35 inspiring gifts for dad – you’ll be sure to find something he’ll love.

And if gadgets and gizmos are more his thing, here are some great tech gifts.

If you’re strapped for cash, you could stay at home and have a picnic in the garden as a family. He will still love spending time with you all!

Father’s Day Gifts From Morrisons

Let’s be honest.  Whilst it would be great to have the time to shop for that unique and personalised Father’s Day gift, in reality, it’s a quick dash to the shops the day before for a bottle of plonk and a card (or in my dad’s case, his passion, chocolate ginger).

Whilst Caitlin was in ballet practising for her Grade 1 in July and the Husband was happily ensconced in the nearest pub, The Plum Tree, Ieuan and I snuck off to our local Morrisons to see if we could come up with some gifts Mat would like.

Our Morrison’s Father’s Day Haul

We had hoped to get our hands on a large Dad cookie (£5) which are baked fresh and personalised in-store but the Cardiff Bay store was very quiet and we were told that it would take anywhere between 20 and 45 minutes to prepare.  Since we were short of time we decided to try something else.

Now that’s a cookie.

There was a small section dedicated to Father’s Day gifts but it contained everything we needed, or at least the necessary prompts – confectionery, alcohol, mugs and glasses, cards and shaving gear nestled next to DVDs and books.

Ignoring Ieuan’s assertion that “he urgently needed to look at the toys”,  I selected the following gifts – just right for sharing of course.


Thornton’s Milk Chocolate Beer Mug – £3


Maynard’s Wine Gums – £2
Superman Mug & Coaster Set – £4


Father’s Day Glass – £2.50
Selection of World Lagers – £5


Iron Maiden Beer & Glass – £5

I found the prices to be very reasonable and there is certainly something for every budget. I would say though that, at least in the Cardiff Bay store, stocks were quite low so you may need to visit sooner rather than later.  We have secreted our purchases at home to share between Mat and my dad (no, not the Iron Maiden beer). And, if we have time, we’ll be back for a cookie!

Note though, that not all of these are available online so you may need to visit in person and employ your usual strategies to combat demands from your children. My favourite is “mummy hasn’t got her hearing aids in so she can’t hear you I’m afraid”.  Works a treat.

Dad a Whizz in the kitchen? Oxo Good Grips have Father’s Day Covered

I have to be quite honest here.  The Husband refers to me as “The Queen of the Reheat”.  (Memories of “The Potato of Doom” have never quite left me I’m afraid). This means that the kitchen is, by and large, his domain and he is quite happy to receive kitchen-related gifts.  I did think of a Marco Pierre-White style bandana but on the basis this may give him ideas of culinary supremacy, I have found a few more appropriate presents from the OXO Good Grips range which would suit for Father’s Day presents from the kids.

OXO Bladed Meat Tenderiser

For those dads that enjoy a good steak or a family BBQ in the summer sun, OXO’s Bladed Meat Tenderiser can help make the taste and tenderness of the meat even more enjoyable. With the cost of a steak main course being generally in the range of £23 per main course, creating restaurant-tender steak at home is very useful! This sharp 50-blade tool creates pockets which reduce both marinating and cooking times allowing the meat to retain its natural juices. Dish-washable safe so, Oxo say, “dad doesn’t have to spend too much time cleaning up after”. Hmm. If only. £16

OXO Clean Cut Pizza Wheel

Maybe dad prefers a pizza? We tried the stylish OXO Clean Cut Pizza Wheel, a handheld device designed to cut easily through thick and thin based pizza’s. With a red blade guard to protect hands and soft, non-slip grip, it allows easy control for pizza slicing. £10.

We found this great to use and extremely easy to clean as it just comes apart.  We eat pizza at least once a week. Ieuan always demands Ham & Pineapple pizza from which he painstakingly removes each piece of ham and pineapple and leaves them on the side of his plate for Caitlin.  Go figure.

Please note:  reheating all my own work

OXO Twist Top Water Bottle

The OXO Twist Top Water Bottle is ‘perfect for those active and sporty dads that are always on the go’. This bottle boasts a 710ml capacity and a large opening for easy filling, cleaning and adding ice.

Oh bless – I’ve told him it’s full of vodka tonic

When it’s not in use, the twist-open lid will keep the straw clean and free from spillages. It’s a great chunky bottle whose lid cleverly conceals the straw when not in use.  It’s leakproof and spill-proof and frankly, belongs in my kit bag for Pilates and my other sports. You can’t afford to get dehydrated when crushing that candy now, can you? £10

For more information, please visit www.oxouk.com or call 0114 242 7295.

