My Sunday Photo – 03/06/2018

So we’re back from Devon thrown back into the general melee of modern life and oh boy, do I miss the peace and tranquillity of the water on Kingsbridge Estuary.  Happily, we’re returning there in August for another week bird watching and playing on the water.

Kingsbridge Estuary at sunset

The thing about going on holiday to somewhere like Westcliffe Boathouse is that time seems to stop and with that lack of momentum, thoughts seem to slow and calm.  I find it easier to problem solve, plot and plan away from the noise of life in Cardiff.

And, as a Tinnitus sufferer, believe me when I say that any break from the cacophony of voices, traffic, gadgets and tech equipment is so welcome.

Kingsbridge Estuary offers a brief respite from the constant buzz in my ears.  Focusing on beauty can do that, if only momentarily.