Dad & Me & Dear Dad – Beautiful Journals For A Father’s Day Gift

It’s rare that I open a package for review and find the contents bring a tear to my eye but these two journals “Dad & Me” and “Dear Dad – from you to me.  A Journal of a Lifetime” did just that.

Dad & Me is an award-winning fun and interactive journal to inspire any father and child to have a great time getting to know each other better. The journal is designed so that they can write, draw and doodle in tandem, then share and learn about each other along the way.

It is a great way to encourage children to enjoy writing and drawing. Inside, each page either side of the book has the same prompt – for example “Being Healthy” and then a space for both dad and child to draw what their idea of being healthy is.  Other prompts include things like “My Spare Time”, “Holidays” and even “Falling In Love”!

This innovative journal will not only create intimate and enjoyable family moments, it will help father and child to share memories, experiences, hopes and fears. The spaces to draw and fun activity prompts make Dad & Me easy to use and ideal for a wide age range.

Dear Dad from you to me is an equally beautifully designed award-winning journal to inspire any father to tell his story, and to reinforce that unique father-child bond. Once completed by dad, the journal can be returned to the child filled with precious memories and dreams – a really lovely keepsake.

Dear Dad contains over 60 carefully designed fun and inspiring prompts and questions which will encourage dad to open up about his life – his childhood, career, life at home, becoming a father and much more. For example, “What did you think when first saw me?” and “Did you have an idol when you were young?  Tell me who and why”. The answers to the questions contained in Dear Dad would be interesting for the whole family I think!

Dear Dad is available in two designs, ‘Sketch’ (seen here) and ‘Tree’. There are also 3 other titles available, Dear Mum, Dear Grandma and Dear Grandad and these can also be personalised at www.fromyoutome.com.

Dad & Me retails at £14.99 and Dear Dad from you to me is £12.99, both available from www.fromyoutome.com.  Tel: +44 (0)1225 866225 or email hello@fromyoutome.com.

PR samples were received for this post.

Father’s Day Gift Guide – Gadgets & Gizmos

Father’s Day is one of the most important events because this is when fathers from different parts of the world are celebrated; this day is spent celebrating male parenting and fatherhood in general.

There are a lot of ways on how you can pay tribute to your father on this day, but giving them gifts is one of the best options you have. With the number of gifts available in the world today, you won’t have any problems choosing a gift for your father. However, the wide variety of options available is also one of the reasons why choosing the perfect one can be challenging. 

If you’re buying a gift for Father’s Day, you’ll likely see yourself clueless on how to choose. Fortunately, this article can help narrow down your options, especially if your dad is into gadgets and gizmos. 

If your dad is a self-proclaimed techy who loves to measure wireless signals, rely on different apps every single day, and stay up-to-date with the latest news on tech, here are a selection of gifts which will make him happy:

If your dad is techy, geeky or IT mad, here are a selection of gifts which will make him happy.

CoPilot GPS – the award winning sat nav app.

This app was voted by Which? as the ‘only best sat nav app’ in 2014 and it has some very useful key features to take the stress out of those daily commutes and weekend family trips to help make driving an enjoyable experience. For instance:-

Calculate Fuel Costs – calculate your estimated fuel costs for a trip before you leave, so you’re well prepared for the journey ahead. If your dad loves to travel with the family, this app can do wonders. With this app, your dad won’t have to worry about running out of fuel in the middle of nowhere. This app can also help your dad properly budget his fuel expenses, saving money in the long run!

Google Local Search – search the internet to find your favourite nearby stores, local businesses or services to navigate to, call or check out the user reviews. With this app, your dad doesn’t have to waste time and money from going around in circles just to find what they’re looking for. 

Find My Car – CoPilot works offline, so you won’t have to worry about racking up mammoth data roaming bills.

Voice Command – CoPilot now responds to voice commands for hands-free control. Just say, “CoPilot, take me home,” or “CoPilot, take me to work,” and the app will do just that.

CommuteMe – This takes the hassle out of the daily drive by intelligently learning a driver’s preferred route to and from work. It then automatically scans the route for traffic to avoid delays and provide an accurate arrival time. If a driver starts to prefer a new route, CommuteMe recognizes the change and proactively adapts. This is one of the best gifts you can give to your dad, especially if the family lives far away from your dad’s place of work. 

The app is also very easy to gift by simply going to iTunes and searching for CoPilot GPS. Once you have selected the appropriate version of the app, scroll down and you’ll find ‘’gift the app’’ you can then send the code to an email address with a personalised note to your dad.

CoPilot is available on IOS, Windows Phone 8 and Android!

CoPilot GPS has recently partnered with leading Road Safety Charity, Brake about safer use of mobile technology when travelling by car.

The app is usually priced at £19.99 for UK maps and £33.99 for EU maps (which is also available in HD for £34.99) and available on iOS, Android and Windows.

Further information is available at copilotgps.com

TabletTV (from £64.99)

TabletTV is a simple device which lets you watch Freeview TV channels via your tablet anytime, anyplace and for free. If your dad is often busy at work, and no longer have the time to go out and enjoy watching movies, this device is a perfect gift for them. TabletTV is a portable device, which means that your dad can watch their favourite shows and movies whenever they want to. 

There is no reliance on 3G, 4G or WI-FI, all you need is a TV signal, tablet and the free TabletTV app (available to download from the App Store). You can even record live TV and watch it later on – ideal for keeping the little ones quiet during long car journeys or flights.

TabletTV allows you to:-

– watch live television absolutely free on your tablet in most European Countries* without any cables, satellite or internet

– one-touch-recording so you can record and catch up on your favourite shows whenever you like

– a home network feature allowing you to easily flick between the TV and internet, so you can join in conversations on social media without interrupting your viewing

It comes in two tuner models: the mains tuner enabling your tablet to act as an extra screen and a portable tuner, which easily slips into a coat pocket or bag while you are out and about.

TabletTV is available to buy via the TabletTV website on Amazon.co.uk – no subscription required.

Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet From £89.

If your dad likes apps, entertainment and surfing the web, he’ll love one of Amazon’s Fire tablets. The Fire HD 8 offers dads the perfect gateway to millions of songs, movies, TV shows, books, apps and games, it even has front and rear-facing cameras – ideal for Skype or a cheeky selfie with the kids.


If dad likes to relax with a good book, the Kindle Paperwhite now comes with a 6″ high-resolution screen, a backlight and is waterproof as well as plenty of offers on-demand access to over three million books, magazines and newspapers. With a touchscreen display that reads like real paper and built-in Wi-Fi that means dad can download books in 60 seconds, Kindle is super simple to use and the perfect gift for any dad who loves to read.

Monster Superstar Backfloat High Definition Bluetooth Speakers RRP £11.95

From pioneering audio brand, Monster, the Superstar BackFloat is engineered to keep pumping out high-performance Pure Monster Sound, even whilst floating on water! It can be used at the pool, in the shower or just use it as a speaker. It’s available in Black/ Neon Blue and Black/Neon Green.

Or there’s the iSport Bluetooth Wireless Superslim™ in-ear with Bluetooth
RRP £129.95
– super slim, low profile wireless in-ear headphones which feature a comfortable easy-to-wear patented sport clip which stays in your ear promising a perfect and comfortable fit. It gives total noise isolation with the exceptional wireless sound quality which will keep the user focused on the most intense workouts and extreme outdoor sports.

Monster products are available from www.shopmonsterproducts.co.uk and selected retailers nationwide.

One For All’s new Smart Zapper 


This will turn dad’s smartphone into a universal remote control. It is an advanced ‘bridge’ that sits on the coffee table and translates Bluetooth Smart signals into Infrared.  It will convert his tablet or smartphone into a universal remote control for all his home cinema equipment. Just use it in conjunction with the free Nevo iOS or Android app and full zapper functionality can be configured on his smartphone or tablet in under three minutes! Stockists: www.oneforall.co.uk or Amazon. The Nevo app is free from the Google Play Store or the iTunes App Store (search for Nevo under ‘Universal Electronics’).

TomTom Golfer 

If your dad is golf mad then the TomTom Golfer could revolutionize the time that he spends on the course. It will help him to plan his game and quickly make informed decisions using the full-screen graphics of hazard and green distances. It has one-button control and easy to navigate through menus. The TomTom Golfer comes pre-loaded with course data from over 34,000 different courses and is available from American Golf, Direct Golf, John Lewis and Argos.

TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio GPS Sports Watch – £209.99

The TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio GPS Sports Watch is equipped with a built-in heart monitor so there is no need to wear a bulky chest strap. He can track progress against goals and know that he’s in the right heart rate training zone whatever he wants to achieve. There are five different intensity levels from ‘easy’ to ‘fat burn’ to keep dads of every level challenged! With different colour straps to choose from including red/grey and turquoise/red, dads can ensure their gear is always as fashionable as they are. Available from Sweatshop, Runners Need, Up & Running, John Lewis and Amazon.

So there you have it.  Gifts to suit the techiest of dads! I’m not letting the Husband see this.